Coaching Mastery Studio Included

YOU can be great!


The Coaching Mastery Studio is a revolution in Coach Training
AND in playing business, career and life as a winnable game.

The Studio welcomes coaches from ALL coaching schools; as well as coaches with no coach-specific training.

The Studio is awesome for coaches at all levels: from just starting out as a coach, to the Master Coach with over 20 years of experience.

Two Key Features:

1) There is a complete schedule of open practice sessions for coaches.  The sessions are designated for “Open Coaching” or “Focused Practice”.

Example: the Printable Schedule for June 2014

2) There is a monthly 2-hour “Master Class” conversation where we explore coaching methods and proficiencies at the “Mastery Level”.

If you are in pursuit of your Coaching Certification:

The studio gives you the environment to accumulate a LOT of coaching hours very quickly by dialing into the virtual studio to conduct a coaching session that counts toward the hours you need to earn your certification!

It also provides the thing you need more than anything else: opportunities to practice your coaching every day in a fun, safe environment!
YES!!! Every day. (Monday – Friday 😉

As a Studio Member you can dial in any time you see a practice session on the schedule!

A way to keep improving the Methods and Skills you have already studied:

You need the opportunity to go deeper into the curriculum in a way that will expand your mind and your life as Coach.

You will get this in our monthly “Deep Dive” sessions.

And you need opportunities to practice these methods and proficiencies in a fun, safe environment before you use them with your high paying clients!

Coaching Practice Sessions that are designated as “Focused Practice” indicate that everyone will coach using a specific method or skill for that session.  It really challenges your coaching creativity to experiment with something new AND it’s really fun.


How it works!

It’s a virtual coaching studio! It’s like a yoga studio, or a dance studio or an art studio.
You go there to practice, to express yourself… AND to invent yourself in a creative space.

There is a complete schedule of opportunities to participate in coaching practice.

You check the schedule and then call into our amazing Maestro Bridge at the time of the session.
(It’s best to call in just a few minutes early!)

The leader of the session – one of our AWESOME CV Faculty or  Member Services Team – will quickly organize everyone into pairs using the “breakout” feature of our Maestro Bridge.

You will then have a 60-minute coaching session: 30 minutes as a Coach, 30 minutes as a player.

The session leader will announce when it is time to switch places as the coach and the player.

After that, you can stick around for an optional 15 minute debrief with the session leader where you can share about what you learned as both the coach and the player.
When you share right after the experience, you really accelerate your learning.

Why this is SO awesome…

Confidence!  Doing a lot of 30 minute sessions with different players will boost your coaching confidence soooo much.  You will learn about so many unique situations and learn to spot patterns.

Business!  When you master the 30-minute “spontaneous session” with a new player, it will help you perfect your exploratory sessions with potential players and advocates!  This is so important for the growth of your business!

Network!  You will expand your professional network in the perfect way: by experiencing your colleagues as both coaches and players.  You will inspire each other by the way you play and you will learn from each other by the way you coach.  The opportunities for long lasting strategic partnerships with other great coaches could change everything for you.

PLAY BIGGER!  You KNOW that the highest performers in the athletics and art get coaching almost every day in their big game. That’s one of the main reasons that they are where they are!  NOW you can do this with your BIG GAME in life.  Get coaching every day.  Pursue mastery by learning how to BE COACHED in your big game in life.

The Coaching Mastery Studio is included:

When you register for the Complete Program you get 1-year of the Studio included in your enrollment.

Registration in the Starter Program includes 6-months of the Studio.

AND we do hope that you love it so much that you continue to register every year for many years after your graduation.
The Studio is open to coaches from all schools AND Center for Coaching Mastery students always receive a discount! 😉