The Coaching Guides give you a fast start…on your way to transformational


Struggling as a beginner; hesitant to coach anyone



Confident from Day 1; with players loving it!

Why we use
Coaching Guides

How to get pretty good REALLY fast = the Coaching Guides

The reality of growth is that when you do something the first few times it doesn’t go so well.

And the LAST thing you want to do is be lost as a coach in your first sessions… NOT FUN!!!

At CoachVille we have the solution!!!

Coaching Guides!

The music

Learning to coach is like learning to play music

When you learn an instrument, your desire is to make music; you have heard other people play and it sounded so beautiful. But when you play, it doesn’t sound like that!  This is why there is music for new players that allows them to learn all of the “moving parts” a few steps at time. And with a little practice they experience music that is fun to create and pleasing to listen to.

Following this metaphor, the Coaching Guides are like the “music for new coaches”. At the same time, they are fun for experienced coaches who want to learn a new style of coaching.

Let’s explore this metaphor a little closer. We will use learning to play the piano as a quick and relatable example.

On a personal note: my mom was a piano and voice coach and her music studio was right below my bedroom in our home. So I heard this process happening every weekday for over 10 years!! It works… and it is truly amazing how people can transform through coaching.

To learn how to perform music on the piano there are a few distinct steps. But we generally learn them simultaneously.


Learn to play piano

Learn to coach

1) Learn how to read the notes on the paper

1) Learn the coaching skills / superpowers

2) Learn how to make sounds on the instrument

2) Learn coaching techniques

3) Learn to practice and play a song

3) Learn how to follow a Coaching Guide to create a complete coaching session; practice with a partner.

4) Learn how to perform a song

4) Learn to co-create coaching sessions with a player

5) Learn how to read chords etc.

5) Learn the coaching methods

6) Learn Music Theory and Improvisation


You don’t need this at first because it is baked into the music. However, if you want to become a capable co-creator, you need to study and embody this knowledge.

6) Learn the ways of Human Nature and Energy Alignment


You don’t need this at first because it is baked into the Methods. However, to go deeper into coaching big players with BIG Dreams, you need to study and embody this knowledge.

The Coaching Guides are like the music.

They contain the techniques written out step by step and set up places to use each of the coaching skills.

Each Method is a sequence of Coaching Guides so that both the coach and the player have the structure needed grow together and accomplish something tangible.

The total

Additional resources to accelerate the learning process.

There are prep audio’s – for both the player and the coach – that explain the key concepts needed for each Guide.

There is a recording of a coaching session for each guide that you can listen to a few times to get a feel for how it sounds.

There are playsheets for taking notes– for both the player and the coach – that create a visual map of the coaching guide.

AND your players will have the playsheets as well so THEY know the flow of the session. 

This creates Team Play for Transformation!

As you follow the Coaching Guides you will quickly go from good to transformational and your players will LOVE it.


What most coach education programs do is steps 1 and 3; they skip steps 1b, 3 and 4 and 5.

This would be like teaching you how to read a sheet of sequential notes and play them on the piano (like the scales if you are familiar with music)
… then they say: “OK, go and make music for people!”

You would say: “WAIT! I don’t know any songs, how can I make music?”

The stages
of progress

The stages of learning coaching (from a music perspective)

1) First you read the guide out loud several times so that you are comfortable with all of the questions, statements and general flow.

The first few sessions you literally read the guide in front of you while you are coaching; like the way musicians practice together while reading the music.

2) Then you develop the ability to follow the guide without reading it; You know the music. This allows you to put all of your attention on observing and co-creating with your player.

3) Then over time you will do more improvising within the Coaching Guide….using your own intuition to go deeper with your player in some areas

4) Then you will start interpreting the Coaching Guide in new ways; changing the words to some of the questions and statements and weaving in new concepts that you develop.

5) Then… eventually you will write your own music; create your own Signature Methods and Coaching Guides.

This is the ultimate goal… but it will take a year or two to get there.


While you are on your way to the ultimate goal, you have solid coaching programs that players love and a strong business model that you can grow at your own pace!!!

Center for Coaching Mastery Program

In the Center for Coaching Mastery Program the is designed to provide you with EVERYTHING you need to:

BECOME a Transformation Coach

THRIVE as a Transformation Coach

have a joyful and uplifting experience!!


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