“In this deep-dive, we will explore the idea of a perfect life. What does it look like for you? Let’s co-create perfect lives for 2022 and coach others to do the same. Don’t we all need a little more perfect?”

What does a perfect life look life for you? Have you imagined it? Can you see it? Feel it? Is it part of who you are becoming?

Or does the word perfect cause some resistance? Do you believe a perfect life is possible?

Thomas thought a perfect life was possible, and the benefits were life-changing.

Let’s explore a perfect life and make some plans for 2022 to be a perfect life journey.

What do you need to complete, resolve, speak out loud to start 2022 with a fresh, clean slate paving the way for a Perfect Life? And what meaningful actions can you take, now, to set the stage for a remarkable and perfect 2022?

Thomas Leonard said,”A Perfect Life, if not now, when?”

Integrity Day is a long-standing tradition at CoachVille based on our World Power Methodology of creating an environment to support your success and the Play Life philosophy of; together we play better. 

For a day, we come together with the intention of taking action in support of our dreams. We move forward with bold recurring actions and also complete projects or to-dos. We take action supported by our co-creative space.

We spend time brainstorming and supporting each other along the way.

There are designated call-in times, we call in for a short call and an optional breakout coaching session- and we each set an intention for the hour ahead, connect and give each other energy and inspiration, and then off we go to take some action! 

You will be amazed at how much you can accomplish in an environment of support! 

In this special year ending Integrity Day, we spend time together looking back out our year and recognizing what worked and what didn’t and how we can learn from each experience. 

We also think about who we want to become in 2022, how will you live your dream, what are your recurring actions?

How will 2022 be remarkable? Set clear intentions now, so your year comes from within rather than external circumstances driving your year.

The day starts with our traditional Deep Dive call at 12:00 am eastern, followed by Integrity Day.



Thomas Leonards’ Benefits of a Perfect Life

1. You feel terrific almost all of the time. Without being artificially high.

2.  You have virtually no problems or conflicts. They just seem to disappear.

 3Your sources of energy are very, very clean, and thus sustainable. And you need far less energy in order to flourish.

4.  You have ample outlets and opportunities for your creativity to flourish. This, because you’re engaged in life as it unfolds today, not as it unfolded yesterday.

 5. You attract the best people to you, naturally. Everyone else will naturally leave you alone.

 6. You more easily respond to change. Because you can afford to be flexible.

 7. Your life comes easier because it’s fully integrated. Work is play. People are love. Ideas are money.

 8. You operate at a higher planeThus avoiding the common turbulence of life.

 9. You lose the urge to strive. Striving is expensive.

 10. People love you. You love them. There is nothing in the way of the natural exchange of love.

 11. Each day feels like a fresh canvas. Life becomes an experiment that you totally enjoy.

 12. Blocks and limitations disappearYou no longer need them to protect you.

Perfect Life Complimentary PlaySheets

Once you register, you will be sent an email with links to playsheets to energize your mind and get your juices flowing. For those who attend any of the event you will get a follow up email with more resources AND a few audios of Thomas Leonard talking about A Perfect Life.

The Details 

We will host a traditional Deep Dive call from 12:00 – 1:30 on Friday, December 10th

Integrity Day will follow with no additional registration needed. We will flow right into our Perfect Life Themed Integrity Day.

Our Deep Dive – Integrity Day Schedule is as follows:

12:00 – 1:30 Eastern – Integrity Deep Dive – Fulfilling Lifestyle

1:30 Eastern – Integrity Day Exploration Begins!

Set the Intention – build your energy and figure out what actions you want to take for your day. And start thinking about what you are moving towards in 2022.

2:00 Eastern -Our first journey out to take action begins

Theme: who will you become in 2022 to create a Perfect Life? – Optional fear exploration breakout for those who want team support.

3:00 Eastern Check-in

Shares, celebrations, and challenges – Optional brainstorming breakout for those who want team support.

4:00 Eastern Check-in

Shares, celebrations, and challenges – optional brainstorming breakout

5:00 – ? Eastern Wrap up & Celebrate!


About Deep Dives

One Friday per month our community joins together for a Deep Dive into a thought, idea, method step or concept from our Center for Coaching Mastery ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ICF- ACTP).

You are welcome to join us and its easy to participate, click the registration link below. When Friday arrives, you dial into the phone number you received when registering, you enter your PIN and you are on the teleconferencing call.

It is a participatory experience, so be ready to share your thoughts and insights. All voices are a valuable contribution regardless of background. We look forward to hearing your voice.

You can join from anywhere in the world. If you are calling in from out of the country, please visit Maestro Conferencing for your options for joining us without long-distance fees.

Each call is a stand-alone exploration into a provocative conversation. We dive deep, come from curiosity, and discuss the idea from many angles.

You do NOT have to be a coach to join us; you only have to come ready to converse about life-changing paradigms and mindset shifts.

Register here!

You can join us for the Deep Dive: Fulfilling Lifestyle and/or Integrity Day by registering for personal call-in information below.


The call is complimentary and you can stay as little or as long as you would like, it’s a very adaptable environment.


If you would like more information, call 886-548-6516 and ask for Deanna Stull, PCC – The CXO of CoachVille

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