We Rise Together!


Coach Education and coaching are for the economic elite.



Coach education and coaching are for EVERYONE!

for the WIN!

BIG Idea

We believe that Transformation Coaching can uplift the Human family! BUT… only if great Coach Education is available to people in a wide range of economic status. If only the economically elite are becoming coaches, and only the economically elite have access to a transformational coach, that will NOT uplift the Human Family.

Our “household income-based” scholarship model and payment plan options make our world-class program radically accessible. Teamplay for the win!

Honesty, fairness
generous spirit

How we calculate income

The basics

  1. Annual Household Income as reported on your tax return.
  2. If you have had a major change in income in the past 3 years, then we use the average over that 3-year period.

Be fair… we are not “The Man”

The idea is to be fair about the income you use to calculate your scholarship.

We know in the Industrial Culture there is a mentality that we have been screwed over enough times so that whenever possible we “game the system” to try to pay the least possible for something we want. Please don’t do that here.

If your spouse has a paying job put that income in your calculation.

If your income is $0 because you recently resigned from a job or retired, then use the 3-year average.

If you are an entrepreneur who can report $0 income on your tax returns somehow even though you are swimming in cash flow, use a # that is closer to your real income.

The magical

The full price for our complete program is $15,000. Right in line with the best independent Coach Education programs in the world. (Most University based programs are significantly more $$)

 Scholarship Adjusted Monthly
Household Income  Amount Price pay plan *12
$200,000/yr+ $10,000 $960
$100K – $199,999/yr  $1,500 $8,500 $ 740
$75K – $99,999/yr  $3,500 $6,500 $ 585
Less than $74,999/yr  $5500 $4,500 $ 410

A little bit
of structure

Agreements and Expectations

1) Once you register and make your first payment, you are in the program!

2) We do NOT offer refunds for any reason.

3) After the first 12 weeks of classes – and 3 monthly payments – if YOU HAVE PARTICIPATED FULLY, and you feel the program is not for you,  you can drop out and we will suspend your payments.

4) After the 12-week period, we expect for you to complete the remaining monthly payments on schedule. You can take as long as you like to complete the program.

5) Be awesome in the world!


We recommend the Enrollment Journey Page.

Being a CoachVille Transformation Coach…

You will become a wise soul with deep understanding and awareness of Human Nature.

You will become a “go to guide’ and leader because you foster personal growth, peak experiences and desired results.

You will become a happier and more playful person. For real.


Center for Coaching Mastery Program

In the Center for Coaching Mastery Program the curriculum is organized with classes that focus on each of the essential superpowers of human nature; so you will gain in depth knowledge.

You will become a master at seeing and bringing out the greatness and unique power within each and every individual.


Link to Center for Coaching Mastery Philosophy

Link to Center for Coaching Mastery Program