School Logistics

Our consistent calendar makes it easy for you to plan ahead

We make it easy for you to plan your coach training schedule by delivering our programs in a highly-structured calendar. Our semesters always start at the same times of the year, our classes are always at the same time of day.

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Here are the details:

Time of Year
We offer 3 full semesters each year. Each semester is 12 weeks.
The January Term:  January through Late March
The April Term: April through Late June
The September Term: Late September through Mid December

*Note: See information below about The Summer Intensive.

Days of the Week

We have three types of classes plus the practicum and they are always offered on the same days of the week:

1) Methods Classes – 12 weeks each – always on Tuesday
2) Business Classes – 6 weeks each – always on Wednesday (the first 6 weeks of the Term)
3) Skills Classes – 6 weeks each – always on Wednesday (the second 6 weeks of the Term)
4) Practicum – 1 Day each; 5 hours – always on Friday or Saturday; scheduled throughout the year
*Note: You must complete 6 Practicum in order to graduate

* Note: The schedule is set up so that you can complete the education part of the Complete Certification Program in 3 semesters by taking 2 classes per week.

Class times

Each class is 2.5 hours in length.
You can choose the time slot that serves you best:
2 PM – 4:30 PM ET or
8 PM – 10:30 PM ET

Practicum times

Each Practicum is 5 Hours in length (sounds long but it flies by)
Practicum are held from 9AM – 2PM ET
OR 12 Noon – 5PM ET

All classes are held via teleconference

In case you didn’t see this on another page, all of our programs are delivered by super convenient teleconference.  You can call in from a landline, cell phone,  skype, Google-talk or name-brand calling card!

In other words, if you need to run out of your office, or drive your children to soccer practice and jump into class from your cell phone in the car, you can do it. (as long as you are using a headset while driving!

Center for Coaching Mastery Logistics

Summer Intensive Session

We often offer the level 1 classes of our program in the summer for new students.

The summer intensive is 6 weeks and goes from the 2nd week of July to the 3rd Week of August.
The 12 session Play Two Win program is held on Monday and Thursday
The 6 week Basic Coaching Class is held on Tuesday
The 6 week Group Mentor Program is held on Wednesday

Summer Intensive Details Here