Transformation Coaching Cultures can change the world for EVERYONE!


That’s just the way it is, we have to accept it.



We can courageously co-create something WAY better! Free the people!

The Empire
and the Jedi

Transformation coaching is part athletic/arts coach, part human potential movement and part hero’s journey guide.

The hero’s journey portion requires a worthy nemesis… and boy do we have one: The Industrial Culture of Hierarchical Control! ARGH!

Almost every player with a coach has a dream for some kind of change in their own lives and the world around them. This requires an epic quest to challenge the status quo and reclaim their power!

In Star Wars lingo, The Industrial Hierarchical Control Culture is “The Empire”, the Transformation Coaches are ‘The Jedi”!

Culture is a big, amorphous thing.

The idea is that none of us here started the Industrial Culture of Hierarchical Control; it was here when we got here. It is just the latest version of various Authoritarian hierarchical control cultures going back a few thousand years.

We were all subjected to it and it got into us; as Humans we absorb culture.

And then we participate in it and even unknowingly contribute to keeping it going UNLESS we proactively act to co-create something new. This is what I am pointing to with the idea of Transformational Coaching Culture that is co-creative and Egalitarian.

Let’s have a look.


Industrial Culture of Authoritarian Control Transformation Coach Culture of Co-Creation
Time frame ~ 1880 – ~2030 1995 ~ 2010 – ????
The Framework Everything – schools, businesses, communities – is run by authoritarian control like a military operation. Most things are run like a talented performance art or athletic team co-creating inspiring experiences.
The Approach

Innocent teachers, managers and business owners become unwitting henchmen for the dehumanizing top-down hierarchy.

The 5 C’s


Tell them what to do


Show them how to do it


Make sure they do it right


Inspired Transformation Coaches and coach-approach teachers, entrepreneurs and leaders play to unleash the best of Human Nature.

The 5 BE’s


The urge to Become through play


The ability to Believe in a dream


The need to Belong with a dream team

The Purpose


Exert Domination


Extract value and resources to accumulate wealth


Express and receive love

Be Free

Empower the drive to be free in every individual

The Power In the “system” In the YOUnique Superpowers
of Individual Players in
an uplifting environment
Where we
In School.
Sitting silently at a desk
memorizing the right answers
working alone completing tasks
preparing for the test..
and then life in the cubicle
Life (and Online)…
Learning from the world
co-creating, sharing, connecting
playing games with global friends
pursuing the next level…
and then life in the world!

Do it right the first time
or don’t do it at all;

(at school) Do your own work

if you help your neighbor
you are a cheater

After you fail, play again

Together we play better

Get to the next level

You are a Worker / servant
Co-Creator / Investor
You have a Job
with a Manager / Boss
(enjoyment unlikely)
Dream / Purpose
with a Coach
(enjoyment assumed)
What you do Complete tasks
Fix problems
Co-Create Results and Experiences
Express Superpowers to add value
Why? To earn a living To live your dream and GROW
The Feeling? Suppressed & Traumatized
Dreams squashed
Playfulness shamed
Unique voice and power silenced
Rewarding and challenging experiences and opportunities to contribute make every day a fulfilling adventure
The Path to Success…

Do it right
Don’t make mistakes



Fit in by being like the others
Don’t try to be special
Mind your own business

Play big to make a difference
Risk failure, learn fast and grow



Find a place / group that embraces ALL of who YOU are
Own your value.

You buy…

Things – More is better
Things will make you happy (NOT)



Entertainment to
“get away” from meaningless
or repetitive work

Things that inspire you
and tools for creation;



Experiences that expand your skills and awareness;
Coaching to play better
and pursue your Dream

You aim to Save some money for retirement;
then you can enjoy life.
Co-Create a freedom-filled lifestyle
economic freedom
creative freedom
emotional freedom
spiritual freedom
location freedom


we CAN
make it better

The point of this chart is to help you SEE the Industrial Hierarchical Control as a co-created culture, rather than this is just the way it is; or worse, this is the way it is meant to be.

Along the way of coaching hundreds – and eventually over 1,000 – amazing people, I saw these patterns so many times:

Folks whose dreams had been squashed.

Folks who had so much fear of their own human nature … and playfulness.

Folks who had completely lost touch with their unique power and voice.

AND… these were the folks who were generally confident and optimistic about life!! These were the folks with the determination to hire a Transformation Coach.

What about the 99% who would not even think of hiring a coach?  How far away are they from the life of co-created egalitarian freedom?

Whoa! Really far.

Most of the time the past events that lead to the loss and fear were experiences with other people.

I began to actively wonder.

Why are we living this way?

Why do we treat each other this way?

Meanwhile… the Global Transformation Coaching movement was – and IS – happening!

There is a better way for us to live; a better way to treat each other.

We CAN co-create a transformation coaching culture:

  • Where our Dreams are alive!
  • Where we all play big to make a positive difference in each other’s lives.
  • Where we are willing to risk failure, learn fast and grow.
  • Where each of us find a place / group that embraces ALL of who we are.
  • Where we are all encouraged to own our value and appreciate the value of others.


Bucky Fuller, the wise sage of the 20th Century, often said that you don’t change culture by fighting against it. You change culture by creating something better and inviting people to it.

This is what the Global Transformation Coaching Movement is all about!

The right column of the chart – the Transformation Coaching Culture of Co-Creation –  will provide you a beacon of light that you can move toward.

Going back to our Hero’s Journey metaphor…

When you venture out into the world for play for your Dream…

And when you coach (and guide) others in pursuit of their dreams…

You will see the effects of the Authoritarian / Industrial hierarchical control culture EVERYWHERE.

Our mission is to:

SEE it and then courageously choose co-creative freedom.

Help our players SEE it and then courageously choose co-creative freedom.

This is what Wise Rebels do.

Together, we can do it.

The important thing is that we can all participate in our own way. Bringing a co-creative Egalitarian culture to a family, group of friends, community or company creates a ripple effect of good that literally changes the world.

The Transformation Coaching Force… is with you! (couldn’t resist)

Being a Transformation Coach…

You will become a wise rebel who is profoundly capable of setting people free!

You will be able to recognize the impact of Industrial Hierarchical Control in everyone you coach and gently encourage them to reclaim their power. “Use the Force, Luke”


Center for Coaching Mastery Program

In the Center for Coaching Mastery Program we amplify the impacts of the Industrial Hierarchical Control on a regular basis and practice the path to Connected Age Co-Creation.

You will become a master at shining a light at what is possible when we reclaim our human nature and our unique power. Some people will be too afraid to trust you. But the ones who do will love the adventure… and the feeling of being alive!

Link to Center for Coaching Mastery Philosophy

Link to Center for Coaching Mastery Program