There is more to life than what we can control


Struggling hard for small gains.



Playing in flow for peak experiences.

In athletics
it’s called the “zone”

There is more to playing life than taking action

In most athletics there are skills to practice and strategies to understand. And then beyond this, players who aim to be great pursue the inner development required to get into “the zone”.

In performance arts there are techniques to practice and repertoire to master. But beyond this there is the essential process of developing a personal style.

In life there are social actions to practice and approaches to understand. But beyond this there is the wonderous pursuit of energy alignment!

In all forms of coaching, it is these latter pursuits that empower players to become extraordinary; to go beyond were action alone can take them. This aspect of coaching is deep and co-creative.

This is a BIG idea that I want to share with you to give you the bigger picture of Life Coaching and playing for dreams.

We call it Energy Alignment.

The Energy

Another way of saying this is: there is more to life than what we can control.

Transformation Coaching has come a LONG way from the early days of Life Coaching 25 years ago… and at CoachVille we have been a really big part of that evolution.

In the early days of Life Coaching – in the 1990’s – we were heavily influenced by the Industrial Culture of control. So as a result, Life Coaching got tangled up in concepts like tasks, problems and accountability.

But in the grand scheme of life, completing tasks, fixing problems, and holding accountability is only a small fraction of what it takes to live a joyful life of freedom and co-creation!

You may have wondered:
Why is the life I imagine so difficult to realize?


Why is it so hard for my players to live their dreams even though they are taking action?

The answer is: The energy is not aligned!

And most Industrial Culture “success” training ignores Energy Alignment.

One way of thinking about this is in concepts you already recognize: mindset, attitude, intuition, attraction and synchronicity.

Energy Alignment makes these ideas very practical while adding the sense of mystery and wonder.

As a Transformation Coach you will be focused on guiding your player to align every part of their Energy with their BIG Dream. They will do this through:

  • Becoming the next version of themselves through playful practice and the freedom to BE their powerful self,
  • Upleveling their non-conscious beliefs and choices and exploring their fears like a treasure map leading to their lost unique power
  • Leveraging their need to belong by upgrading their environments to find people who embrace their power.

When you develop your players in these areas, they seem to make the right moves at the right time without a lot of wasted effort. They get “in the flow” and good things and opportunities just seem to come to you.

Yes, here we see yet another variation on the BE Free – Become – Believe – Belong – Befriend theme. It’s everywhere because our awesome Human Nature Superpowers are everywhere!

The idea is to play for their dream and live in the flow of energy RATHER than holding them accountable for an endless list of tasks and problems.


Flow can
be practical

The Energy Alignment Game Model

Let’s explore Energy Alignment a little deeper because it is woven throughout the Transformation Coaching Experience.

You don’t need to “worry” about understanding this; when you start coaching you will experience it.

The “Game” is to align all aspects of YOU (the player) with their BIG Dream to create a state of flow.

This definitely goes in the realm of play; it is something that you cannot control but you can influence with skill, strategy, imagination and playful effort.

One little note:  There are MANY MANY ways to play with “Energy”. This is not intended to be a definitive guide.



This description is written from the players perspective.

Your BIG Dream

This is your vision of what you aim to accomplish, experience, express or co-create in the world. Your Dream comes from your hearts desires but is often sparked by what you see – or don’t see – in the world around you.

Often our hearts dreams are a little mysterious; even to the one who has the dream.

Most BIG Dreams include an essence of contribution.

Next, we will go to the lower left to explore all of the energies that we can align with your dream.

Super YOU

There is a next-level version of YOU that you must express fully and become in order to fulfill this big dream. Your Drive to Be FREE lives here. One of the reasons your Heart has dreams is so that you can discover and express more of your abilities.

Playful Conscious Mind

There is a playful version of your focused thoughts and deliberate actions that you need to use in an intentional way to uplevel your skills to align with the new dream. Your playful conscious mind responds to the urge to become the next version YOU. Play is all about becoming. In the model hopefully you recognize the four symbols for the Pivotal Moments of Social Play that we explored earlier.

Non-Conscious Mind

Whoa, this is a big one. Your non-conscious mind is the power source of belief and desire within you. It is like an energetic bridge between the urge to become in your playful conscious mind and the need to belong in the environment around you. You will need to expand your body awareness, where your intuition and inner knowing live.

You will need to uplevel your relationship with fear from enemy to friend and a treasure map to your Superpowers. Your dream will need you to tap into your heart’s desires for focus and fuel. You will need to cultivate belief in a whole new set of possibilities to align with your dream. 

The non-conscious Mind is the focus of the Pivotal Moment Transformation Coaching Technique! We need it.


Your non-conscious mind – which is super focused on belonging – is in constant connection with your environment, especially the people and your social status with each person. You will need to uplevel many aspects of the world around you so that the powers of belonging, believing and becoming align with your dream. And as you unleash your Superpowers, you will need to find or cultivate an environment where it is safe for you to express them. The experience of belonging between the coach and player builds the courage to make those changes.

Connection to the Super Mind

There is a timeless web of human consciousness that we are all connected to. Through big questions, gratitude and intentional thoughts your dream can become a magnet for the insights, inklings, spontaneous awareness, opportunities and synchronicities that you need to live your dream. But be prepared, the Super Mind often connects through other people. So you need to expect a quirky character or two to come into your life. This is why the Love to Befriend is so important.

The pursuit of Flow

Your dream is calling you out into the world to discover a bigger contribution and more fulfilling joyful life. As you endeavor to align every part of your energy to the BIG Dream, it begins to FEEL – feel is the key word – more natural. This is called getting into the flow. It is not the ultra-safe under control routine. It is engaging, yet safe enough that the potential rewards seem worthy of the potential risks.  This is when pursuing your BIG Dream feels less and less stressful and more and more fun!

Being a Transformation Coach…

You will find that while action is essential, aligning energy is where most transformation results happen.

You will become masterful at sensing the growth opportunities presented by Energy Alignment.

The more adept you become at Energy Coaching, you can coach bigger players with bigger dreams. Most big players are already really good at the action part.


Center for Coaching Mastery Program

In the Center for Coaching Mastery Program we have in depth coaching methods, techniques and resources for each aspect of the Energy Alignment Game.


  • All of the programs focus on the player becoming the next version of themselves… Super YOU!
  • Transformation Coaching taps into the Supermind
  • The Play Life Method focuses on the Playful Conscious mind
  • The Inner Freedom Method focuses on the Non-Conscious mind
  • The World power Method focuses on the Environment


Link to Center for Coaching Mastery Philosophy

Link to Center for Coaching Mastery Program