What we do in the world

CoachVille provides Coach Education, Business Development and a Membership site and App for coaches and coach approach entrepreneurs and leaders.


Our big dream is to uplift the Human Culture

Out of Authoritarian Control

Into Egalitarian Co-creation

One coach at a time, one player at a time, one community at a time.


Our Unique Approach

While many coach educators talk about coaching in terms of solving problems and achieving goals by asking questions and holding accountability, we take our cues from the deep roots of coaching in performance arts and athletics:

Coaching is a safe space for playful co-creation and guided practice.

In the Coach Education space, our program is called “The Center for Coaching Mastery” and we hold the prestigious status as an ICF (International Coaching Federation) Level 2 Organization. That might sound mundane, but it’s actually a great accomplishment!


We have been a virtual organization since our founding in 2000. Our programs are available to English speakers all around the world.

In recent years, through the amazing efforts of a few of our graduates, our programs and ICF Certification are also available in additional languages:

  • Czech
  • Vietnamese
  • Romanian


CoachVille Values in Action

Style: We do not do bland or corporate. We do fun, quirky, innovative, and edgy.

Effectiveness:  We care about results! Our coaching and business programs get results for our members with their players.

Freshness: We are big on experimentation and evolution. No recycling here.

Belonging: We help members connect, co-create and contribute to each other.


Our History in Brief

CoachVille was founded in 2000 by Thomas Leonard with “right hand man” Dave Buck.

Thomas Leonard is known as a founder of the professional life coaching movement.

In the 1990’s he started one of the first Coaching schools called CoachU, and founded the International Coach Federation (ICF).

When Thomas died suddenly in 2003, he passed CoachVille on to the co-founder Dave Buck who has run the organization ever since.

Dave Buck holds the Master Certified Coach ICF Credential, has an MBA and was a founding member of the esteemed Transformational Leadership Council with Jack Canfield and other luminaries in the Personal Transformation space.