TEAM CoachVille is celebrating Kerri Balliet’s achievement of the CoachVIlle Associate Certified Coach credential.

Kerri has been a student of CoachVille since November of 2018. She is part our The Center for Coaching Master Complete ACTP Program and is coaching as a professional coach. She is playing for her graduation from The Center of Coaching Mastery and her CVPCC credential.

She is actively building a practice as the founder of The Red Baron Group.

“I want to help people live connected lives. I want to help them have the ability to love deeply and not to be afraid to leap into the unknown. I want to help companies cultivate their gardens and engage their employees to co-create experiences that will allow them to connect deeper with their customers, innovate new products, and launch new businesses of scale”, says Kerri.

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From Kerri:

I have been wanting to shift company cultures since transitioning out of my corporate job. My dream is to work with companies to create cultures of sustainability, longevity and innovation through inspirational leadership.

Coachville helped me understand how to be vulnerable and empathetic and love myself unconditionally. Now that I am connected depper to myself, I am able to truly serve my clients–sit beside them, hold their hand, guide them, support them and challenge them. None of this would be possible without the gentle guidance, support and learning I received from the staff at Coachville. I am truly grateful for them and the program.

Kerri B.–Former Vice President, Content Operations – Executive Business Coach