Coach By Phone

The cornerstone of your lifestyle business opportunity

By participating in our teleclass-based program you will learn how to “Coach by Phone” which is how over 95% of coaching is delivered. You can, of course, coach face-to-face with what we will teach you.  However, since coaching is typically delivered in regularly scheduled conversations over a period of time, most people – coaches and players alike – prefer the convenience provided by the phone.  Even when the coach and player are in close geographic proximity they often find themselves coaching by phone much of the time with occasional face-to-face sessions.

A subtle benefit of phone coaching is that you learn how to pick up on vocal clues and really tune into the energy between the words your player is saying.  You will find that this is a suitable replacement for what would typically be understood through body-language.

And with the increasing ease  of video connection tools like skype, soon you will have the best of all worlds available to you!

Coach the Global Community

Learning to coach by phone will empower you to:

  • Coach in global communities,
  • Create a lifestyle that is perfect for you,
  • Set up shop in beautiful locations,
  • Thrive in business while staying close at home for your family AND much more.

Coaching by phone does NOT mean that you stay home in your pj’s every day! You will need to get out in your local community as well. The key point is that coaching by phone literally opens up a WORLD of possibility for you.

Choose your location, choose your hours, choose your players. Perfect.