Become A Coach 21 Day Game

Play BIG in the world as a coach!

Now you are ready to coach others in the games of life while you continue to PLAY BIG in your own. Awesome!

Handing you the globe symbolizes teaching you to become a coach

Our theory is that any endeavor in life can be a play-able, coach-able and win-able game worth playing.

So… we make Becoming a Coach into a game.

Think about it… How many times have you done a program where you did a LOT of thinking about it, but not a LOT of doing because you were left to figure it all out for yourself!

At CoachVille and the Center for Coaching Mastery…
It’s different!

We do everything as a game so that you can practice, play, get coaching and support and get results WHILE you are in the program. In our social game system you will share your results, be a part of a team and experience the power of public visibility and accountability.

Also, all of our coach training programs in the Center for Coaching Mastery use the same system. So you will get a good feeling for what our programs are like BEFORE you invest. Always a smart idea. Sort of like taking a test drive before you buy a car.


(Four 1.5-hour sessions; 6 hours total; $21)

None scheduled at this time.

What students say about The Become A Coach Game:

This class reminded me of who I really am, and inspired me to break further and further out of my comfort zones. My favorite quote “Your certainty has to be greater than their doubt.”. This idea really deflates the fear of getting into the game and playing bigger. Your class was joyous; inspirational.  Thank you! – Rob Klengler

I knew coaching was my game for life, but exactly where I fit in that game to help others was undefined until I read this quote in the Become a Coach playbook.

“To live your game-means to pursue your vision of excellence and grace in everything you do…knowing your game is the foundation of all coaching!”

Through this class I have gained clarity around my niche.  I also know with certainty my ability to coach another person to see their greatness. I will always be grateful to CoachVille’s vision to see the bigger picture in creating life changing games for coaches.  What a marvelous way to teach, through playing your way to greatness.  Thanks Coachville  – Patty Jones


You will participate in some pretty important conversations as a coach!

What is coaching

The only way for a business or organization to create results is to recruit and grow talented people; it is ALL about growing people to express their talents and get results. This is true for people of ALL AGES! This is what you learn how to do as a Coach.

Why is it one of the fastest growing fields around the world?
Because more and more people are yearning to re-orient their lives around their purpose, their passions and their talents. We call this Playing BIG in the World.  And coaching is the only profession that taps into this huge need so the demand for coaches is enormous.

Are you inspired yet???

What does Play BIG in the world really mean?

As coaches we encourage other to use your talents in the world and to add value to the lives of others. There are millions of people yearning to play big in the world but they don’t know how. It is our mission at CV that EVERYONE with the courage to play big in the world has a great coach. With a few important aspects of the Play Two Win method we show you not to PLAY BIG and coach others to do so as well.

How do you engage with fear?

As we play bigger as coaches, or when we encourage our clients to do the same, we step outside of our comfort zone. This is the experience of inner conflict; that we learn about in our Inner Freedom program.We talk about freeing yourself from the small and large fears that stop you from playing big and realizing your dreams in life.

How is TALKING like a Coach DISTINCT FROM a manager, friend or parent?

Coaches use game language – managers use task language. Coaches challenge their players to step into challenges – Friends just listen and commiserate. Coaches avoid having an agenda / attachment -> bosses always have an agenda; (so do most of your friends). Coaches help players figure it out for themselves

Using our amazing social game system and the Maestro Teleconference Bridge we answer all the questions you might have about the process of coaching, about whether it is the career choice for you and if CoachVille’s Center for Coaching Mastery is the training program you should choose.

We do all of this in an energy filled coach training experience using skills and methods taught in our Center for Coaching Mastery classes. It’s safe way to try coaching, try being coached and try out the school in one process and leaves you with a sure sense of what is next. In the four weeks of class you not only learn about the classes and curriculum but also about yourself and how you play in the world.

You will converse with others who are making the same choices as yourself, building community and asking questions around what coaching is really all.

We talk to a LOT of people about Professional Coaching and the truth is that professional coaching is NOT for everyone! So YOU are probably wondering is coaching right for you?

Do you have what it takes to make it as a professional coach? Now you can stop wondering and you can find out – FAST – by playing this 21 Day game for just $21!

What are the qualities of a Great coach?

1) You have been a good player (or a great player in at least one of the many games of life and/or you have an approach to life that has proven successful for you.

When you get started as a Coach, the basis of your credibility comes from your own life accomplishments. The games of life that you could look to include: business, career, health, romance, leadership, athletics, family. Or any of the many unique skills that are a part of these games like: sales, networking, management, eating well, dating, speaking, creating a vision, increasing speed or parenting.
Anything that can be developed as a useful skill can be coached.

2) You continue to LOVE the game, even if you don’t play the game anymore.

You have to LOVE the thing you are coaching in order for people to want you as their coach! e.g.. you may LOVE management and coach managers even if you are now an entrepreneur in your own business. If you are going to coach around an approach to life, then you MUST be living and loving that approach every day.

3) You LOVE helping other people play better and win on their own terms.

You get great enjoyment from seeing other people develop, grow and succeed. This is an essential quality of a Coach: the absolute JOY you feel when you help other people win. You also have to be able to challenge people when they are not living up to their own standards – sometimes you have to be TOUGH! You also have to be able to BE THERE when your player is facing BIG challenges without getting sucked into the story or drama.

4) You have the COURAGE to play BIG in the world.

You must be keep playing big, expanding your comfort zone – even if the game changes – in order for you to have solid integrity when you challenge your players to play big. Your past successes are important but you can’t rest on your laurels if you want to thrive.

5) You are a force in the world for good.

Coaching is leadership. As a Coach you are a LEADER in the Play BIG – in the world – Revolution. No Joke. You have to know that what you do every day as a coach plays a part in making the world a better place; this attitude is vital to sustainable success. Of course you will have your good days and bad just like your players do, but you need a solid core to keep playing and coaching in the face of your own challenges. YOU KNOW that the challenges you face are PERFECT for you as they mold you into the force you desire to be. Human Greatness only emerges in the face of challenges.
By playing this 21 Day game you can prove to yourself that you have what it takes AND get a jump start on your coaching practice at the same time!

You will learn a few basics about how to talk like a coach and then you will put them into practice right away. And you will also engage in a few challenging and fun personal growth exercises. If you do well in the game, then you will know – I Can Do This! If it doesn’t work out so well for you…at least you will find out before you make a big investment in training – and you will pick up some great tools that you can use for the rest of your life.

How is the program delivered and how do you play the game?

The program takes place over 21 days with four 90 minute group conference calls one week apart. You can dial into the calls from your home or office phone, cell phone or even Skype.

And we will do this using our acclaimed coach learning method! So you will learn the basic theory and method behind the interview, observe a live demonstration and THEN you will practice with a partner during the group call. We use an incredible conference bridge technology that enables us to seamlessly switch between large group conversation and partner break-out sessions right on the phone – it’s really dynamic and fun.

You will put what you have learned into your REAL life by conducting 5 PLAY BIG interviews with people you know. This is challenging and rewarding. And if you get stuck – we will be there to coach you. That makes sense! Laser coaching will be available with your instructor during office hours.

Now here is where it gets REALLY interesting! You will experience our acclaimed community game system. As you conduct your interviews you will share about what happens on your game card, as you complete each one, you earn points in the Game.

You will also earn points for completing a few fun personal growth exercises AND you earn points for supporting your team mates! Each week in the game you can earn up to 100 points PLUS Bonus points when your team mates do well. This is exciting because as you experience the game as a player you will get a clear picture for how you can use the system as a Coach. This will really spark your imagination and creativity.

Also, all of our coach training programs in the Center for Coaching Mastery use the same system. So you will get a good feeling for what our programs are like BEFORE you invest. Always a smart idea. Sort of like taking a test drive before you buy a car.

Here is an idea!!

If you would like to give the Become A Coach 21 Day Game as a gift to someone you know who SHOULD become a coach…
simply send and email to and we will contact you to sort out the details.