BIG Freedom Play Group

BIG Freedom Play Group is a revolutionary business development coaching program exclusively for Professional Coaches who aim to GROW their business by growing themselves. It includes 1-1 coaching, small group coaching via zoom and a small group retreat to provide the perfect environment for rapid, transformational growth AND FUN!

The BIG insight: A Coaching Business is Improvisational Performance Art!

Much like improvisational artists use playfulness, highly practiced skills and methods to spontaneously co-create rewarding experiences in the moment you need to be able to do the same as a professional coach.

What does this mean? Your business is your personal expression where you aim to co-create rewarding experiences with your tribe… your ideal players. You will do this by creating media, speaking, networking, engaging with groups and ultimately 1-1 coaching.  Performance art means you must develop and master a wide variety of skills and techniques. Improvisational means that the experiences you desire are a co-creation WITH the folks you aim to serve; you don’t do it to them, or for them, you do it WITH them. You must become a masterful CO-creator.

This awareness leads us to the main point… to thrive as an “improvisational” performance artist you need to develop your skills, your methods, your playfulness, your voice, your presentation skills, your confidence and your energy; in your business activities AND in your coaching.

To grow in all of these ways – at the SAME TIME – you need a safe space of guided practice with a great coach. This is what the BIG Freedom Play Group is all about.

BIG Freedom Play Group Invitation

Your first step into the BIG Freedom Play Group is to set up a call with Coach Dave!

Together we will explore your coaching business dream and make sure the Play Group is a fit for you right now… or in the future.

To set up your private call you need to click through to this page on the CV member site. In addition to the link to set up your call, you will also receive the inspiring eBook: How To Grow Your Coaching Business Playfully!

The format…

Before I go into the power benefits, I need to share with you the format so you understand what I am talking about.

While most business development programs for coaches consist of sitting in front of your computer watching videos and listening to large group conference calls, the BIG Freedom Play Group is a robust coaching environment where you play bigger and better through guided practice and deep 1-1 coaching.

The REVOLUTIONARY program includes:

  • PLAY GROUP: 2 90-minute / month Small group coaching sessions via zoom; 2nd and 4th Mondays
  • 1-1 COACHING: 2 1-hour / month individual coaching for Inner Freedom, Personal Branding and the individual support you need.
  • PLAY SHOP: 2 Day In-person playshop to bond and practice playfulness in business (1 every 6 months)
  • SUPERPOWER SESSION: The Mystical Wisdom of “Superpower School”; a 1-hour Session with Coach Dave to reveal your superpower potential.

The Play Group also includes the “Membership” which provides…

  • CO-CREATION Calls: 2 / month 90-minute group gatherings to co-create / uplevel your business ecosystem and your energy alignment; 1st and 3rd Mondays
  • CELEBRATION Calls: 2 / month 1-hour group gatherings to share dreams, wins and the perfection of challenges; Fridays

“People are intimately aware of their wants (which they think of as needs)
but they are absolutely terrible at
inventing new ways to address those wants.”

– “This is Marketing”

Seth Godin

Going deeper into the intended value in the structure. 

In the Play Group

  • You will restore and amplify your playfulness; essential to business success.
  • You will experiment with using your YOUnique power in business situations.
  • You will practice business conversations and boost your confidence.
  • You will experience a Coaching Masterclass that will uplevel your coaching confidence.

In the 1-1 Coaching

  • Your fears will become a treasure map to your lost playfulness and YOUnique power through Inner Freedom Coaching
  • You will clarify and uplevel your branding and messaging.
  • You will uplevel you personal environments to new levels of belonging through World Power Coaching.
  • You will practice the Pivotal Moments that lead to breakthrough success through 1-1 Role Play and Inner Freedom Coaching

In the Superpower Session

  • You will explore ancient wisdom that can reveal your power that has been lost in shadows.

In the Membership Gatherings

  • You will grow your business ecosystem.
  • You will explore ways to align your energy with your BIG Dream.
  • You will strengthen your connection to the Supermind.

 The Pursuit of Playing Business Better

Hey there! Coach Dave here with a quick personal note before we move into a few juicy details explaining the Venn Diagram on the top of this page.  I want to share with you WHY this program is so revolutionary and so compelling.

I have taught MANY business development programs for professional coaches over the past 20 years. In these programs I have shared potentially life-changing concepts that created big ah-ha moments for the participants. They were writing feverishly to capture the ideas and what they were going to do with them into their notebooks.

Then what happened next …. usually not too much.

I too have many notebooks full of great ideas that I wrote down while listening to a brilliant teacher. But most of these ideas never made it into my business or into my life.

That’s because ideas in a notebook don’t create transformation! Coaching and practice that lead to confidence and INSPIRED ACTION create transformation.

I have been an athletic coach. I have also been the player. I have also been the player with a performance art coach and the formula is straight forward: the player practices while the coach observes. Then the coach shares feedback and ideas for playing better. Then the player practices again to incorporate the feedback.

THEN when the player practices and plays “out in the world” they play better! Like MAGIC!

So the big question for you as a business player is this: when do you get to practice business while a coach is observing you and offering feedback?

The answer: NEVER!!

Until now.

That is the essential reason why the BIG Freedom Play Group will change your life as a business person!!

This is what we are playing for…

BIG Freedom is when you show up in the community either face to face or on-line:

  • Your playful business capabilities and confidence are admired;
  • Your playful coaching abilities are renowned and desired;
  • Your personal energetic vibrancy is palpable and magnetic;
  • Your business ecosystem is growing and sustainable;

The BIG Freedom Venn Diagram
Community & Play in the Center!

Play is at the center of everything we do in BIG Freedom. We are going to bring playfulness into your business, your coaching and the co-creation of Super YOU.

The purpose of all business is to create value for members of the community. Coaches are change agent leaders. To thrive as a coach you must be a highly visible participant and contributor in your chosen community.

The symbol of the lightning bolt is the call to adventure by our dreams. When lightning strikes BIG energy is flowing and change is happening. Your purpose is to actively and playfully engage in your community to uplift people into new possibilities for positive change. While you will only coach a few people, your presence will impact many people in a variety of ways AND create a ripple effect of good.

This Venn will get us right into the core elements of the pursuit of high level coaching business success.

I learned about the creative use of the 3 Circle Venn diagram from my coach and friend Thomas Leonard. Thomas LOVED 3 Circle Venn diagrams. Every time we were exploring an idea or sketching out a program we would always start with a 3 Circle Venn. The value is that it helps you hone in on the most essential elements and understand how the core ideas support and overlap each other. 

Coach Dave

 Playing Together

The act of coaching is widely misunderstood! Coaching is not simply talking about problems, ideas or tasks. Coaching happens by playing together with someone and by observing and demonstrating as you guide them toward playing better. This is a big idea that will uplevel your coaching over time as you experience it in the BIG Freedom Play Group. Hopefully you get excited about these kinds of things like I do! LOL.

Observation ~ Co-creation in the Play Group

In the play group you will experience business coaching in it’s truest possible expression. You come to each session with a specific business situation that you want to practice. The coach will ask the other players to play the other roles as needed.

Then You play together while the coach and other players observe your skills, technique AND energy (more about that later).

During practice you can call time-out and request feedback and then experiment with different approaches to the situation.

Sometimes the coach may jump in and play your part so that you can observe a different approach to your situation.  Then you talk together in a co-creative way to learn from the experience. Then you play again and usually play a little better.

It’s a loop that keeps the relationship growing and YOU the player spiraling upward in mastery and confidence.

Business Skills You Can Practice

We will practice and role play business situations together such as:

  • introduce yourself at a networking opportunity
  • conduct your exploratory session with a potential player,
  • approach an influencer who could recommend you
  • conduct your 20 minute signature talk
  • and SOOO much more (more examples lower on this page)

The safe space of practice will be a life-changer for your BIG business dream. You will be amazed at how your confidence expands!

Coaching Masterclass

When you are not the player you will observe and offer feedback. And during these practice sessions you may be called upon by the coach to spontaneously play a role needed in the situation. This will enhance your playfulness in the form of resourcefulness and creative expression. And… it will be fun.

By practicing, playing, observing and sharing feedback you will experience a HUGE side benefit: your coaching mastery will soar!!!

The Play Group experience will be a Coaching Masterclass that will have a HUGE impact on the way you coach your players… and the confidence you will have to charge higher fees because you will be truly unique in the field of life / business / leadership coaching.

The 4 Quadrants of the Coaching Framework

 Person Focused Exploration – practice using your superpowers in business

 Way of Being Exploration – practice shifting your energy in business

 Action Focused Sharing – practice specific business skills

 Way of Doing Sharing – practice specific business strategies


Life Coaching Can Become a Mainstream Force for Transformation

This kind of environment is how coaching happens in athletic and performance art coaching and most people have an experience or an understanding of this process. 

I am on a mission to make Life Coaching a mainstream force for transformation and personal growth, business and leadership. To do this we must bring this fundamental dynamic into it.

Playful people treat each other better and treat the Earth better too!

We have to uplevel Life Coaching from the realm of just talking about stuff – especially problems and tasks – to playing together with the life, business and leadership situations in pursuit of meaningful experiences and transformational growth!

In BIG Freedom Play Groups we will all uplevel our playful life coaching abilities to a level where we can co-create a happier more joyful world. 

Coach Dave

Energy Algnment Game

AWWWWW Yeah!!! The energy alignment game is the secret sauce for success in business and most everything in life.  When your energy is aligned with your dream there is ease, freedom and flow. When the energy is misaligned there is struggle. It’s not that one is better than the other… misaligned energy is merely an opportunity for awareness and growth!

Here is the trick… it is SUPER hard to align your own energy. Energy alignment is a team game; ideal for coaching!!!

You have read the line: to grow your business you need to grow yourself first. What does this mean? It means you need to grow every aspect of your energy into alignment with your BIG DREAM.

In the Membership we will explore each area of energy alignment over the 6 month period. In the Play Group – with small group and 1-1 coaching – we will go DEEP!!

How we will play together with the energy

BIG DREAM: Your new BIG Dream is where the game begins! Speaking your BIG DREAM will be a constant act within both the membership and Play Group. 1-1 Coaching is a powerful way to continually clarify and uplevel your Dream.

SUPER YOU:  To live your dream you need to become the next version of YOU! The play here is to tune into your natural superpowers and bring them into your business and coaching methods; use your superpowers to create value for others! You will have a 1-1 Superpower session with Coach Dave to start the program. Then you will be encouraged to practice expressing your power during Play Group Practice!

CONSCIOUS MIND: Your conscious mind is playful! Your human nature wants to play with intentional thoughts and actions in pursuit of your dream. Ignore the nonsense coming from the brain scientists that say your brain has a negativity bias. BULL! That is simply a byproduct of the Industrial Age where our playfulness was punished which caused all sorts of inner confusion and chaos.  In the Play Group your playfulness will be restored and with it your abilities to connect, create, explore and experiment. GOOD THINGS!

NON-CONSCIOUS MIND: Your non-conscious mind can become a powerful ally to your dream! Your beliefs, desires and body wisdom can all be powered up. With the guidance of an Inner Freedom Coach even your fears can be embraced as a treasure map to your Superpowers. The key is you can’t see your own patterns… your Play Group teammates and 1-1 coach will provide the awareness you need for rapid growth. AND as you practice in the group, your coaching will improve rapidly as well!

ENVIRONMENTS: Your environments are in constant communication with your non-conscious mind. The need for belonging is the most powerful force in the Human Experience. Both the Membership AND the Play Group will provide the experience of profound belonging that will gently pull you toward the Powered Up version of YOU needed to fulfill your BIG Dream! And this will give you the inspiration and energy to uplevel every aspect of your personal environment.

SUPER MIND CONNECTION: The Supermind is the field of energy that all humans are connected to. Your Supermind connection is strengthened  considerably by participating in a tightly connected dream team where you take the opportunity to speak your dream and act upon your intentions.  When you are connected inspirations and opportunities (sometimes growth opportunities) flow to you constantly! Both the Play Group and the Membership Gatherings will play an important role in cultivating your connection. It will be fun.

The BIG Freedom Business Ecosystem

The third circle in the Venn Diagram is the Business Ecosystem; everything you need to co-create a grow for your business to thrive.

Using our performance art metaphor, your ecosystem is your music.

Metaphorically speaking, the Membership is where you co-create your music and the Play Group is where you practice performing your music.

The model reveals many practice opportunities!

Message & Brand

  • Practice sharing your message when you introduce yourself to someone
  • Practice your Signature Keynote for the group
  • Practice sharing a success story in conversation, on a platform or in media

Marketing Method

  • Practice face-to-face networking conversations that lead to offers and invitations
  • Practice approaching influencers and joint venture partners
  • Practice asking for referrals from clients, former clients and colleagues

Selling Method

  • Practice key segments of your enrollment conversation ~ AKA talking about the money!
  • Practice your follow up call with a potential player or partner
  • Practice making a variety of offers and invitations

Coaching Method

  • Practice segments of your coaching method
  • Practice conversations with vendors or team members
  • Practice talking about your packaging and pricing

The BIG point about practice: to get better at something you need a LOT of practice. Practicing “on your own” is important BUT it is not enough. You also need practice when you are observed, receive feedback and use it to improve.  That is what the Play Group will provide. Then your own practice will yield incredible results!

One more thing…

The Business Case for Playfulness

On this page I have made several references to the importance of restoring and amplifying your playfulness. I share this graphic with you from our Play Life Method program because it helps to explain this point.

Look at the 4 Moments of Social Play:

  • Relate for Influence
  • Create and Share
  • Experiment to Try New Things
  • Explore to See and Be Seen

These activities are the essence of what you do in a coaching business!

Now look at the Social Fears related to play:

  • Fear of Rejection
  • Fear of Disappointment
  • Fear of Mistakes
  • Fear of Trouble

I am sure that you recognize these fears! These fears are an essential part of human life. However, there were GREATLY exagerated in the Industrial Age; to the point where they stop us on a regular basis. These are the fears that are keeping your essential playfulness and your YOUnique powers hiding in shadows!

In the BIG Freedom Play Group – with all of the coaching and profound belonging in the group – your playfulness will come back and your business and coaching will flourish!

The world is a playground. Let’s Play!!

BIG Freedom Play Group Invitation

Let’s Talk!

If you have a feeling that the BIG Freedom Play Group is just what you need to flourish as a Professional Coach, then we need to talk!

Your first step into the BIG Freedom Play Group is to set up a call with Coach Dave!

Together we will explore your coaching business dream and make sure the Play Group is a fit for you right now… or in the future.

To set up your private call you need to click through to this page on the CV member site. In addition to the link to set up your call, you will also receive the inspiring eBook: How To Grow Your Coaching Business Playfully!