Logging Coaching Hours

Finding your first (practice) players – Logging your coaching hours

We encourage our students to practice the skills, method and techniques they learn in classes by coaching a minimum of five practice players during each trimester for a total of at least ten players over the duration of the program. Practice is the path to mastery in coaching.

Also, one of the requirements for graduation is 150 logged half hour coaching sessions. Log all your practice hours for later submission with your graduation/certification application. Your logged coaching hours may be pro-bono, paid or barter in any combination.

In your first level of classes you will be engaging in visibility exercises that will help you find practice and paying players but below are also a few suggestions to get you started.


Finding practice clients

1)      Reach out to friends, family and colleges – they may have a perfect referral!

2)      Put a listing on Craigs List in the volunteer section for barter clients – by phone only for safety.

3)      Use www.meetup.com and post a live even at café or public venue where you can do live exploratory sessions.

4)      Use Facebook and offer 5 coaching scholarships to the first responders.

5)      Connect with other students and coach your peers.