Play Life is a Coaching Method where you play BIG for your dreams. Your dream can include business, leadership, career, personal growth, health really anything that you can play better.

This is the Prep Audio for Session 04 – Embrace Challenges.

In this audio Coach Dave shares both the practical and the metaphysical purpose behind the Play Life Method AND 2 powerful techniques: embrace challenges AND pivotal moment technique.

You will learn about coaching and the conscious mind; non-conscious mind and super mind using the metaphor of your phone, your cloud storage and the internet. The Pivotal Moment technique is your personal search engine to show you exactly what you need right now.

It all starts with a BIG Dream!

Your BIG Dream is the call to adventure; In your business it calls you out into the market place to contribute the value that you are here to express.

Then… “the game” is to align every aspect of your energy and your world with the dream until you experience it fully.

Then… you enjoy your life in alignment until a new BIG dream calls you back out into the unknown territory!

The Hand in the Sky with the Lightning bolt symbolizes the call to adventure of your BIG Dream. The symbols around the hand represent all of the aspects of playing with energy required to fulfill your dream.


Inherent to the desire to pursue a BIG dream is the requirement to become the next version of you.

This includes expanding your mastery of abilities that you have already expressed.

AND it also includes discovering and unleashing aspects of you that have become hidden to you while adapting to the environments of your life so far.

This discovery process is baked into the wisdom of your BIG Dream!

Your Conscious Mind is here to play!

In this part of the model you will recognize the 4 symbols for how we play life: Create, Influence, Explore and Experiment. And you see the butterfly which is the symbol for the Play Life Method.

I believe that our conscious minds are playful ALL THE TIME. And then also strongly influenced by non-conscious fears of our playfulness as I described earlier.

The alignment game is to express your playfulness in the thoughts, words and actions needed by your dream.

The playful Conscious Mind is the central theme of the Play Life Method program; AND all elements of Energy Alignment are touched upon.


Your non-conscious mind is always ready.

Your non-conscious mind is a big blob of everywhere power. Learning how to access, channel and align this power for your dream is an endless supply of fun!

In this model I am highlighting a few key elements:

Body Awareness: caring for your body so that the inner knowing signals are clear.

Fears: your fears can become your “friendly ghost” and guide you toward your unique powers.

Desires: your hearts desires can light your path when you learn to trust them.

Beliefs: we have all absorbed everything we believe; your dream will require that you uplevel a few and develop some new.

Also in the model is the maze which is the symbol of our Inner Freedom Method.

The Pivotal Moment coaching technique is specifically designed to illuminate non-conscious patterns during the coaching session.

We will explore this notion a little deeper in Play Life Step 08 – Expand Inner Freedom.


The Environment Always Wins

The key to sustainable success in any endeavor is to design an environment that pulls you toward your dream. The key is to rely on “world power” rather than willpower.

Your non-conscious mind is in constant communication with your environment taking cues and clues about your belonging and status.

You will need to design and uplevel the people, places, things and ideas around you to align with your dream. This way you use the force of belonging to pull you forward.

Also in this model is the human with the globe which is the symbol of our World Power Method which shows you how to leverage the most powerful force of human expression: BELONGING!

We will explore this notion further in Play Life Step 09 – Design a Winning Environment.


Your Connection to the Supermind

This is another aspect of life that can provide an endless supply of insight and fun if you approach it with wonder.

The supermind is the web of Human Consciousness past, present and future that we all have access to. It is sometimes referred to as “The Universe”.

There are many ways to play in this realm to get into alignment with your BIG Dream

The ? symbol indicates living by BIG questions and staying open to “answers” as they come to you from the Supermind.

The emanating heart is the symbol for the well-known process of gratitude.

The radio tower is the symbol of the power of intention.

The magnet is the symbol of attracting experiences that move you toward your dream as long as you stay open to the perfection of each situation.

When you can SEE that the challenges that you experience are exactly what you need to grow into your dream you move into a flow experience.  This is SUPER hard for people to see by themselves, as the Coach you need to guide them. We call it Coaching Proficiency: Recognize the Perfection In Every Situation.

The talking heads with the lightning bolt is the symbol for our Coaching Relationship classes like the Coaching Proficiencies. I strongly believe that when you share your dream with a coach and team it amplifies your connection to the Super Mind!

Play Life Method Class

Imagine YOU are the coach that guides someone out of the Industrial Mindset… through all of the fears that we absorbed in the Industrial Culture and into a life of playing BIG for their dreams!!

You can be that coach!

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