Thrive! Level 1 – Teleclass

Hustle to fill your roster with great players.

THRIVE is a revolutionary new business building program exclusively for professional coaches in the Connected Age of Purpose.

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In a highly energizing environment you will learn how to play the game of business and win on your own terms! You will learn how to provide an ALL-IN Coaching relationship that good players LOVE.
You will develop your own relational business model that leads to sustainable success.
In the Connected Age, your success and growth as a professional coach is based on how well and how often your winning players share about you.

The mastermind program takes place over 6 months with a group call every two weeks. It is rigorous. Be prepared to play BIG and bring some mojo.
The program includes a 3-week “pre-season” training program. The more of it you do the more prepared you will be.
If you sign up just in time with no pre-season, then you will really need to hustle in the first few weeks of the program.
You can do it!


Imagine you are dropped into a real life adventure game…

  • YOU are the main character / hero… A Coach!
  • You have Coaching Super Powers
  • You have a variety of abilities and resources
  • You have a backstory of “Trauma”
  • You find yourself in a wondrous world of interesting characters and difficult challenges
  • You have a “mission” to use your super powers to gather 10 players who will pay you to be a part of your team to fulfill a world-impacting purpose!
  • You know that you MUST transform yourself AND your players in order to THRIVE!
  • Let’s PLAY!

THRIVE Level 1 starts with a sequence of preseason challenges where you hone in on your unique value in the world and expand your comfort zone for being visible for who you are.  While doing this you will “scout” your community / tribe for “good players”.

You will build a coaching business that is quite different than anything you have experienced before. A relational business that is designed FOR you by YOU for sustainable success in the Connected Age!

Important Dates…

> THRIVE (Recommended) Preseason Starts: Monday September 12th; Orientation Call is 12 – 1:30 PM ET

> THRIVE Introduction teleclass: Wednesday September 14th. 12 – 1:30 PM ET …FREE. Register Here
Find out if THRIVE! is right for you!

> THRIVE Program Starts: Monday October 3rd; Call is 12 – 2 PM ET

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This program is included in the following:
Center for Coaching Mastery Complete Certification Program
Center for Coaching Mastery Starter Certification Program
Center for Coaching Mastery Summer Intensive Certification Program

There are 5 fundamentals for THRIVE Level 1: Hustle

1) Recruiting

You need to be visible and active in your tribe to find and attract potential players. Then you talk with them to create an experience of belonging. You will also recruit advocates and collaborators as well.

2) Commitment  

You choose your players and they choose you. Together you will sort out the investment (aka financial details) Here you really have to own your value!

3) ALL-IN Coaching Relationship

You coach your players to win; you find creative ways to provide observation conversation loops; support and challenge… everything that guides your player toward the results they desire.

4) The Transformation Zone

You must find ways to stay on a growth edge in your own life; you must be playing BIG, loving life and oozing confidence to thrive in this game. This includes designing your environment AND exploring the trauma’s of your every day life to maintain Inner Freedom.

5) Your business ecosystem

The key to sustainable success is to build an ecosystem around your business.  You need various activities and program offerings that synchronize with your coaching to create multiple visibility paths and multiple revenue streams.

We will start this process in THRIVE Level 1; AND this will be the BIG focus of THRIVE Level 2. Possibilities include online and in person speaking, masterclass coaching, mastermind groups, group coaching, playshops (we used to call them WORKshops UGH!)

Business is a game. This is a big idea that can change your life.  Let’s explore…

Business is a game

Anything that you cannot control but you CAN influence is a game.
This is why soooo many people struggle with traditional business models… it is because they are based in the Industrial Age “Delusion of Control”. The most important “thing” that determines your success in business is your relationship with people: customers, advocates, partners and community members.  For sure people are something that you cannot control!
With practice you CAN become more influential through..

  • clarity of purpose,
  • expressing your Super Powers,
  • presence and a
  • strategy that plays to your strengths!

In other words… we are focused on the Coaching Super Theme: Profound Belonging!

How do you find your personal way in all these areas?

During the program, every two weeks you will engage in a new challenge / mission that will elicit your unique greatness AND move you toward a thriving coaching business.  As a coach, you know that becoming precedes results AND that you become by rising up to worthy challenges that stretch your comfort zone and grow your capabilities!  All of this will happen in a fun and supportive environment that nurtures your growth.

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The Best Way to Excel…

If you want to play a complex game better, you are going to need to GROW a LOT.

To grow into a better player there is really only one reliable move… Get into a great environment for that game.

You need an environment that will support you AND challenge you as you set out to play the game.

You need an environment that is so challenging that your YOUR Super Powers are called forth AND embraced; where your gifts and creative ideas are required rather than thwarted.

You need an environment where your contribution is needed AND…

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