Transformation is something we play for


Struggling alone



Transforming together

Enjoy a video

Introducing the
Transformation Game

We will play together for Transformation on our Social Site – OR on the CoachVille APP.

Transformation is…

from: something NOW (that served it’s purpose)…

TO: something NEXT (that you desire to BECOME)


from: caterpillar…
TO: Butterfly

It can be:

  • a quality you want to BECOME
  • an activity you want to DO in a new way
  • a new perspective to explore



  • from: holding back
    TO: Expressing My Talents
  • from: staying safe
    TO: Being Visible
  • from: accepting less
    TO: Owning My Value


How to Play
Part 1

1.Choose a transformation

2.Make a visual display

3.Share on Or 
the CoachVille APP
Tag with Transformation Game

4.BONUS: share a photo or a short video

My September 2022 Transformation Game Post is here


How to Play
Part 2

1.Play for your Dream in the Social World (we play to become)

2.If you DO something…
If you LIVE something…

3.Share on
(or the CoachVille APP)
Tag with Transformation Game

4.BONUS: share a photo or a short video



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