Coach Story with Deborah Benoliel 2020-02-03

Coach Deborah Benoliel shared a personal success story in our CoachVille Inner Freedom Method class about embracing her fear to play BIG in the world.

She shared about the intention and the experience on her game card with Coach David Sherrod joining in…

This week, I have two play moves;

1. Attend the CV book club and make sure I participate actively.

2. Present tomorrow in my daughter’s class for career day: fear of public speaking and articulate clearly my vision of what life coaching is about…while keeping the spirit of play!

Deborah Benoliel

Love the play plan!  And addressing your fear in front of family and other little humans – what a way to model!
David Sherrod

It was such an amazing experience. The little humans had such a great understanding of what life coaching is about! I introduce a mindfullness game at the end and you should have heard the thoughts and feedback from each team, so powerful!

Hearing my daughter telling me at the end how great of a presentation she thought I gave was truly priceless.

If I had a fear-o-meter next to me, you would have seen the needle go down quite a bit 🙂

Deborah Benoliel

Deborah Benoliel

Deborah Benoliel

Motto: Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.
Location: Miami Beach, Florida

Coach Deborah. I am a diplomatic wife, a sometimes-too-busy mother, and a caring friend. I am a dreamer, I am a truth seeker, I am passionate & optimistic. Organic lifestyle lover, fashion appreciator, who is living her dreams: help women create a vibrant, fulfilling life — one that you’re actually excited to get out of bed in the morning for!

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A Conversation with Deborah

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