Navigating The Member Site

The Website Map

At the very top of the screen you will find links to Your Profile, Your Account, The Member Services , the Help Desk, Your Membership Home Page and the Public Home Page.


The Help Desk. One of the most valuable features in the Member Center! If you need a help with a personal touch please access our Help Desk. Our dedicated Member Services Team will answer your help ticket within 24 hours and are trained to answer all your questions. Click The Help Desk tab at the top of nearly every page.  You will also find the Help Desk link at the top of all Members Only pages.

Click on My Profile to update all your personal information – this is how other coaches will connect with you on our site – make your profile dynamic and fun! Be sure to add your photograph so everyone knows who they are talking to in class!

Click on My Account to find update your password, change your timezone for account add or update a credit card. Also you will find a complete list of the classes you registered for along with attendance tracking by clicking on the link which says, “Click for your classes since July 2005.”  Also all of your Partner information is located on this tab.


The three tabs that you will be using the most are considered the “hub” of your Membership: Register for a class in your Registration Center. The link to its related information and recordings then appears in your My Programs section. Then any related meeting dates, times and phone numbers needed for your class appear in your My Calendar section



The My Classes/My Communities/My ECourse tabs. Direct links to all of YOUR classes and resourses. All the classes you have registered for, even previously, are accessible through separate links you’ll find on your ‘My Classes’ page.  Click the ‘My Class’ tab now OR to learn more, (especially if you are a member of one of our pre-2007 Graduate School Programs – These include the SOC, TLC and GSC),  click here!



The My Calendar tab. Again this is pretty straightforward – it’s YOUR calendar.  If you register for a program that has associated Teleclasses the call specifics are loaded right into your ‘My Calendar’ on the corresponding date.  To reach the ‘My Calendar’ section click the tab above OR to learn more – click here!

The Registration Center tab. This is where you can sign-up for live events, Teleclasses and eCourses – everything we offer in one spot! Click the ‘Registration Center’ tab and away you go…OR, if you want to know more, click here!