Social Game System

Experience the power of “Juicy Learning”

Imagine you have a coaching session with one of your new players.  You get some positive feedback from your player and enter it into the social game system.  Then a bunch of people are cheering for you as if you just scored a touchdown in a football game!  That is fun!

Cheering people symbolize CoachVille social game system

Or imagine you are stuck in a writing project and you share about the challenge you are facing in the game system.  Then several of your team mates are offering ideas and encouragement as if you were in the locker room at halftime.  That is powerful!

Your REAL Life, and your new endeavor to become a great coach, is a very important and very challenging game.  You deserve to be cheered and supported just as much – probably more – than someone playing football.

There is a price to be paid however for this public celebration and support… You have to be willing to be seen and known by others.  You have to be willing to be vulnerable enough to be succeed or fail publicly.  This is the quality that distinguishes the great performers  in EVERY endeavor – athletics, arts, business, community leaership etc. – from everyone else: they are willing to play in public.

We believe that the price is WELL worth it AND that truly, the benefits are so great that you can’t afford NOT to do it.

This is why we make participation in the social game a requirement in every class.  At first you may hesitate, but once you get into it and experience it you will realize how powerful it is.  Plus we make it a LOT safer than a political campaign, only your colleagues in the class can see your game results.  But that is enough to create the necessary edge to the game.

We call it “Juicy Learning”

You know when something is “juicy”; when it’s personal, provocative, meaningful, edgy, maybe a little dramatic and suspenseful.   You may not want your whole life to be juicy, but, your BIG GAME  in life should ALWAYS be juicy.  You know that feeling when your juices are really flowing, that is when life is sweet; that is when you come alive!

juice from an orange symbolizes our juicy learning philosophy


Juicy Learning =
Purposeful Play + Personal Pride + Public Visibility

In every class you will experience “Juicy Learning”. In between each class session, you will engage in a game with your classmates that brings your coaching practice to life. You and your team mates will earn points as you complete exercises, take actions and get results related to what you are learning in class.

Every student has a player profile so you can see the faces and explore interesting facts about your colleagues. You can see the complete class scoreboard, read what your colleagues are doing and learning and share your experiences as well through words and pictures.

You can use our “Coach Connect” features to connect with your fellow students by CV Chat or CV Mail to share a win or request support. Playing and then sharing your experiences – your wins, challenges and ideas – in a public forum adds a powerful dimension of accountability and camaraderie! It’s fun, AND Along the way you really learn how to coach! That is Juicy Learning.

Social Game System Preview in a pdf << See for yourself! (it will open in a new browser window)