Play BIG!

CoachVille – Where you play big in the world and become a great coach!

Our primary purpose is to help you win the coaching game. As a coach your job is to help your players / clients play the games of their lives better and win them on their own terms; Games that TRULY matter to them; Games that challenge them to grow and inspire the greatness within them. While at the same time playing fairly, respecting everyone in the game and being willing to face losing from time to time.

It’s a BIG and a VERY IMPORTANT JOB. We honor that. We know that the world is a beautiful place and it will be even better when everyone has a coach for their games of leadership, athletics, health, business, relationships, spirituality, finance, creativity and everything else life has to offer. Any endeavor in life can be designed as a winnable game worth playing and coaches alone are charged with helping everyone win the game that matters most to them right now.

We know that coaching is an honor AND that it takes a lot of courage, wisdom and resourcefulness to be a great coach.

Our game is BIG and we play it seriously. In our opinion, once you get beyond the basic human needs for survival MOST suffering is caused:
a) when people play an unwinnabe game OR
b) when people play a game that does not truly matter to them OR
c) when people have a meaningful and winnable game but never get the coaching needed to play the game well enough to win.

Through great coaching – and the undeniable joy that comes with playing a challenging and winnable game – the almost epidemic experiences of confusion, overwhelm, frustration, isolation and apathy will be eliminated.

We feel that coaching can only achieve this kind of impact through a grass roots approach. This means we can win our BIG game ONLY by helping you play and win. We need YOU to win. We want you on our team!