Human Nature is AWESOME!


There is something wrong with you, but we can fix it.



You have amazing superpowers to share with the world.

Let’s change
the Narrative!

Become the next version of ourselves

While Industrial Psychology – even the Self-Help Industry – focus on the assumption that there is something wrong with us, as Transformation Coaches we do the opposite. We Advocate for Human Nature!


Let’s go deeper into our definition of coaching.

    1. A profound personal relationship
    2. Where the coach guides the self-determined player
    3. In pursuit of playing better for their Dreams
    4. To become the next version of themselves
    5. Through playful co-creation
    6. And guided practice


The 5 BE’s of Human Nature

Line 4: To become the next version of themselves; this is one of the most energizing aspects being a Transformation Coach. And… this is the toned-down language for this experience.  What I really like to call it: Unleashing their Superpowers! That is the fun way to say it.

We talk about Superpowers a lot at CoachVille.

A Superpower is an ability that can be practiced and refined until it is capable of big impact on people or situations.

I believe that ALL of us are born with unique Superpowers.

At the same time, I believe that all of us are born with a few innate drives and abilities that I refer to as the Superpowers of Human Nature.

The subject of Human Nature is of epic importance to both the What and the Why of Transformation Coaching. I believe that a primary purpose of Transformation Coaching in the world is to  get our Human Nature back!

I have made an intense study of Human Nature by coaching so many people. I have experienced a lot of life by going deeply into the lives and situations and dreams of my players. I have invested a lot of time and study into the dynamic relationship between Human Nature and Human Cultures (AKA Nature vs. Nurture). It’s a BIG topic. LOL.

It is the opposite
of control

Control is the cause… NOT the solution

Most programs and philosophies are trying to help but… they are based on Authoritarian Hierarchical Control.

Their solution to “fix” you or your problems is to get some part of you “UNDER CONTROL”:

  • Get your mind under control
  • Get your thoughts under control
  • Get your EGO under control
  • Get your beliefs under control
  • Get your LIMITING beliefs under control
  • Get your desires under control
  • Get your habits under control
  • Get your behaviors under control
  • Get your emotions under control
  • Get your fears under control
  • Get your saboteur under control

It is my experience that when some part of us is “going in an unhealthy direction” it is BECAUSE someone in authority over us controlled us in some way.

Being controlled is the cause… NOT the solution.


Let’s explore the radical new approach to uplifting each other and the Human Family as a whole that is at the core of Transformation Coaching.


Humans Nature

I truly believe that Humans are born AWESOME. Then, our experiences within cultures of control often lead to “not so awesome” outcomes.

I believe that through Transformation Coaching we all can uplift the Human Family by re-kindling and expressing our Human Nature. We can restore our “pre-control-culture” awesomeness; specifically, pre-Authoritarian Control Cultures.

I call these the Superpowers of Human Nature: To Dream and the 5 BE’s; like a MoTown Vocal Group! Be Free – Befriend – Become – Belong – Believe. They all start with “BE” to make it easy to remember. They contrast the Authoritarian Control Culture.

  • Dream => OBEY
  • Be Free => Control
  • Befriend => Dominate
  • Become => Command
  • Belong => Compliance
  • Believe => Manipulate

*) Your Dream

We are born with desires to contribute to the world around us. As we grow those desires can take shape and change into various possibilities based on the environments we are in.

Living our Dreams is an act of Self-Love

Self-worth means that we know that we are worthy of the Dream and the Dream is worthy of support.

1) The Drive to BE Free.

Within each of us is a drive to choose our own path in life; both in the big picture of our pursuits and the details of how we create our days.

2) The Love to Befriend.

The love of friendship and companionship are essential to who we are. We love to co-create with another person or two. We love to care and be cared for.

This is why the power of transformational coaching is so strong!

Sometimes the dynamic pull between the Drive to Be Free and the Love to Befriend creates interesting and challenging situations. (Hah! Greatest understatement of all time)

3) The Urge to Become.

All of us have an inner urge to become the next version of ourselves; to grow and expand. The urge to grow – our innate curiosity – calls us out into the unknown world around us. We become by playing. If we stop playing, we stop becoming and stay the way we are.

4) The Need to Belong.

This is the strongest of all human needs. It operates mostly on a non-conscious level and drives almost everything in the human experience. We Humans always seek belonging and status within the environment of people that we are in.

5) The Ability to Believe.

Humans are believers. The ability to believe is the catalyst of all human civilization.

All of our beliefs – about how life works, who we are and what is possible for us – come from navigating between our urge to become and our need to belong. In other words, we get our beliefs from our interactions with the culture around us.

Some of our beliefs are conscious and we think and talk of them often. Most of our beliefs settle into a non-conscious level within us and have a non-stop profound impact of what we do and don’t do on a moment-to-moment basis.


With that very brief overview of Human Nature… let’s look at it through the lens of Transformation Coaching.

Transformation Coaching
Starts here

When a player signs on with a Transformation Coach there is a purpose behind it.

They want to:

  • Accomplish something
  • Experience something
  • Get better at something
  • Change something

They probably don’t think: “Oh, I need to transform – to become the next version of me – by unleashing my Human Nature Superpowers!”


True. However, to get that “something” they want, that is exactly what we need to do.

And not only will it energize the path to the “something”, but it will also open doors to amazing new possibilities!

To create change we need to unleash all of the Human Nature Superpowers!


The Drive to BE Free… Self-Determination

Transformational coaching is based upon the self-determination of both the coach and the player. Self-determination is the ability to choose your actions, choose your approach to situations and choose your life direction. In a healthy egalitarian relationship, there is a dynamic balance between self-determination and co-creation. Transformational Coaching lives in this balance.

Maintaining our right to freedom and self-determination have been a deep human challenge for a few thousand years now. But just as more human cultures were moving toward greater freedom for all people it took a real setback in the Industrial Control Culture; starting with the compulsory education system where self-determination is forbidden to mold everyone into an obedient, compliant worker.

I want you to realize that transformational coaching requires that you continually boost the self-determination of your Self AND your players.


The Love to Befriend… Co-Creation.

Transformational coaching is an egalitarian co-creative partnership. Remember in the definition I call it a profound personal relationship.

We humans are born to be brilliant co-creators. We love friends and companions and the joy of doing things together.

Because of our intense indoctrination into do-it-yourself Industrial Control Culture it often requires some awakening to our co-creative potential for a person to engage with a Transformational Coach, feel safe and then to engage in co-creating an awesome life with others.

I truly believe that it is within our Human Nature to live as a self-determined individual, co-create with others and CARE about the wellbeing of entire Human Family at the same time. In other words, being self-determined is more complex than: “screw everybody else, I am going to do whatever I want to do”.

Promote Playfulness

The Urge to Become… Promote Playfulness

We PLAY to become the next version of ourselves.

This is why coaching is so much about becoming because the purpose is to play better. So, one of your first endeavors with a new player is to co-create ways for them to PLAY life in pursuit of their dream.

This connects to my assertion that all coaching is transformational coaching. Truly any worthwhile pursuit to play better at anything can be a catalyst for personal growth. (AKA Becoming)

A Dream to Believe In

The Ability to Believe… Believe in your Dream

Transformational coaching is about living our dreams! You start by encouraging your players to believe in their own dreams.

From there you will guide your player to explore their beliefs (about just about everything) and choose the ones that they need to uplevel in order to live the new dream.

Profound Belonging for Super YOU

The Need to Belong… Profound belonging for SUPERYOU.

This is where being a Transformational Coach is essential and fun! We are not meant to unleash our Superpowers alone.

You will start by creating a “safe space” – a judgment free space – for your player to express their dreams and practice being the next version of themselves. I refer to Transformational Coaching as a relationship of profound belonging.

As their confidence grows from your time together, you will encourage your player to be “Super YOU” out into the world. Then you will guide them to find and co-create the places and people where they BELONG, where the next version of themselves is not just accepted but desired by others.


As a Transformation Coach by guiding your players to explore the dynamic balance between The Drive to BE Free (self-determination and self-trust) and The Love to BEfriend (co-creation and care) you will open a gateway to transformation for yourself, everyone you coach and our shared dream of a truly Egalitarian World.

Being a CoachVille Transformational Coach…

You will become a wise soul with deep understanding and awareness of Human Nature.

You will become a “go to guide’ and leader because you foster personal growth, peak experiences and desired results.

You will become a happier and more playful person. For real.


Center for Coaching Mastery Program

In the Center for Coaching Mastery Program the curriculum is organized with classes that focus on each of the essential superpowers of human nature; so you will gain in depth knowledge.

You will become a master at seeing and bringing out the greatness and unique power within each and every individual.


Link to Center for Coaching Mastery Philosophy

Link to Center for Coaching Mastery Program