Maestro Conference Guide

Maestro Teleconference System Guide

All of our classes are held using the amazing Maestro Teleconference System a dynamic and interactive teleconference bridge line that allows your instructor to “see” you in the room, allows you to raise you hand and and allows for private breakout sessions for coaching practice.

Once you’ve signed up for a class head to your class program home page. You can find your program home pages by clicking on you My Classes tab. Each of your classes will be listed on this page, find your current class and click the class link.

You will land on your class Program Home Page, here you will find the link to register for your Personal Maestro Pin.

You must have a Personal Pin Code for each of your classes. You will find the link on your program home page. You must have a separate distinct code for each class you take – please be sure to have them available for each class.

When you click on the link a registration page will load that allows you to register for your Personal Pin Code – after you’ve filled out the form the site will give you your personal pin code and phone number for your class. Please make a note of it as it will be your code and number for all the sessions of that class.

If you should forget your codes – just head to your program home page and use the student number and pin until next class.


To call into your class:

To call in to your teleconference you can use a regular landline, a cell phone, Skype or Google Talk. Using any other VOIP option and some off brand calling cards presently pose some difficulties and are not suggested.

If you are planning on using your cell phone contact the general manager for instructions to set up the teleconference bridge line on your “friends and family” plan. You can email the general manager at

Skype is often a good solution for those dialing in to conferences from outside the US, since Skype has inexpensive international calling rates ( From Skype, you would just call our conference call line, just as you would call any regular US telephone number.

A few minutes prior to class start call the number you’ve been given and when prompted punch in your personal pin code and the pound using your keypad. Welcome to class, you are now in our class teleconference. Until the instructor officially starts the call you may either here nothing or you may hear music.


While in your class:

Using this teleconference system there is no need to mute your line as the instructor and assistant and have full control of your call – so most lines are muted by the instructor until a participant raises their hand to contribute to  class discussion.

You can raise your hand by pressing the any of the numbers 1 – 5 on your keypad. You can raise your hand any time during class or break-outs and your instructor will know you want to contribute or have a question.

Break-out sessions happen seamlessly – your instructor will set up the break-out by pressing a few buttons, say hello as quickly to get the conversation started. Your instructor will chime warning tones letting you know when break-outs will soon be ending.

Technical Issues:

Maestro is an amazing system – however should you experience any difficulties signing in with your code please just hang-up and try again. If you still experience difficulty, use the generic code to call into class.