Global Classroom

Super-Convenient, Highly Engaging Teleclasses

All of our classes are delivered by super-convenient dialogue-rich teleclasses. You dial into the telephone bridge at class time and you are fully engaged in learning.
headset on the globe symbolizes the global classroom

Seriously!  You can be “in class” from ANYWHERE you can go with a phone or internet connection.
Land line, Cell phone, Skype, Google Talk and “name brand” calling cards all work very well.
NOTE: Magic Jack and off-brand VOIP and “off-brand” calling cards… not so well.

Our Amazing Maestro Conference System

You will have a unique pin code when you dial into the phone bridge.  The instructor has a web interface and will welcome you by name .
You are NEVER ANONYMOUS in our classes.

Maestro Conference is our global classroomYou can raise your hand to join in the conversation by pressing a 1 on your phone keypad.  The instructor can see this and call your name.
You can always get into the conversation.

Small break out groups are enabled!  So part of the class is in a larger group conversation and part of the class is you with a partner privately practicing what you have learned.
You will participate in every class – NO HIDING!

This is a great way to learn how to coach for five reasons:

1) Short bursts of learning

It allows us to teach you in short intense bursts over a period of time – much like the way MOST coaching is delivered to players. This way you learn something and then practice during the week. Then you learn the next step and again practice during the week. This is the optimal way to learn when you want maximum retention.

2) Learn to coach the way you will coach

MOST life and business coaching is done on a weekly basis. (sometimes twice monthly). So you will learn how to Coach in the same way: on a weekly schedule. Also, most coaching is conducted by phone so you will practice with us in the same way you will probably work with your clients / players. This is a smart way to learn.

3) ZERO carbon foot print – ZERO time away from home, family and office

Time is precious! And so is the environment! We don’t want to add any unneeded stress of travel onto your schedule OR carbon emissions into the environment. By delivering our program over the phone right into your home or office you can keep everything stable at home and office while you train for your new career. This is a good thing.

4) Cultural Diversity

We have students from many different countries in our school.  This creates a vibrant cultural experience for you and prepares you to coach in the global community.  Your coaching partner could be from Turkey,  Israel, Sweden, USA, Canada, Australia, Kenya … anywhere they have phone lines and internet access!

5) Cost Effective

With our method you SAVE the time and money expense of travel for airfare, eating on the road and hotels.
In our humble opinion, our way is simply smarter AND better.


When you combine our global classroom interaction with our Social Game System – where you see everyone’s face and interact between session – you have all of the benefits of a in-person training with the convenience of participating without travel!