We were born to Co-Create

then we were trained to work alone


Obsessed with focusing on only what we can control and staying out of trouble


Co-creating with people we care about and bringing out the best of EVERYONE

16 Coaching Proficiencies

Co-create life-changing conversationsProficiency Coaching Training Program

Take your Coaching Super Powers to the next level by learning the 16 Coaching Power Patterns developed by Thomas Leonard!
Thomas often referred to this program as the culmination of his life’s work… pretty profound!

Path of Transformation in your game as a player:

From: The worker you were trained to be; living another day of tasks.

To: The player you were BORN to be; creating a game of “ask”.

We call it the transformation from TASK to ASK.  It is liberating and fun!

Path of Transformation in your game as a Coach:

From: Coaching is an intervention for clients (workers) with problems

To: Coaching is co-creating life-changing conversations with players.

Life changing conversations.  This is what great coaching is all about! But how can you co-create them on a consistent basis?  The answer… Power Patterns!

A Power Pattern  is a phrase that bring an experience to life. Learning and using these power patterns will bring a powerful aliveness to every coaching conversation.  Your players will LOVE these conversations!  Even better, you can learn to use them “in the moment” to alter the course of a coaching session that is going flat or off track.

When the late Thomas Leonard taught the first Coaching Proficiencies Intensive it sent shock waves through the entire coaching industry. Never before – and never since – has the craft of coaching been so completely and inspiringly described.

New coaches were immediately lifted to a level of quality beyond what their experience would dictate.  And senior coaches – and LOTS of them participated in this – were shocked and delighted that there was a higher level of coaching in sight; and A LOT more to learn.  It was a breath of fresh air; It still is.

Find out what all of the fuss was about!  Participate in this program.

*This Course Qualifies for 12 ICF CCEUs; (6 2-hour sessions; 12 hours total)


This program is included in the following:
Center for Coaching Mastery Complete Certification Program
Coach Training Catalog – ICF CCEUs


How this program will make you a better coach

  1. You will dramatically increase your confidence as you learn the coaching language that will bring aliveness to your coaching conversations
  2. You will be inspired to pursue mastery as a coach because the proficiencies provide a clear path
  3. Practicing each proficiency with your coaching sessions is really fun and rapidly expands your range of options for how to approach situations.
  4. When your coaching comes to life you are energized and your efforts become more sustainable.


Peer Reviews

Nina Miöen

All of the proficiencies are fantastic! They touch my heart so much! I got a feeling of getting a bit closer to the true meaning of life. This is something I been looking for…And Gloria explaining the proficiencies is great! I am learning more and more from life, such as to look at the bigger picture. Don’t ask WHY; try to look for the greater truth of the situation. It feels like I am really aligned with these proficiencies.

William Harley

I have a client who is out of work and has been facing a lot of adversity.  When we met this past week, I focused on “Respecting the Client’s Humanity” and it clearly deepened our relationship and freed him to talk about and “go through the forest” of frustration he has been experiencing. On the other side of it, he moved towards actions he wanted to take without any prompting from me.

Maria Åberg

The most intriguing part of the class was when we talked about the proficiency “designs supportive environments” and the concept that the environment will always win. Everything can be seen as environment, it is truly important for me to design inner and outer environments to get flow and reach my goal with minimal effort. By thinking and acting in those terms everything will be much easier and fun in my life. I really look forward joining the teleclass Environmental Design.


The 16 Proficiencies

  •  #1 Engage in Provocative Conversations
  • #2 Reveals the Client to Themselves
  • #3 Elicits Greatness
  • #4 Enjoys the Client Immensely
  • #5 Expands the Clients’ Best Efforts
  • #6 Navigates Via Curiosity
  • #7 Recognizes the Perfection In Every Situation
  • #8 Hones In On What Is Most Important
  • #9 Communicates Cleanly
  • #10 Shares What Is There
  • #11 Champions the Client
  • #12 Enters New Territories
  •  #13 Relishes Truth
  • #14 Designs Supportive Environments
  • #15 Respects the Client’s Humanity
  • #16 Plays First {added to the program in 2017

3 Key Points

1) Proficiency = Become a Better Coach

Become a Better Coach Quickly – and see an inspiring path to mastery

As you learn, study and practice each of these 16 qualities of masterful coaching you will notice the depth and effectiveness of your coaching expand.  Your players will get better results and will conclude each session with a powerful yet subtle experience of being well-coached.

2) Pattern Language

A pattern language is a phrase that brings an experience to life. To coach using the proficiencies you must understand the experiences that they represent. When you learn to recognize how they feel when you observe them you can more easily use them at just the right time and place in each coaching session. When you use the patterns properly, your coaching conversations will be full of life!

3) The Play Book

The Play book for this course – created by the late Thomas Leonard –  is a masterpiece in writing and visual display. Each page is packed with coaching concepts that expand your capabilities and give you fresh ideas.  You will find yourself reading and thinking about your players while getting lots of great ideas for your next sessions.

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