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Confusion and apathy



Clarity… and Enthusiasm!

Life Coaching Is Everywhere ebook

“Transformation Coaching” is an inspiring and provocative invitation to join the global Coaching Movement!

The PDF is a deep and detailed exploration of what Transformation Coaching is.

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Here are the first few paragraphs of the welcome letter to give you an idea…

Yes! This is my philosophy… Transformation Coaching is EVERYWHERE! And it is awesome.

On behalf of our entire community, I want to welcome you to CoachVille; And if you are new to Transformation Coaching… I welcome you to the field AND the Global Coaching Movement!

Transformation Coaching is a wonderful profession. It is one of the most vibrant, rewarding and growth-oriented professions in the world.

While some professions make me wonder: “mmm, in the human family, why do we need so many people using their life energy to sell extended warranties?” Transformation coaching is embedded in the human psyche and within human nature.

If you find yourself drawn to this book or just to the idea of Transformation coaching itself, there is a reason: YOU were born to do this!

I have been a professional Coach for 25 years; I started at the age of 35. Before that, I started as a part time Transformation Coach at the age of 14 when I was asked to coach a soccer team of 9-year-olds. For real.

Transformation Coaching is everywhere because it is built into our awesome human nature superpowers.

Transformation Coaching can happen anytime a person endeavors to do something better AND personal growth is required.

Do something better + Become the next version of you.

That is the magical formula that evokes Transformation Coaching.

Just about anything we desire to do better will require some personal growth.

Areas of personal growth include confidence, clarity, consistency, resourcefulness, resilience, self-determination, self-trust, co-creativity, self-expression, self-love, self-worth, self-awareness, … and that’s just the obvious ones.

There are so many things happening in the world where Transformation Coaching is happening, at least at a basic level.

In the heart of EVERY coach… there is a Transformation Coach.

Said another way… All Coaching is Transformation Coaching.

Every athletic coach from youth to the pros is a part time Transformation Coach.

Every performing arts coach from youth to the pros is a part time Transformation Coach.

I think most managers, leaders, teachers, and many other professionals are part time Transformation Coaches as well… and they can dramatically improve what they are doing by developing a “ Coach Approach”.

Every type of coach from the personal coaching field – including business, executive, leadership, career, personal growth, creativity, sales, speaking, relationship, spirituality, health, and many more – is a Transformation Coach.

Every person with a recorded personal growth program and a “click funnel” or a “product launch” (and there are many thousands of us) … is a part time Coach!


Doing something better = Acquiring or developing new skills


Becoming the next version of YOU = some element of personal growth.

This is the sweet spot of Transformation Coaching.



We love to guide others on the adventure to something new for them.

We love to contribute what we have learned from life to others.

We love to be curious about and care for our fellow travelers on life’s adventures.

Guiding, contributing, caring, curious, co-creating… these are all essential elements of our Human Nature.




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