NYC Next Generation Coaching In-Person Event

I can see you in New York City!



Dates: September 15, 16

Event Leader: Dave Buck, MCC

Event Host: Ebony Sweeny, ACC

Airport Codes: JFK, LGA, EWR (Newark)

New York City is known by many as the greatest city in the world.  An amazing place to practice Human Connection Skills! Lot’s of amazing locations for your self-expression videos!


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Early Bird Ticket: $395 US;  {registration coming soon}

(Available until June 15, 2023)

Regular Tickets: $445 US

(Available until August 15, 2023)

“Last-minute” Tickets: $600 US


IMPORTANT: After your purchase is complete you will go to a page with a link to the Private Event Page on This is where all of the pre-event content and connection is located.

We are so excited to see you in New York City!

Event Leader: Coach Dave Buck, MCC

Coach Dave is a leading visionary voice of professional coaching. He collaborated with Thomas Leonard, the “Founding Father” of Professional Life and Business Coaching, to found CoachVille in 2000.

A 2008 independent global survey of 10,000 professional coaches named Coach Dave the 7th most influential person in the history of professional coaching.

    Event Host: Coach Ebony Sweeney, ACC

    Ebony has over a decade of leadership, continuous improvement, and customer service experience in the corporate world. When she isn’t improving processes, she is coaching and training others to uplevel their  presentation and relational skills and was often the voice of fun and relationship-building in otherwise conservative and task-driven spaces.

    Now as a full-time entrepreneur, her focus is devoted to coaching her players for lives and businesses that are true representations of their values and the profound impact they desire to make while having fun in the process.

    Venue: Good Enough NYC Event Center

    We will choose a venue after the early bird tickets are sold! Not super swanky so we can keep the ticket prices reasonable!


    To be announced

    NYC (Manhattan), USA

    Nearby Hotels

    You are free to choose where you will stay. We recommend a place with 15 minutes walk of the venue.

    Here are a few places we recommend

    Hotel 1: Address coming soon

    Hotel 2: Address coming soon

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    Get all of the content needed BEFORE for the event! Remember, the time we spend together is NOT for content. The event is for playful co-creation, guided practice,  transformational connections and a little adventure!

    • Start to connect with your event colleagues,
    • Listen to coaching-in-action audio of the transformation coaching techniques
    • Listen to Player Prep audio with the content and concepts we will explore
    • Download the Coaching Guides and playsheets for the Coaching Techniques that we will use.

      NYC Event FAQ’s

      Q: Should I book a room even if I live in the city?

      A: We know that NYC hotels can be a bit pricy. But if you live more than a short subway ride away from the venue, we recommend you splurge and stay nearby. It will be WAY more fun that way.