We were born vibrant co-creators

then we were put under control


Obsessed with maintaining the status quo of an “under control” routine life


Playing for our Dreams and unleashing our Human Nature Superpowers

Learn the Techniques of Transformation Coaching…
Become a Master Guide for the Human Journey!

Learn the transformation coaching techniques, models and superpowers that you can use every day to change lives for the better! Not by solving their problems… but by unleashing and uplifting their superpowers of Human Nature!

In just 12 class sessions you will become practiced in the fine art of Transformation Coaching for egalitarian co-creation and freedom in pursuit of our precious dreams!

Updated with the new ICF Core Competencies for 2022!

Coach Dave Buck Master Certified Coach

Create Coaching Cultures… Uplift the Human Family!

Playing with these Transformation Models, Techniques and Superpowers (AKA Skills) will accelerate you into Professional Coaching or Transformational Leadership. You will be positioned to lead and enjoy an Egalitarian Coaching Culture that you co-create with the people around you; rather than struggling to maintain Hierarchical Control. (UGH)

Together we will practice uplifting the Human Nature Superpowers of the people around us; with a specific focus on:

The Drive to BE Free and The Love to BEFriend.

Self-Trust and Self-Determination PLUS Co-Creation and CARE. (What an awesome combination!)

Transformation Coaching takes many forms including leadership, business, career and personal growth. These are the main categories and there are many of unique specialties where you can apply this knowledge.


The Spark of  Transformation

In the Transformation Coaching class you will learn how to view your life – especially when you aim to grow – as a Human Journey that you play; rather than the “life is a job of tasks” framework we learned in school and the workplace.

Transform Your Life as a Player

From: Control

To: Co-Create

The long version:

From: Managing your life, staying in control & completing tasks in isolation

To: Loving your life, co-creating your Heart’s Dream with people you enjoy

Transform Your Life as a Coach / Leader

From: Hierarchical ~ Trying to control or fix the problems of the Human Condition.

To: Egalitarian ~ Uplifting the awesome Human nature superpowers of each person.


Team Play for Transformation!

We provide you with amazing resources to share with your players so that they can become equal co-creators of the coaching experience WITH you. This enables you to provide a comprehensive program for your players from Day 1.

Player Resources

Player Playbook – Walks through the concepts and techniques used in each coaching session from the player perspective

Player Prep Audio – walks through the concepts used in each coaching session in an auditory way

Playsheets – A visually attractive way to take a few notes from each session and track progress through the program.

The CoachVille App! – We have a private group within the App for all of the players with a CoachVille Transformation Coach. All of the resources are there AND they can engage as part of a community of transformation and profound belonging!

Additional Coach Resources

Coach Playbook – Walks through concepts and techniques from the coaches perspective

Coaching Guides – Step by step, word-for-word, path to transformation coaching while you are learning

Coaching Session Audio – Recordings of a complete set of Transformation Coaching sessions that follow the same Coaching Guides that you will use.

The AWESOME Stuff!

What you will learn…


Three Transformation Models

  • Human Nature Superpowers
  • Social Play
  • Human Journey with a Coach

Six Transformation Techniques

and when/how to use them!

  • Dream Activation
  • Peak Experience
  • Role Play
  • Pivotal Moment
  • Co-Create Awareness
  • Intentional Co-Creation

Ten Coaching Superpowers

  • Purpose Sharing
  • Permission Space
  • Coaching Presence
  • Plan – Imagine possibilities
  • Play – Co-Create Moments
  • Grow – Evaluate Feedback
  • Curiosity Questions
  • Triplex Listening
  • Self-Trust Sharing
  • Go Deep for Awareness

Play Language

The Spirit of Play and Play language set coaching apart from every other approach to Human Achievement. When you focus your conversations on playing big for a dream and playing better you will never be confused with another type of professional. If your aim is to become a Professional Transformation Coach then this is essential for you. 


In the Zoom class you will experience a lively combination of large and small group conversations and 1-1 practice dyads. At CoachVille we learn by practicing together!! You will meet classmates from all around the world.

*This course qualifies for 24 live Coach Training ICF CCEUs; 12 2-hour sessions

** This course is the starting place for the Center for Coaching Mastery Certification Program

Next ZOOM classes

Wednesdays September 13  – December 6
Two Time slots: 2-4 PM ET OR 7-9 PM ET

3 payments of $444

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Let's go on a little journey of Transformation Coaching

So Fun!!!!

The Lightning Bolt Moment

From the Transformation Coaching “Player Playbook”…


The Lightning Bolt is a symbol of transformation.


The FLASH of electricity comes out of the sky to shake things up and cause a transformation.

In the mystic symbol of the lightning bolt, it is striking a tower and the people in the tower are tossed out. SET FREE! Out of their isolation and back out into the social world of other people and new possibilities… and new challenges.

Were they held captive by some form of outside control? Or did they put themselves under control to get away from the risks of the world? We don’t know. But either way, the control is gone and now they are free to play – and risk – and GROW – again.

Scenario 1:

In real life terms this is some kind of event. Often the end of a situation: a job, a relationship, a time in a place, or a state of health… and at the exact same time, the beginning of something… your NEXT Dream.

You may be in a lightning bolt moment in your life and now you are connected to a Transformation Coach. Good!

Scenario 2:

You are connected to a Transformation Coach and now you are going to co-create your own lightning bolt moment (Yes, we can do that). In real life terms this is some kind of choice. A choice to let go of some status quo in your life and LIVE YOUR NEXT DREAM NOW!


Whichever scenario you are in… it is good!

Sometimes we choose our next Dream.

Sometimes our next Dream chooses us!


The Transformation:

From: under control… staying safe

To: set free… into the social world


There is some part you YOU now that needs to be set free… back into the social world for expression, growth, risk and opportunity; so that you can live your next Dream, NOW!

Together we will discover what part of YOU (or parts) is being SET FREE… and ready of not.. the other people of the world are calling for you.

Here is a BIG point about Transformation Coaching: whatever problems you were focused on before the spark… are probably no longer relevant; most likely they are not worth your attention. We leave them behind with the crumbled tower. AND it is likely that the cause of those “problems” was trying to keep some part of your Self or something under control.

On adventure in the social world, we don’t focus on problems. We focus on the peak experiences and pivotal moments of the Dream we are playing.

The Lightning Bolt between the two faces talking represents the transformative power of coaching conversations.


FLASH… a new possibility

FLASH…  a new awareness

FLASH… a revealed desire

FLASH… a new ability

FLASH… a new becoming

FLASH… a new understanding

FLASH… the next DREAM


The Lightning Bolt – the Transformation Coach – is the messenger, the catalyst, the companion, the guide…the FLASH!

The only choice now is to play the new Dream.

Or stay under control.


Let’s Play

What are we releasing control of? ...

the good stuff.

The Human Nature Superpowers!

The BIG idea of Transformation Coaching is to guide your players to trust and express their Human Nature Superpowers.

This is pretty much the opposite of almost every other major belief system in civilization which are based on the premise that Human Nature is a problem that we need to get under control.

  • Get your beliefs under control = NO MORE
  • Get your thoughts under control = NO MORE
  • Get your behaviors under control = NO MORE
  • Get your desires under control = NO MORE
  • Get your playfulness under control = NO MORE


Then the self-help gurus of the last 40 years tried to help “FIX” the problems caused by control with more control:

  • Get your limiting beliefs under control = NO MORE
  • Get your negative thoughts under control = NO MORE
  • Get your saboteur under control = NO MORE
  • Get your EGO under control = NO MORE
  • Get your fears under control = NO MORE
  • Get your emotions under control = NO MORE
  • ETC.

Our philosophy is based on years of coaching amazing humans!

We can’t fix the problems in our Human Family
that were caused by control
with more control.

We need to do the opposite!

We need to restore trust and expression of our AWESOME Human Nature!

Unleash the Human Nature Superpowers of Your Players

All of us are born with Human Nature Superpowers and a dream in our hearts to use them for good in the world.

However, as our Human Cultures have become more hierarchical and authoritarian, often our Human Nature Superpowers are driven underground because they are not embraced. Note: this has been going on for a long time!! Every Hero’s Journey story includes a plot line of the adventurer reclaiming their lost powers. And every Hero on a journey has a Guide.

The modern day Hero’s Journey Guide is… The Transformation Coach!

As a CoachVille Transformation Coach you will learn how to guide your players in pursuit of their BIG Dreams in the Social World AND discover, unleash and PRACTICE their Human Nature along the way.

The Transformation Coaching class will get you started on your remarkable life as a Human Journey Guide.

AND… the time is NOW for the Human Family to rise up together, to uplift and uplevel, and co-create a culture of Egalitarian Freedom. This is what Transformation Coaching is all about. Every person you coach creates a ripple effect of freedom into families, communities, companies and one day… countries.

Next… The journey is out of controlled safety into the social world of co-creation.

Let’s explore the model for Social Play…

Social Play Model

Also from the Transformation Coaching “Player Playbook”

Four Moments of Social Play

A BIG difference between playing with a coach and working in isolation is well… a focus on play… specifically Social Play, and practice.

We have a little model to help you shift your mindset from worker to player: Relate, Create, Explore, Experiment. (it has a ring to it!)

Your coach will encourage you to add activities in these four areas into your plan each week; this will guide you toward the experiences you desire, the impact you desire and personal transformation AT THE SAME TIME!.

Here is an important insight to consider: Anything that you cannot control but you can influence is an opportunity to play and play better with a coach!

So, I want you to wonder… to dream… of what you would do if you were able to increase your positive connection in the social world around you.

These are the four types of activities: Moments of Social Play.

  • A play-able moment is a coach-able moment that you can improve through practice.
  • Social play means that it involves co-creating the experience with one or more other people rather than completing a task in isolation as was the norm in the Industrial Culture of Control.

And here is another BIG point: As you unleash your Human Nature Superpowers, you naturally get better and better at Social Play.

The BIG Picture…

Playing life with a Transformation Coach means you will practice pivotal moments of social play that lead to influence, inspiration, visibility and change!

You will experience this fully throughout this coaching engagement and you just might be inspired to take a “coach and play” approach to many of your future pursuits in life! I HOPE SO!!!

Now you might be thinking: “Yes, the social play actions and results are exactly what I want! The Power of Playfulness sounds amazing.

“But when I think about it:

  • Asking for what I want or need is pretty hard for me.
  • Sharing what I create can be a real struggle.
  • I know I need to “get out there” and be more visible, but it’s not easy.
  • Trying new things often feels too risky so I stick with what I always do.”


Somehow, we have all become fearful of our playfulness and social play actions in the Industrial Control Culture.

This is a BIG reason why Transformation Coaching was invented!!

Next… The Human Journey with a Coach Model…

Human Journey with a Coach Model

Human Journey with a Transformation Coach

We will explore this model in great detail in the class. But for now I just want to call your attention to a few elements.

1) Treasure Map Mindset

In the Industrial Control Culture we were told that there is a step-by-step roadmap to everything in life. This is not true. There is no Roadmap to our Dreams! 

But… there is a Treasure Map… with mysterious clues, provocative puzzles and curious challenges.

You will learn how to read these maps.

A little bit in this class…

and EXPERT LEVEL in the Inner Freedom Class.

2) The Path is NOT a straight line

We all start every adventure in the status quo of the Preservation Zone! (The Tower!)

Then after the FLASH we are called out to the social world were we experience the FEAR/Growth Zone… and the Superpower Zone. We discover our Human Nature Superpowers and eventually co-create the peak experiences of our BIG DREAM!

After a short while, we are back in the “status quo” again. Time for the NEXT Dream.

3) The “Pull”

The PULL is a BIG Deal in Transformation Coaching. Here we recognize and EMBRACE that there are Superpowers within our Human Nature that sometimes pull us in different directions!

This is OK… It actually makes life more interesting.

A few examples…

A) Our DRIVE to BE FREE sometimes pulls in a different direction than our LOVE to BEfriend.

B) Our Self-Confidence often pulls in a different direction than our Self-Preservation.

C) Our Urge to Become the next version of ourselves often pulls in a different direction than our Need to Belong and the Social Safety Instinct.

In Transformation Coaching… we EMBRACE the Pull within our Human Nature. This dramatically shifts how we perceive ourselves and others. AND… its the way we develop wisdom that we can pass on to others.

Next… let’s look at a few Transformation Techniques…


Transformation Coaching Model

Again… from the Player Playbook…

Transformation Coaching Model

Here are a few things to notice.

The basic flow of a Transformation Coaching session is:

Plan – Practice – Grow.

The basic flow for playing in the world for a transformational life:

Plan – PLAY – Grow (And Celebrate!)

The difference is in the coaching session we do a unique form of play called practice. This is when you play in a safe space with the intention of getting better at something.

What we are practicing together and playing in the world is Social Play.

The RACECAR part is an acronym:

R= Result (eg. The Influence of Relate for Influence)

A=Action (eg. The Relate of Relate for Influence)

C=Challenge (eg. Anything that makes the intended result NOT happen)

E=Evaluate (eg. Looking back on the experience for growth opportunities)

The other important element to this model is the circle with the yin/yang symbol and observation ~ co-creation. Your coach is observing you, sharing what they see and then using that knowledge to co-create practice experiences with you.

Meanwhile, you are observing your coach and using what you learn to become a more capable co-creator of practice experiences.

This is the truly remarkable path of transformation that is designed into our Human Nature! When we all use our Human Nature for good… for each other… very good things happen! AWWW YEAH!

Next… an example of a Technique ONEsheet… 

Pivotal Moment Technique

The Pivotal Moment Technique

This is one of our transformation coach students favorite Transformation Techniques!

This is how we guide our players to transform:

From: Control

To: Co-Create

The reality is that we have all been fully indoctrinated into the Industrial Culture of Control. So we believe that we SHOULD be able to control everything. This, of course, is nonsense; there is very little in life that we can control. So, most of us are frustrated a lot of the time. (or worse feeling inadequate, apathetic, anxious or even depressed)

With this technique we can guide the transformation from feeling frustrated by an experience in life, to feeling energized to c0-create with life and other people.

In the technique we use imagination, guided visualization, body experiencing, giving voice to non-conscious beliefs and fears and dream power language. Whoa!!!!


This is just one example of a technique. You will practice 5 others! 

Next… let’s have a quick look at a Coaching Session Playsheet.

These are used by both the coach and the player to take notes during the session.

For the Coach they also serve as an outline or flow for the session. After you practice with the Coaching Guide for each session a few times, you will be able to guide the session just by having the notes page in front of you.

Transformation Coaching Notes Playsheet

From the Player Playbook:

A few notes to prepare for Session #4 with your coach…

1) WARM UP and Dream Sharing

Just like we did in the last session. Every time you speak your dream out loud with your coach it gains energy.


Your coach will ask you to share a celebration from playing for your Dream. Sharing celebrations builds trust… vital to Transformation Coach.

3) GROW (From Play)

Insights – something new that you experienced. Something you noticed about your Self, your Dream or a situation.

Actions and Results – Social Play

Challenges – What got in the way of the action or the result? What is the growth opportunity?

The key is to be playful in how you talk about these experiences. Embrace the power of co-creative conversation to expand your possibilities!

4) Practice PLAN

You will practice a Social Play situation where you are experiencing resistance using the Pivotal Moment Technique.


The Pivotal Moment

If you have clarity on the moment you want to explore, just tell your coach what it is. OR you and your coach can choose a moment based on the insights and challenges from the week before.

When you get into the Pivotal Moment technique your coach will ask you to close your eyes. It is much easier to access your imagination this way. When you open your eyes, fill in the key words on the sheet for thoughts, body sensations and “It’s not safe for me to”. This is also known as the “Body Belief”.

Human Nature Superpower Potential

Sometimes when exploring a moment of resistance, it will reveal a superpower or playfulness. You will get a picture of what you were expressing – or trying to express – when some trouble happened. Whatever you were doing will probably reveal one of your Human Nature Superpowers. If it doesn’t pop up when you are exploring the moment with your coach, it might pop up later.

Heart’s Desire

This is where you put your heart’s desire into a power phrase to guide your imagination.


This is becoming the next version of you… and the next version and the next version. It is developing new abilities or stepping into new beliefs. Every BIG Dream we pursue in life sparks growth within us… this is why we all have BIG dreams throughout our lives.

  • What did you learn about yourself?
  • What did you learn about your Dream?


You and your coach will hone in on a two things at the end of each session.

A) Set your intention for Transformation for the week. A way you intend to expand or express something new or become the next version of YOU

FROM: A (a word or phrase)

TO: B (a word or phrase)

Look at what you explored in the session. Think about your situation. Add in what you plan to do. And sum it up in a phrase from A to B.

B) Share a few social actions that will include or engage others as you play for your Dream this week.

Challenges… start seeking; Pivotal Moments… keep noticing;!

Remember… people who aim to play BIG… they go beyond embracing challenges… they LOOK for them.

Remember to LOOK for your pivotal moments: moments when you avoid or delay a social action or notice that you are avoiding a social risk. It will open up growth opportunities that you can explore with your coach to find more clues on the treasure map.

Have an awesome session with your Coach!


Coach, with a little practice you will be able to co-create amazing coaching sessions with your players with just these notes sheets in front of you. And your player will have the sheet in front of them. And you BOTH will have a clear record of each session to look back on. When your players SEE their progress… they want more coaching. YES!!!

Fun… co-creative… transformation… AND organized!!! at the same time!

Next… let’s talk about the Coaching Superpowers:

 (This is the last model for this page… I promise)

Coaching Superpowers Model

The Superpowers of Coaching

Super Powers are your foundation for the transformation coaching relationship

We have been honing and refining how to practice and use these superpowers for almost 20 years now. Recently we have tweaked them a bit to stay in alignment with the new ICF Core Competency Model. (which is really quite good)

We will cover each of the 10 Coaching Superpowers (and Core Competencies) one at a time, in a way that makes them easy to use and remember; and we will demonstrate how each Superpower is needed to use the Transformation Coaching Techniques.

To become a master crafts-person you must know and practice these skills – over and over again. Using our active learning method, you will learn each skill through observation and practice.

Here is a fun little table with the 10 Coaching Superpowers and the corresponding ICF Core Competency

Core Competency #1 Demonstrate Ethical Practice : We cover this in the Mentor Coaching program.

Core Competency #2 Embodies Coaching Mindset : It is not used for certification, but we will explore it.

The 10 Coaching Superpowers The 8 Core Competencies
1) Purpose Sharing #3)    Establishes and maintains agreements
2) Permission Space #4)    Cultivates Trust and Safety
3) Presence Coaching #5)    Maintains Presence
4) Plan – Imagine Possibilities Part of #8) Facilitates Client Growth
5) Play – Co-Create Moments Part of #8) Facilitates Client Growth
6) Grow – Evaluate Feedback Part of #8) Facilitates Client Growth
7) Curiosity Questions Part of #7) Evokes Awareness
8) Triplex Listening #6)    Listens Actively
9) Self-trust Sharing Part of #7) Evokes Awareness
10) Go Deep Awareness Part of #7) Evokes Awareness


Coaching Is...

    1. A profound personal relationship
    2. Where the coach guides the self-determined player
    3. In pursuit of playing better for their Dreams
    4. To become the next version of themselves
    5. Through proactive co-creation
    6. And guided practice

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From the Game Card

Sharing Experiences Amplifies Community Growth

An essential part of every CV class is the Gamecard where students share about learning concepts, playing for their own dream AND they share about their coaching experiences.

The Gamecard amplifies learning and facilitates a robust experience of belonging.

I pulled out some shares of students talking about their experiences in coaching and playing.

You will recruit at least 3 players from your world to coach every week while you are in class. (just like they did)
YES, you can do it AND we will provide some guidance.

CoachVille is a “learn by doing” school! (also quite rebellious since many schools don’t require you to coach anyone while you are in class which actually makes no sense to us)

Coach Don Eash shares his experiences

Thanks Coach…

My players are all in the tech field, so I got a thank you text!  One of my players is having an issue with letting go and procrastination which we’ve been playing with.  He made a bold move and got rid of several old grills that were cluttering up his yard after our last call and his text said “Thank you for helping me see what was really going on with the grills!  They’re gone and my wife is a happy camper!”.  Can’t beat that 🙂

Playing with FEAR on the Hero’s Journey…

VICTORY!  I had a pile of resistance as I was working with my now ex-accounting firm, but I played through it and got the outcome I desired (and deserved).  They certainly put up a LOT of roadblocks and my fears around asking for what I need or want (much less pushing back hard) were put to the test.  Playing with this fear has been extremely eye opening!

Player’s getting into action…

Got an awesome note from one of my Players this morning!  She thanked me for helping her get to a place where she could take action on a plan she had been putting off for 18 months.  She’s going BIG!

Coach Sandi Silva shares her experiences

Shared success with her dyad partner

My Partner in my class just had a very big win. She went to a coaching seminar and her partner in the audience asked her what she did.  She told him she was a life coach and he asked her to coach him.  She had been practicing her ask in role play and this was a big win for her !!

I believe that during our role plays I helped my player find her voice to be less nervous and more prepared to ask and get the yes answer she deserves.

Learning from experience…

My experience of purpose, presence and permission lead to profound belonging … because if you can find out what the other persons purpose is, be present for them, fully present and use permission to engage with them to ask questions and help make suggestions you should be able to connect on a profound level.

Coach Kianna Wilson shares her experiences

The power of play!

I’ve been purposefully playing my game this week and instead of simply stating my desired results, I challenged myself to take specific action and explore the resistance. I am happy to report that a potential client has surfaced as a result. What I learned from this experience is that I need to get out my head and play more!

Thanks Coach…

My player sent me a thank you for assisting her with identifying the aspects of her career that brought the most joy and satisfaction. I challenged the player to keep a log of her workplace experiences and the energy surrounding them. She shared that this activity was insightful and she was positive about the actions needed to move forward. She commended me on giving her the space to explore.

Becoming a co-creator

I learned that I create a sense of profound belonging for my players by being vulnerable. As a result, my player shared that she always look forward to the observations I share because she knows I truly want the best for her and she feels like we are a team. This was great feedback for me to receive.

Coach Deborah Benoliel shares her experiences

Thanks Coach!

This morning I received the first real “Thank you Coach” from my player. After the amazing session with role play was over, she took a long three minutes to explain me why she was so grateful for our sessions and collaborative work.

She gave me a big thank you which felt truly meaningful.

It was so awesome for me to hear!

Insights from class…

The distinction between meaningful actions and tasks wasn’t necessarily obvious to me at first glance and the reference of us coming out of the industrial age and entering the connected age really helped me figure it out.

It’s a powerful thing to understand that in order to really make a difference, an impact on others and open up to new opportunities, you need to attach meaning to your actions. Setting an intention, having the big picture in mind of what your big dream is, is what makes the difference.

Listening to the Player Maile Sessions…

There’s two parts I truly enjoyed: 1. When player Maile showcased great awareness on the fact that she had focused her game only on one of the Why’s and lacked a global vision of her Big Dream in its entirety.

She had mastered one portion of her Big Why: her vision for her brand and her tribe but totally overlooked the other portion of her Big Why: the finances.

Great lesson to learn: in your journey towards your Big Dream, having a global vision of the different Why’s is crutial.

2. Also loved the proposal Coach Dave made to offer support to his player: The new learning plan adapted to her “artist mind”.

Another lesson here: Understand your player and when appropriate, make suggestions to offer alternatives.

Coach Jon McCallum shares his experiences

Thanks coach…

My player JH messaged me, saying “Thanks so much for your help! You have been such a wonderful blessing to me!” 

He then went on to say that he wanted to stop the sessions for now. Hah! But I responded, reminding him of his commitment. And then we worked out how to continue by coaching via phone and scheduling shorter sessions if needed.

(Just because it appears that something must end, don’t assume that it does. Challenge it a bit and see what happens. Such a great opportunity to practice being brave and yet caring at the same time. And it worked!)

Insights from the class…

  • I am more aware of and inspired to create Profound Belonging with others.
  • I love how asking Permission honors the player and also yourself by allowing you to give voice to inklings etc without shoving them onto the player.
  • I am reminded of the power of Judgment Free Awareness, to observe the player with care and wonder without the static noise of shoulds and coulds.
  • I am reminded of the significance of Play, how it opens possibility and flips challenges from being dreadful to super fun and full of living.