Together we play better!

We walk the path of mastery as a team.


Struggling alone to become a better coach


Co-Create growth within a like-minded group

The curriculum for this program is YOU; Your development as a coach and your success of your players


Transform your mindset:

From: You walk the path of mastery alone

To: Together we coach better! By sharing and learning with others you learn 10 times faster.

In a small group of 10 coaches and one ICF Certified Mentor Coach (PCC or MCC)  you will deeply explore YOUR real world issues and realize that you are not alone!  Bring your real coaching and business challenges, questions and case studies and leave with expanded awareness of what is possible and what to do next.


Each session will be driven by your needs and those of the rest of the group.  We will expand your coaching skills and develop both competence and confidence in your role as a coach.


Curriculum for the Mentor Coaching Group


Using the 8 ICF Core Competencies, we UPLevel your understanding of how to become a certified coach We will discuss skills, theory and methodology as we explore


YOUR real life coaching experiences. Bring your real coaching challenges, questions and case studies and leave with a better understanding of how to BE a powerful coach in the world.  Peer interactions and support from your group are an invaluable part of the mentoring process.


We will explore the ICF Coaching Ethics by looking at specific situations where ethics come into play.


You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions related to coaching ethics and best practices. Learn to recognize when you are coming from personal agenda; when you are not saying what you need to say; how to deepen your listening skills without getting stuck in  your players’ story. 


Also – what to do in difficult situations, how to challenge and support successfully.


4 Key Themes

  • You
  • Your Coaching
  • The ICF Coaching Competencies
  • The Coaching Ethics


Bring your personal experiences to your group and your mentor coach will guide you in your journey as a coach.  A key to being a great coach is staying two steps ahead of your players. With that in mind we want to be sure your personal development is in alignment with your values as a coach. 


Are you walking your talk – do you feel authentic in your coaching presence?  Do you recognize and own the value and strengths you offer your players?



Do you have a player who has the complete opposite view on a really sensitive issue than yours – can you remain judgment-free? 


You are in the midst of a seriously difficult life moment happening and it is time for a coaching appointment, you are distracted and tired – what do you do?



The Coaching Competencies

A fresh new look at the 8 ICF Core Competencies. They are fun to explore and easy to remember and practice when you are coaching.


Learning these will energize your coaching in a BIG WAY!


The Coaching Ethics

Knowing the ICF Code of Ethics is essential to your life as a Coach. In this program we will explore 5 provocative “Ethics” scenarios that will get you thinking AND feeling more confident in knowing where coaching fits in the world or professional services.


Next Live Program: September 2022

2-4 PM ET OR 8-10 PM ET

7 Mentor Hours