Players LOVE Coaching Programs with a personal touch!


Random coaching sessions that lead to frustration



Reliable path to the results your players desire (and pay for)

Coach like a pro
From Day 1

Team Play for Transformation!

Most people who invest in coaching prefer a program or a package to random sessions. We have created 4 amazing 12-session transformation coaching programs that you will participate in AND learn to deliver as part of the program. (each beautiful package includes playsheets, a player playbook and player prep audio) You will look like a PRO from Day 1.

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You send these amazing resources to your players

When your player signs on for a 12-Session Coaching Program, you send them these resources:

WOW! They know that they are in good hands already. When your player feels confident in you, they grow faster!

The Playbook Includes Player Prep Audio

For each coaching session there is an audio to help your player prepare for the session!

The audio explains the personal growth concepts AND how the coaching techniques help them play better.

They will know what to expect which will make them feel safe and confident in the value.

Use the Coaching Guides

You will use the Coaching Guides to guide the experience.

Since your player knows what to expect, they will be right with you every step of the way.

This way you can learn on the go… and your player feels like a co-creator!!!

It’s powerful.

The CoachVille
Player Programs

CoachVille Transformational Player Programs

4 Awesome Programs

As part of our Coach Education program you get 4 ready-to-coach programs that you can use with your players from Day 1!

Each accentuates the 6 Human Nature Superpowers: To Dream, Be Free, Befriend, Become, Believe, Belong!

The programs are:

  • Transformation Coaching
  • Play Life
  • Inner Freedom
  • World Power

You will use these programs with your practice players while you are in class. And then you can continue to use them as the foundation of your coaching business! Because most people who hire a coach prefer a program to “random coaching”, they will add significantly to the perceived value of your coaching offers.

BIG Idea #1

BIG IDEA #1 = Coaching is a Co-Creation

Coaching at it’s best is a co-creation between the coach and the player.

But this is pretty difficult to accomplish when you are new as a coach and your player is new to having a coach. In fact, most people have never had a Transformation Coach before and actually have no idea what it will be like.

The Player programs solve this problem in a beautiful way and prepare both you and your player for a transformational co-created experience!

The Player playbook and audio prepare your player for each coaching session with an overview of important concepts and a preview of the techniques that you will do together. This helps the player feel prepared, safe and confident… SUPER important for transformation!

Then during the session, all you – the coach – need to do is follow the Coaching Guide for that session and your player will be ready to dive in with you. It’s amazing!

A big point here is that playing for our Dreams – like playing anything – requires some understanding of new concepts. You don’t want to spend your precious time together trying to explain these things; especially since you are new to playing with them yourself. So, the player prep audio and playbook explain the concepts so both you and your player share the same foundation.

BIG Idea #2

BIG IDEA #2 = Your Business Foundation

Player programs are the foundation of your business model.

As I have said a few times, players – especially those who are new to hiring a Transformation Coach – prefer a program to random coaching. They like to know what they are getting: what the ideas are and what the intended outcome is.

Often coaching is perceived as intangible. This is a problem because most people feel more comfortable investing in something that feels tangible. That is what these programs will do for you in the marketplace.

AND, of course, over time you can tweak them and add your own ideas to them. Your can customize them for your ideal players very easily.

By using a program it makes it easier for you to track your progress with each player and prepare for each session. Over time you will become very confident with every session in each program. This will allow you to put all of your attention on the player; you won’t have to think about what you are doing.

Over time, by using these programs in this way, you will begin to develop your own Signature Method and program.

Center for Coaching Mastery Program

In the Center for Coaching Mastery Program the is designed to provide you with EVERYTHING you need to:

BECOME a Transformation Coach

THRIVE as a Transformation Coach

have a joyful and uplifting experience!!


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