Thank You!

Hey Coach!

Hopefully you have been inspired to PLAY BIG after our live game experience.

First I want to thank you for participating in our highly-experiential AND EXPERIMENTAL Live Game experience.

Have you noticed you have an expanded view of your VALUE?

Have you noticed yourself speaking powerfully – even when you didn’t know what you ere going to say?

How about thought patterns of work that you shifted into PLAY???!!!!

I hope so… for the sake of your brain! 😉

OK.  Just want to give you a quick update about your prize for playing!

I will have the results tabulated by Jan 22. and listed here.  You will also receive an email (assuming I can read your handwriting!)
Note: the delay is that I am traveling to St. Marten for 10 days and you know how time compresses everything that needs doing before you leave for a trip!!  Rest assured… I am PLAYING with everything 😉

Play Big.

Coach Dave