Anytime Lifetime Access

You are always welcome

Self-Study Programs Included!

woman with computer symbolizes anytime access to our classesAll of our live programs include immediate access to the self-study version of the class. This way you will have immediate and permanent access to the recordings, playbooks and supplemental materials. No matter when your teleclass starts, you can get started right away. Load the most recent recordings on your mp3 player and away you go!

Lifetime Access – ANYTIME! For all of the CoachVille Core Curriculum which includes any class part of our Full or Starter Program!

One of the most phenomenal features of our school is Lifetime Access to your CFCM – Full and Starter program classes.

As a student in our school you are welcome back to class any time; for as long as we are around. (and that will probably be for a very long time!) If a few years from now you would like a refresher class, you are welcome – at NO ADDITIONAL cost.

We have many students to go through the full program and then come back and retake classes on their path to mastery. You can retake your classes as many times as you would like!

Also – this gives you access to program electives which can can use as ICF – CCEU credits or for pursuing your MCC certification.

This is all part of your original fee that you pay when you join our program or sign up for a class a la carte.

While you are in class with us you will often have classmates who are are taking a class for the 2nd or 3rd time because the class experience is so rich and stimulating AND we refresh our classes on a regular basis so there is always something new to learn.

**Signature Series classes – classes taught by leaders in the coaching industry who are bringing their own content to CoachVille – are not included in LIVE lifetime access. They do include a recorded self study version of the class.