Next Generation Coaching In-Person Event

Join us for 2 amazing days to become a virtuoso of Human Connection with Transformation Coaching.

In the “After-AI” world, Human Connection is THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS!


Upcoming events scheduled for NYC and Prague!


Hello! Coach Dave here!

After 17 years… we are taking CoachVille back on the road again.   With a revolutionary new in-person coaching event.

If we have learned anything from the global pandemic it is this:

Our time in-person together is precious!

Now, with the tidal wave of AI applications replacing humans online, a new reality is emerging:

Human Connection is the ultimate super skill for success and joy in the world today! (And the only thing that truly matters)

The trouble is… and it’s a BIG TROUBLE… Our Authentic Human Connection skills have been intentionally squashed by the Industrial Control Culture for many years and then on top of that, a few years of global pandemic has made what little we had left completely dormant.



Bring all this together and you get…

Next Generation Coaching In-person Event!

Two days of joyful, uplifting, in-person practice in Human Connection with the skills, models and techniques of Transformation Coaching.

In-Person Celebrating

In-Person Connecting

In-Person Co-Creation

In-Person Coaching


AWWWW YEAH… it’s going to be…


Who is this event for…

Whether you are just checking out coaching, been coaching for a while or have been coaching for many years…

Whether you want to be a professional coach, Coach Approach Leader, Entrepreneur or Parent…

You will love these techniques for Transformation Coaching to practice and uplift our Super Skills for Human Connection… This is NEXT GENERATION COACHING!

Whether you are an entrepreneur, team leader, corporate leader or community leader, social activist or artist with a cause, you will expand your ability to play for your Dream NOW and become a bright light for the people in your world.

For YOU as a player!

Together we are going to RESTORE and PRACTICE our lost superpowers of Human Nature; including self-love, self-trust, co-creation, caring, self-expression, social value and BELONGING!

By being coached and practicing in a safe space you will uplevel your Human Connection Super Skills for visibility, influence, inspiration and enrollment!

You will transform from hierarchical control to playful co-creation. This will magically reduce your STRESS!

You will leave this event with renewed energy and confidence to engage in the social world – to express your voice and share your love! – both in-person and online.

For YOU as a Coach!

Transformation Coaching is the next generation of coaching.

We will practice techniques that you can use to uplevel the Human Connection Super Skills of your players. We call this Social Play… and it is POWERFUL.

BEFORE the event you will have the playbook, technique sheets, prep audio and “coaching in action” audio on our awesome CoachVille Social site and App. You will be prepared and ready to coach and play when you arrive.

You will leave this event supercharged with confidence to “Next Gen” coach the amazing humans in your world who are ready to play for their dream with the Super Skills of Human Connection.

The Event Experience


BEFORE – Get Set Up

Get set up on the CoachVille App!

Get all of the content needed BEFORE for the event! Remember, the time we spend together is NOT for content. The event is for playful co-creation, guided practice,  transformational connections and a little adventure!

  • Start to connect with your event colleagues,
  • Listen to coaching-in-action audio of the transformation coaching techniques
  • Listen to Player Prep audio with the content and concepts we will explore
  • Download the Coaching Guides and playsheets for the Coaching Techniques that we will use.

    DURING – Let’s Play!

    • Arrive each day at 8:30
    • Morning Session 9 – 12
    • Lunch Adventure 12 – 2
    • Afternoon Session 2 – 5
    • Dinner Adventure 5 – 7
    • Evening Session 7 – 9

    Event Sessions

    • Transformational Celebration – Co-create awareness from recent experiences and challenges and champion each other.
    • Transformational Coaching – Guided practice of Coaching techniques: Peak Experience, Pivotal Moment, Role Play and Embody the Dream.
    • Transformational Connecting – We will practice connecting to co-create a playful space of friendship and belonging

    Meal Adventures and video co-creation

    • With 2 or 3 new friends find a fun spot to share a meal. Meanwhile co-create and practice for your self-expression video.
    • In each meal adventure you will have a mission to create a short-form self-expression video on a specific topic. Find a great location back drop and CREATE! Have fun doing this together to practice the lost art of playful co-creation! (SOOOOOOOOOOO IMPORTANT)
    • Share your creation on the CoachVille App! (and your other favorite social sites)


      • Love your life… LIVE your Dream!
      • Stay connected with your colleagues on the CoachVille App
      • Bring your transformational coaching skills to your players to grow your business.
      • Bring your transformational Human Connection skills to your business, community, friends and family to grow your community.
      • Bring your dream to your team and PLAY together!
      • SHARE the awesome self-expression content that you co-created at the event with your connections and community to grow relationships and credibility!

      Get Your Ticket(s)

      Use the Quick Link or Click through to your venue of choice.

      Prague, Czech Republic July 2023

      One of the most beautiful cities in the world.

      Language: English with Czech Translation

      Dates: July 21, 22

      Event Leader: Dave Buck, MCC

      Event Host: Ales Vrana, MCC

      Tickets $395 (early bird price!)

      New York City – June 2023

      If you are going to have an adventure of Human Connection, this is the place to do it!

      Dates: September 15, 16

      Event Leader: Dave Buck, MCC

      Event Host: Ebony Sweeney, ACC

      Tickets $395 (early bird price!)
      {registration coming soon}

      Deeper Details

      The content and FAQ

      Why we call it Next Generation Coaching”

      We started our coaching school in 2001. But over the past 5 years at CoachVille we have revolutionized our model of coaching and the way we co-create the education experience.

      We are ALL IN on coaching for Human Connection… and ready to guide you into the wild new post AI world.

      Learning to coach – or learning a new way to coach – is a lot like learning to play a musical instrument. Our coaching techniques – with the amazing coaching guides and technique sheets (example below) – are like the music!

      With this simple and lovely “coaching music” you will be empowered to co-create beautiful coaching experiences with your players; even if you have never coached before!!!

      A few highlights of what you will learn…

      Dreams, Peak Experiences and Pivotal Moments

      Transformation Coaching is so much more than problems and tasks. You will learn how to coach Dreams, Peak Experiences and Pivotal Moments. Your coaching will be so joyful when you do this.

      Guided Practice and Playful Co-creation

      Transformation Coaching is so much more than questions or instructions! You will learn the art of Guided Practice and Playful Co-creation! Your coaching will be so alive when you do this.

      Embodied Beliefs and Actions

      In Transformation Coaching the “ah-ha moment” is the beginning, not the end!  You will learn how to guide your player to embody beliefs and actions! EMBODIMENT is the way BIG things happen in the social world!

      Unleashing the Superpowers of Human Nature

      Transformation Coaching is so much more than “there is something wrong with you (or your situation) but we can get it under control!” Transformation Coaching is based on the radical premise that we were born awesome and control is the cause of problems NOT the solution.

      The Social Play Model ~ Human Connection Super Skills

      Social Play is how we play our Dreams in the world. In Transformation Coaching we guide the practice of Social Play which is how we grow our Human Connection Super Skills.

      In the event we will practice coaching and playing with Social Play.

      • Practice your powers to Explore for greater Visibility for yourself and your purpose; This is big because we all yearn to be seen and known for our value in the world.
      • Practice your powers to Relate for Influence. This is vital because in the connected world we are talking WITH people rather than presenting to them.
      • Practice your powers to Co-Create Inspiring experiences with and for the people you aim to uplift.
      • Practice your powers to enroll others in transformation… to play for “YES”!
      • Practice recording and SHARING inspiring messages that grow your credibility, connections and community!!! AWWWW YEAH!

      The Superpowers of Human Nature Model

      The BIG idea of Transformation Coaching is that Human Nature is Awesome!

      The purpose of coaching is to unleash and practice expressing Human Nature.

      Most of the human problems that we all experience are CAUSED by experiences of our Human Nature being put under control or neglected. Control is the cause of our problems NOT the solution.

      So rather than efforting to solve our problems, we dissapear them by restoring our Human Nature.

      As we all move into the “After AI” world, there is NOTHING more valuable to us that our Human Nature. We desperately need to get it back… to RE-HUMANIZE each other.

      Powerful… and FUN!


      Technique sheets are the “sheet music” of Transformation Coaching

      Here is an example of a coaching technique playsheet. This is the Peak Experience Technique that we will practice together.

      The sheet guides you and the player through the sequence of explorations. You don’t have to think of what to do or what to ask.

      This way, you can both put your attention on being present to each other, co-creating and practicing together.

      When you are first learning a technique, there is also a detailed Coaching Guide with questions and observations.

      For the event you will have a playbook with Technique Sheets and coaching guides for several Transformation Coaching Techniques: Peak Experience, Pivotal Moment, Role Play and Embody the Dream!

      SOOO FUN!


      Event FAQ’s

      Q: How do I purchase a ticket?

      A: Click on the “Event Details and Tickets” button above for an upcoming event.


      Q: What is timing of the event?

      A: Doors open 8:30AM and the last session finish 9PM on both days. Don’t worry, we will have plenty of time for lunch and dinner.  Our events are in fun cities. Arrive a couple days earlier or stay for couple days more to enjoy the city. Don’t plan anything else on the playshop event days.


      Q: What is included in the ticket price?

      A: Your ticket includes access to both days of the playshop, pre-event content, and access to the CoachVille Social Site and App.


      Q: What is the refund policy?

      A: We do not offer refunds for any purchases at CoachVille. For an in-person event however, you CAN transfer your ticket to another person by letting us know via email so we can update our event roster. 


      Q: Will there be accommodation options?

      A: While accommodation is not included in the ticket price, we will provide a list of recommended hotels and hostels near the venue.


      Q: Are meals provided during the workshop?

      A: Attendees are responsible for their food arrangements. Coffee breaks will be provided on site.


      Q: Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

      A: We always try to choose venues that are accessible. But check the venue details for the event to be sure.


      Q: Will there be translation services available?

      A: The playshop will be conducted in English. Simultaneous translation services may be provided in host countries where English is not widely spoken. Check the Event Details page.