Preparing For Class

You can prepare for class by following these instructions:

Log in through the members entrance, at the top of your screen you will see a tab My Classes, click on that tab. Once you are on the My Classes page find in your list the class in which you will be attending, click on that link, it will take you to your  Program Home Page for your class. Once there follow the instructions below.

Go to your program home page.

1.)    Get your Maestro personal pin code for class. This allows the instructor to know when you have entered the call and is great for in class participation. Your Personal PIN will not be shown in your calendar so please make note of it as it will remain your pin for the duration of class.

2.)    Click on your syllabus tab, you will find an outline of your class.  Download the playbook associated with your class. Read through it prior to your first session.

3.)    If there are forms listed, print a few copies of each as you will be working with them during your class.

4.)    Download and read your Dyad guide, learn how to be a great player and coach using our active learning method!

5.)    Click on the Game Card Tab and find yourself amongst the list of players.  The game cards will not be active until the first day of your class. But you can click on the Objectives Link and start to create your objectives for the game. Your objectives are what you will play for with your dyad partner/ coach during the class. Start to fill in your objectives and familiarize yourself with the Game Card area. Upload pictures that capture the essence of what you are playing for – be creative!

When filling in your objectives hit SAVE but DO NOT PRESS COMMIT. Saving them will post them to the game area and they are still editable. Once you press COMMIT you are not able to edit, so please wait until after the first class to commit to your objectives.

6.)    Now is a great time to be sure your profile – especially your photo and your BIG GAME – is complete on the CoachVille site, this allows your players in class to know more about you and your coaching practice.  You can access your profile quickly within the game card system by clicking on your name.