Your Ticket to Freedom

Business is a game you can learn how to play and win on your own terms.  This is our fundamental belief.  While many coaching programs lament about how their students just aren’t good at business, we take the initiative and build vital business training right into our program.
New Business Owner symbolizes our business academy for coaches

We don’t believe that you should learn how to coach and THEN try to build your business.  We believe that you should start building your business from your first day in class.

Even if you are planning to coach as part of what you do as a manager or trainer etc. it is still a good idea to learn these business skills.  If at all possible, you should maintain a small side-business with a few paying players while you in the job because it will give you a tremendous sense of freedom.

The other BIG point here is that the business game really forces you to grow and stretch out of your comfort zone.  Doing this will boost your compassion, confidence AND your credibility with everyone you coach.

With the skills, strategies and support you receive in this series of programs, you will have a thriving business going in short order…. IF YOU PLAY!

Step Up and Stand Out! – Self Study

On the Mountain top symbolizes standing out in businessClarity = Clients! You will powerfully define HOW you have earned the right to Coach and WHO you have earned the right to Coach. (Re-)Start Your Business Right! This program will impact every coaching conversation you have and everything you say and write about your Coaching Business. FINALLY, your friends and family will understand what you are so excited about!  You will learn and practice a compelling and simple conversation that you can use right way to talk with potential players and referral partners and sign up paying players.


Expect Yes. Get YES! – Self Study

jubulent man symbolizes get yes from a new clientYou are RECRUITING PLAYERS… NOT SELLING to CUSTOMERS. This is a powerful distinction that will free you up from any inner resistance you have to “selling”.  You don’t want to sell and in fact, you shouldn’t!   In this program you will build a complete method to recruit potential players and sign them up as paying players. Based on the provocative “7 Yes’s Formula” the cornerstone of your method will be your powerful exploratory coaching session. As a Coach you must establish your credibility with your player before they will hire you!  When you do you can expect yes and GET YES on a consistent basis.