Next Generation Coaching In-Person Event

Become a Human Connection Superstar
with Transformation Coaching.


2024 events scheduled for Tampa, Charlotte, NYC, Prague, Bucharest!


Hello! Coach Dave here!

After 17 years… we are taking CoachVille back on the road again.   With a revolutionary new in-person event:

You will become more joyful leader, entrepreneur AND coach.

Two days of joyful, uplifting, in-person practice in Human Connection Skills using the models and techniques of Transformation Coaching.


AWWWW YEAH… it’s going to be…


Who is this event for…

Whether you are just checking out coaching, been coaching for a while or have been coaching for many years…

Whether you are an entrepreneur, team leader, corporate leader or community leader, social activist or artist with a cause, you will expand your ability to play your Dream NOW and become a bright light for the people in your world.

You will love these techniques for Transformation Coaching to practice and uplift our Super Skills for Human Connection… This is NEXT GENERATION COACHING!


If you have never participated with us at CV before, you will experience our vibrant serious play culture of profound belonging!

If you are a CV Student, then this will be a combination of gathering of friends AND there are important situations and co-creations that we can only practice in-person. You are going to love it.

Human Connection Superstar…

Human Connection skills and techniques are essential to thrive in our emerging Connected Culture.

We all need Human Connection skills to develop friendships, customers, partnerships, advocates and allies… the “Stuff” our Dreams are made of.

The Industrial Culture is toxic and traumatizing for most of us! It is designed to both neglect and control our Human Nature to make us obedient and compliant workers and consumers.

We all end up feeling:

  • Like we don’t quite fit in or belong here
  • Like there is something wrong with us
  • Like we are not quite good enough

Then we are always seeking some “THING” to finally fix ourselves.

We are never going to find it because that “THING” does not exist.

With Transformation Coaching we will rediscover our Human Nature and RE-HUMANIZE for post-traumatic GROWTH!

We will practice 3 essential areas of Human Connection

  • Explore for Visibility = be seen and known in a community
  • Relate for Influence = play for “YES!, let’s do this together.”
  • Co-create for Inspiration = play together for new shared experiences


The GOOD NEWS: We can practice these! We can each develop our own YOUnique way to do them with our own style and energy. Like art or athletics. They are COACH-ABLE!

In the Next Gen Coaching Event…

We are going to practice and coach a variety of real world human connection situations.

We will have deep transformational fun together!

You are going to leave with embodied confidence to connect with people, play your Dream and be a bright light for the people in your world!

They need your light. They need you.

Next Gen Coach…

Version 1 coaching was created in the 90’s out of the Industrial Culture. It was a goal-oriented mashup of creative problem solving and enthusiastic task management.

Next Gen Coaching is for the Connected Culture! It includes transformational coaching techniques to practice Human Connection Skills! It also includes powerful mindset shifts taping into the awesomeness of our Human Nature.
Here is a quick peak at a few transformations:
From: working on tasks to achieve success
TO: Playing Dreams to live peak experiences

From: creative problem solving
TO: Playful co-creation

From: enthusiastic task management (aka accountability)
TO: Guided Practice for embodied confidence!

3 problems with Version 1 coaching
#1) It was hard to distinguish from Therapy and Counseling
#2) It was hard to do well and wasn’t really that effective for most clients
#3) It wasn’t really true to the essence of coaching
Other than that… it was pretty great. LOL

Next Gen Coaching solves these 3 problems
#1) No one will confuse play and practice with therapy! (That’s for sure).
#2) Because play is in our Human Nature, it is very natural to do. (When you learn the techniques)
#3) Because guided practice is the centerpiece, it is absolutely true to the essence of coaching.
(except Version 1 Coach Training Programs)

In the Next Gen Coaching Event…

We are going to have so much fun practicing Transformation Coaching Techniques and Mindsets.

The Dark Side of Coaching…

To succeed in coaching. You MUST…

  1. Rise above the noise of the overcrowded coaching industry
  2. Dominate your niche
  3. Demonstrate that you are an expert authority.
  4. Stop trading your time for money; you will never be free; Stop wasting time with people 1-1; Create a course so you can scale your coaching business
  5. Focus on High Ticket Sales
  6. Prove that you are better than all the other coaches out there


These messages are everywhere in the coaching space, and they keep us locked into the toxic Industrial Culture Mindset.

In the Next Gen Coaching Event…

We will engage in provocative conversations about how to transcend these toxic ideas that keep us separate and struggling.

For YOU as a player!

With transformation coaching, you can become awesome player.

You can be



in your own way!

With practice exercises and coaching in a safe space you will uplevel your Human Connection Super Skills:

Transform from hierarchical control to playful co-creation. Magically reduce your STRESS!

You will leave this event with renewed energy and confidence to engage in the social world – to express your voice and share your love! – both in-person and online.

For YOU as a Coach!

Transformation Coaching is the next generation of coaching.

We will practice techniques that you can use to uplevel the Human Connection Super Skills of your players. 

To be a Next Gen Coach, you need:

  • Keen skills of observation
  • Playful Co-Creation for growth
  • Techniques to practice Human Connection

You will leave this event supercharged with confidence as a “Next Gen” coach.

Combine this with your new abilities to play in the Social world… Look out world!

You will have the ability to uplift people in the one area they are yearning for the most: Human Connection.

The Event Experience


BEFORE – Get Set Up

Get set up on the CoachVille App!

Get all of the content needed BEFORE for the event! Remember, the time we spend together is NOT for content. The event is for playful co-creation, guided practice,  transformational connections and a little adventure!

  • Start to connect with your event colleagues,
  • Listen to coaching-in-action audio of the transformation coaching techniques
  • Listen to Player Prep audio with the content and concepts we will explore
  • Download the Coaching Guides and playsheets for the Coaching Techniques that we will use.

    DURING – Let’s Play!

    Event Sessions and Meal Adventures

    • We will practice a variety of real-world social situations; especially in-person transformational networking.
    • We will practice Transformational Coaching Techniques – Guided practice, Peak Experience, Role Play and Embody the Dream.
    • We will engage in a few lively group dialogues to empower your Human Nature and Human Connection Skills


        • Love your life… PLAY your Dream!
        • Stay connected with your colleagues on the CoachVille App
        • Bring your transformational coaching skills to your players to grow your business.
        • Bring your transformational Human Connection skills to your business, community, friends and family to grow your community.
        • Bring your dream to your team and PLAY together!
        • SHARE the awesome self-expression content that you co-created at the event with your connections and community to grow relationships and credibility!

        Get Your Ticket(s)

        Use the Quick Link or Click through to your venue of choice.

        Tampa, FL – February 2024

        Save the dates!

        Details coming soon.

        Dates: February 9, 10 (Friday & Saturday)

        Event Leader: Dave Buck, MCC

        Event Host: ???

        Tickets $395 (early bird price!)
        {registration coming soon}

        Charlotte, NC – March 2024

        Save the dates!

        Details coming soon.

        Dates: March 15, 16 (Friday & Saturday)

        Event Leader: Dave Buck, MCC

        Event Host: Ebony Sweeney

        Tickets $395 (early bird price!)
        {registration coming soon}

        New York City – April 2024

        If you are going to have an adventure of Human Connection, this is the place to do it!

        Dates: April 18, 19

        Event Leader: Dave Buck, MCC

        Event Host: Deanna Stull, PCC

        Tickets $395 (early bird price!)
        {registration coming soon}

        Prague, Czech Republic May 2024

        One of the most beautiful cities in the world.

        Language: English with Czech Translation

        Dates: May 23, 24

        Event Leader: Dave Buck, MCC

        Event Host: Ales Vrana, MCC

        Tickets coming soon!

        Bucharest, Romania May 2024

        Beautiful city. Even more beautiful people!!

        Language: English with Romania Translation

        Dates: May ?, ?

        Event Leader: Dave Buck, MCC

        Event Host: Irina Costea, PCC

        Tickets coming soon

        One Deeper Detail

        Technique Sheets!

        Technique sheets are the “sheet music” of Transformation Coaching

        Here is an example of a coaching technique playsheet. This is the Peak Experience Technique that we will practice together.

        The sheet guides you and the player through the sequence of explorations. You don’t have to think of what to do or what to ask.

        This way, you can both put your attention on being present to each other, co-creating and practicing together.

        When you are first learning a technique, there is also a detailed Coaching Guide with questions and observations.

        For the event you will have a playbook with Technique Sheets and coaching guides for several Transformation Coaching Techniques.

        SOOO FUN!


        Event FAQ’s

        Q: How do I purchase a ticket?

        A: Click on the “Event Details and Tickets” button above for an upcoming event.


        Q: What is timing of the event?

        A: Doors open 8:30AM and the last session finish 9PM on both days. Don’t worry, we will have plenty of time for lunch and dinner.  Our events are in fun cities. Arrive a couple days earlier or stay for couple days more to enjoy the city. Don’t plan anything else on the playshop event days.


        Q: What is included in the ticket price?

        A: Your ticket includes access to both days of the playshop, pre-event content, and access to the CoachVille Social Site and App.


        Q: What is the refund policy?

        A: We do not offer refunds for any purchases at CoachVille. For an in-person event however, you CAN transfer your ticket to another person by letting us know via email so we can update our event roster. 


        Q: Will there be accommodation options?

        A: While accommodation is not included in the ticket price, we will provide a list of recommended hotels and hostels near the venue.


        Q: Are meals provided during the workshop?

        A: Attendees are responsible for their food arrangements. Coffee breaks will be provided on site.


        Q: Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

        A: We always try to choose venues that are accessible. But check the venue details for the event to be sure.


        Q: Will there be translation services available?

        A: The playshop will be conducted in English. Simultaneous translation services may be provided in host countries where English is not widely spoken. Check the Event Details page.