CoachVille classes are fast paced and fun… and you learn a TON!


Industrial School: Lectures and Tests



Dynamic Learning Experiences based on Human Nature

Learn the
Human Way!

This is how we do it!

In our program you learn the way humans are meant to learn: by observing, by playful practicing in a safe space, by engaging in meaningful conversations. An environment where you can become the next version of you day after day; an environment where you feel profound belonging.

Our pre and post-class resources are incredible and  meet diverse learning styles.

On this page you will find samples of every aspect of our class experience… ENJOY!!

Content + Observation

1) Read the Coach Playbook

The Coach Playbook will explain all of the concepts in words and pictures.

There will be a walk-through of the coaching session.

There will be a few notes to help you prepare for class.

Check out a sample PDF – it will open in a new tab.

2) Listen to the Player Prep Audio

For each class there are resources to help your player prepare for the session!

These are awesome and they help you prepare to be BOTH a player and coach.

3) Read the Coaching Guide

The Coaching guides are a real specialty at CoachVille.

They guide you through the session with great questions and places to share your insights and observations.

Read it at least once out loud so that you get comfortable with every word and phrase… This is KEY!


4) Listen to a coaching session

Observing is the #1 way that we learn as humans!!

For each session in the method there is an audio of a real coaching session that follows the coaching guide. So you know how it is supposed to flow.

Here is an audio of Play Life Session #3 with Coach Dave and Player Steve.

In Class
Co-Creation + Practice

Class is a co-created experience

A CoachVille class is co-created by the class leader and the participants… MOSTLY the participants.

  • Warm Up & Safe Space Visualization
  • Small group and big group dialogue on provocative concepts
  • Practice coaching session with your partner
    Practice being a coach
    Practice being a player
  • In-class debrief of the coaching experiences
  • After-class optional Q&A (30 minutes) that is a full-on coaching master class based on your questions and case studies!
    (Q&A is AWESOME!)

Here is a sample class for you to observe.

This audio is Class #3 from a recent Play Life Method Class.

Followed by the recording of the Q&A


After Class
Real world practice
And SHARE!!!

Practice in the world!!

  • Coach your practice players using the coaching guide that you practiced in class with your partner AND then share about your experiences on the Gamecard.
  • Play for your dream based on your session with your practice partner in class. AND then share about your experiences on the Gamecard
  • Go on your Gamecard and share your thoughts and insights by responding to provocative questions, connect your colleagues and read about what they are discovering as well. We have a profound collective learning community.
  • Participate with the community of coaches and players on the CoachVille App!

Practicing in the world after practicing in a safe space is how everything comes together.

By coaching with the Coaching Guides, you have enough structure to quickly grow your confidence!

By sharing about your experiences you accelerate and deepen your personal growth!

Center for Coaching Mastery Program

In the Center for Coaching Mastery Program the is designed to provide you with EVERYTHING you need to:

BECOME a Transformational Coach

THRIVE as a Transformational Coach

have a joyful and uplifting experience!!


Link to Center for Coaching Mastery Philosophy

Link to Center for Coaching Mastery Program