Coach Highlight with CV Alumni Estelle Gibson 2020-02-04

TEAM CoachVille is excited to share this inspiring TEDx Dayton talk on Financial Dependency by Coach Estelle Gibson, CPA, CVPCC.

Estelle is a graduate of the Center for Coaching Mastery and holds her ICF Associate Certified Coach Credential. She is a longstanding, active member of the CoachVille Alumni Community. 

She is actively building a practice as the founder of Journey to Freedom.

I am grateful to Coachville for helping me step outside of my comfort zone. As a result I learned to take risks, play with fear and ask for and get support! Everyone goes on a personal journey when they enter the TEDx process, whether it’s getting over their fear of speaking or overcoming some part of their personal story.

Luckily for me, I was enrolled in the Inner Freedom Program while going through the most difficult part of my TEDx journey.  Being in the program helped me to transcend my fear of visibility and the shame and guilt I had about telling my story. I now have the confidence and freedom to move forward powerfully to achieve my dream.  

In addition, many of the friends and practice partners that supported me through this process, I met at Coachville! What an awesome community!

Coach Estelle Gibson

Estelle Gibson

Estelle Gibson

Motto: You can create lasting financial freedom!
Location: Dayton, Ohio

I’m committed to women, couples and business owners going from Financial Dependency and Overwhelm to Financial Freedom.  I help my clients rebuild their lives financially and emotionally through speaking, writing and coaching.

To learn more about Estelle, visit her website Journey to Freedom

Coach Estelle Gibson shares about her TEDx talk…

Financial Dependency is when someone is dependent on a person, job or situation for money and they feel trapped.  People fall into two categories – dependent with choice and dependent without a choice.  
Someone is dependent with choice when they hand over their financial power and their participation. Someone that’s dependent without a choice feels trapped because of their financial situation.  
In financial abuse situations victims are trapped in a relationship and the other person has power over them because they don’t have access to money, information or the resources and support they need to leave. ”  
You’ll want to tune in to hear Coach Estelle’s personal story of dependency, and the three problems that need to be solved, so that we can all have Financial Freedom.