Practice Breakout Guide

How to Play Big in Dyad/Breakouts
(and maximize your learning)

One of the most dynamic aspects of our classes is the dyad/breakout sessions which happen in nearly every class.

We will apply our DTMOPP, (Desire, Theory, Method, Observe, Practice, Perform), learning method.

The instructor will discuss a coaching method, theory or idea and then conduct a brief coaching demonstration or play a coaching recording. After we debrief the demonstration coaching session we will break out into dyads so that you can practice what you have learned AND experience it as both a coach and player.

You are practicing what you’ve learned in a supportive environment, this is such an energizing experience as you are able to master your craft before working with your clients /players.

This section contains important instructions that will help you and your fellow coaches get the most out of this valuable learning experience.

1) A brief outline of the dyad procedure

2) Tips on how to be a great client in a dyad experience

3) Tips for making the most of the experience as a coach

A brief outline of the dyad/breakout experience:

A) The course instructor will assign the dyad partners during the first session. Most times you will have the same dyad partner for the entire course, but adjustments may be made due to absence or additions to class.

B) The instructor will allocate a period of time for the dyad (typically 40-50 minutes) and will tell you how much time to spend on each coaching session.


C) The instructor will tell you when you are due to back on the main class bridge. You will hear a warning bell 1 minute before your dyad is dissolved and you’re brought back to the main conference room.

D) You will be automatically connected with your partner – just wait a moment and say ‘hello’ and start coaching! Keep in mind that your partner has just learned the same technique as you don’t worry about being perfect, perfection lies in practice, you will make mistakes and stumble occasionally remember you are on your way to becoming a masterful coach!

E) In your first class exchange phone #’s and email addresses. You can then connect with your team outside of class to practice technique.

F) The instructor/assistant instructor will be checking in on dyads, at times quietly if a session is successful, at times with suggestion or gentle guidance to help you master the technique.

G) In the dyad, each person will take a turn as coach and client. Select the roles for the

H) your coaching session and begin as soon as possible as time is limited and you want to practice what you have learned.


I) Although it seems as though you should spend time getting to know your partner, please beginning coaching immediately, you may connect outside of class to learn more about each other to build a stronger relationship.

J) Manage your time! Listen for the recorder prompts that remind you to switch partners as the tendency is to go longer than allotted time. All participants need equal time to practice as a coach.

K) Remember: we don’t expect you to do a complete coaching session in 20 minutes. We do ask that you to specifically practice the method that you observed in the coaching session.

L) After the first coaching session immediately change partners and begin coaching again. Although you may want to get feedback, and it is nice to hear, it is not the purpose of the session. You can make arrangements for feedback privately if you wish to connect for that communication…we just don’t have time in the sessions.


M) At the end of the dyad time period you will be automatically brought back to the main conference room.


2)  Tips on how to be a great player/client in a dyad experience.

A) REMEMBER –your coach is helping you play your game better or guiding you toward the manifestation of your desires.

B) Choose a big game/desire prior to the beginning of your class and consistently bring that to your coaching session.

C) Dyad coaching is not an intervention for problems. Please do not bring your problem of the day, week, month, year to your coaching session! It is intended for growth and movement forward.

D) Bring your game to each coaching session and ask your coach to help you play better. What do you want to become? If you are facing a challenge in your game or not getting the results you expect, that is an appropriate time to work on a “problem”. If you do not know what you want or what direction you are moving, than bring your desire to figure this out to your session.

E) Seriously… as a coach, you should always know what games you are playing and be in the process of learning to play better this.

F) Be REAL. Don’t make up a fake story. Be prepared to work on a game that really matters to you. Let your coach know what game you want to work on and then let the coach do their job!


3)  Tips for making the most of the experience as a coach.

A) Coach in every class! Dyad participation is what will make you a great coach. Please be present in each dyad and play big!

B) Make an effort to move past hello’s quickly and get to the coaching session.

C) FOCUS your intention on using the method being taught in the class. Remember, this is practice. Don’t just do what you always do / currently do.

D) Practice the method! This is a new method for everyone, we are not expecting you to have mastery, but we do want you to try the method even if you are outside of your comfort zone.

Playing big as a student and coach means you are often out of your comfort zone…this is an important aspect of growth.

E) Coach as if you had plenty of time. If you stick to following the method and/or practicing the skills discussed in class, you can complete a great session in 20-25 minutes.

F) When prompted to change partners wrap up quickly. We understand that you may be in a great session and really want to continue but partner change is important to allow both to practice the methods equally.

G) Be in contact with your partner outside of class, support each other in your mastery of coaching. Comment on your partner’s game card so you can come to next session with knowledge of your partners game!