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CoachVille Membership is a community of profound belonging. Together we celebrate and co-create:

The JOY of transformation coaching

The PURPOSE of transformation coaching

The PRACTICE of transformation coaching

The BUSINESS of transformation coaching

AND the juicy personal transformation required to become a great coach and STAY a great coach.

This is what we are all about every day, all the time and have been since we started… way back in the year 2001!

When we started as one of the first online memberships on the internet, it was all about content. Now we have evolved to meet the true needs of the amazing humans in the coaching field:





And uplifting Content!


We are with Mighty!!

Our new membership site for 2022 is based on the Mighty Network Platform.

The Mighty Network is all about participation and co-creation… It is perfectly aligned with CoachVille… and Transformation Coaching.

Here we host frequent provocative conversations that will delight and inspire you.

We also host frequenct 5-day challenge programs and zoom events.

Engaging with your Coaching colleagues a little bit every day will keep your coaching spirits high and your coaching mind connected to the best and brightest, latest and greatest. Staying fresh is essential to thriving as a coach!

As 2022 unfolds, we will refresh some of our classic content and bring it over to the new site in bite-size chunks.

Stay Connected with the CoachVille App!

Move toward the light!

Transform your phone time from Doom Scrolling to Dream Scrolling!

Downloading the CoachVille APP will make it easy and natural to stay connected to the vibrant joy of the Transformation Coaching community. Join in polls and conversations. Be inspired by coaches just like you. We are all doing awesome things that create a ripple effect of good in the Human Family.

Skip the FOMO… Boost your MOJO! (I may be showing my age here! LOL)

The super easy instructions at the bottom of the page.

Play the Transformation Game

This is what we are ALL ABOUT here at CoachVille. For us awesome Humans, transformation is something we do together… not something you do alone.

This is a SUPER fun social game that we are hosting on our Social Site and APP.

Every month you choose a transformation to play for.


  • from: holding back
    TO: Expressing My Talents
  • from: staying safe
    TO: Being Visible
  • from: accepting less
    TO: Owning My Value

Then you share your transformation experiences as they unfold. 

Life Coaching Is Everywhere ebook

Transformation Coaching eBook experience

“Transformation Coaching” is an inspiring and provocative invitation to join the global Coaching Movement!

The eBook is a deep and detailed exploration of what Transformation Coaching is.

You can get the PDF by joining the CoachVille Membership; there you can also participate in conversations and explorations for each section.

Life Coaching Is Everywhere ebook

Growth Oriented Events & Programs

Within the CV Membership we host a variety of 5-Day Challenge events and other gatherings to uplift your coaching spirit.

Discover Your Dream 5-Day Challenge

Discovering your dream can be the catalyst to a renewed life of adventure!

In this 5-Day Challenge we will explore the 5 Superpowers of Human Nature like a treasure map that will lead us to your dreams.


Sharing and growing together

As a member of CoachVille you will be invited… and encouraged… to participate in brief explorations of topics that will keep you on the leading edge of the coaching field.

A few topics we are starting with:

  • The Transformation Game
  • Champions of Dreams (for player success stories)
  • Can Coaching Save Democracy?
  • Coaching Business Ecosystem
  • Coaching Lifestyle
Life Coaching Is Everywhere ebook

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Note if you are a pre-2022 CV member, I recommend using the same email as your current membership.

STEP 2: On your iphone or droid phone go to your apps download place and search for the CoachVille app

STEP 3: Use the same email and password to register your app account with the account you set up using your computer.

STEP 4: Join in the conversations that appeal to you!