Class Structure

You will coach in every class!

Our classes are designed to maximize participation, self-expression and most important… PRACTICE!

leaping through a field of flowers symbolizes structure and self-expression

The Structure of a typical Active Learning based class:

Every class session is 2 hours in length – similar to most university graduate degree programs. That may sound like a long time, but I can assure you that it flies right by because you will do many different activities.  Each class has an elective 30 minute question and answer session with the instructor.


Before the course you will have access to the Playbook which will help you prepare for the class. This will spark your desire for the program AND allow us to get right into the conversation when we are together in class.  In addition, you will have access to the pre-recorded coaching demonstrations for each class.  Listen, jot down your observations, insights and questions and bring them to class.

Welcome – The first 10 minutes (0 – 5)

At the beginning of each class we give a brief overview of the outline for the class.

Dialogue – The next 65 minutes (05 – 70)

The course leader will then facilitate an engaging class dialogue about a coaching theory, skill or  method.  YOUR VOICE MATTERS!

Coaching Practice  – The next 40 minutes (70 – 110)

Then we will break out into groups of two (tele-dyad) so that you can practice what you have learned in a safe environment with a colleague. Again the way you practice models the way you will engage in coaching with your players. You will play and coach with the same partner for each session of a 6 or 12 week class – which simulates how you will coach your players over a period of time.

Final Debrief – The last 20 minutes (110 – 120)

After you practice with your partner you will join the rest of your class mates for a final debrief. In this conversation you can ask questions and gain clarity on what happened when you applied what you learned.

Elective Question & Answer Session with Instructor – 30 minutes (120 – 150)

This is an opportunity to ask questions about the concepts just covered, ask questions about how to handle challenges with a player, or get more details about a technique. It is optional.


Finally, you will get into the game “for real”, by using the method or skill with at least 5 players (friends, colleagues or clients) in the week between sessions.  You earn points in our Social Game System by completing coaching sessions (typically 30 minutes each) and sharing about what you learned.  The coaching game will get you into action quickly and spark your desire for the next portion of the program!

Your total time investment

To give you an idea of what this will require from you, here is an example.

If you participate in 1 class each week it will look like this:

Class time…………….2.0 hours per week
Reading / Sharing…….1.5 hours per week
Listening to Audio…….0.5 hours per week
Coaching time………..2.5 hours per week
Total time.……………6.5 hours per week

If you go for the fast track plan where for part of each semester you participate in 2 classes each week it will look like this:

Class time………………..4.0 hours per week
Reading / Sharing…….3.0 hours per week
Listening to Audio…….1.0 hours per week
Coaching time…………2.5 hours per week
Total time.……………10.5 hours per week

(Note: if you are in two classes each week you can weave what you are learning in both classes  into each coaching session so you only need to do 5 coaching sessions per week, NOT 10; though MORE is always better)