As Life Coaches We Are Here to FREE People

That's why we need BIG FREEDOM!


Start date: Monday, January 9th.

BIG Freedom

The BIG Freedom membership is a transformational business growing program for professional coaches.

BIG impact in the world…  Plus

Personal FREEDOM.

… creative freedom, lifestyle freedom and financial freedom.



And highlight experiences like…

That feeling when your player creates a transformational experience in pursuit of their dream and they acknowledge you in a public forum.. AND you know… that it would not have happened without you!


In this wildly fun and coach approach program…


Expand your confidence for Influence

Expand your confidence for Visibility

Expand your confidence for self-Expression

Expand your confidence for Change


And while you are becoming a business maven, you will also become a much better coach for your players.


“To Thrive in the world as a professional coach…

You must cultivate a community of players who see YOU

As the champion of their dreams.”

You will experience vibrant personal growth…

YOU will live your BIG Dream!

The January Cohort Starts Monday, Jan. 9th

BIG Freedom Membership Details

Group Calls on Zoom

Almost Every Monday 12 – 1:45 PM ET
From  January 9th  – April 9, and the second portion starts May 1st. 1, 2023


Participate for one calendar year.

Pay in full option

Payment plan option
1 payment of $795
followed by 10 payments of $399

Let’s Talk!

This is a big investment…. and we’ll be spending a lot of time together! 😉

So, if you would like to talk it over first, send me a note and we will set up a time to talk. FUN!
coachdave @

Center for Coaching Mastery Complete Program Students and Alumni…

You get 1 Year of BIG Freedom Membership included in your package. WOO HOOO! 

What a deal!!!

Log in to the CoachVille Member site,
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Business is FUN!

When you know what you are doing.

(It’s REALLY stressful when you don’t)

We are going to do all of these FUN things together!!

Business is fun! When you know how to do all of these things you will wake up every day excited to play business and coach your players.

Learning and growing your business can be the most fun, most amazing, most rewarding adventure of your life so far!

Sometimes it seems like there are a million things to do.

It’s not a million, but it is a lot.

AND…Together… we will get each other there.

You have some of these things and abilities already…

By engaging in a playful co-creative environment you will get the rest.

I will provide you with some helpful examples as a starting place.

And wait till you experience Business Model “Show and Tell”!! SUPER FUN!


We will talk about that later.

Co-Create Your Business Ecosystem


  • Set Up Your Business on Mighty Networks (recommended)
  • Your ideal player profile
  • Your signature coaching method
  • Your offers and prices
  • Your business operations
  • Your 1-1 coaching package
  • Your group coaching package
  • Your playshop (aka workshop, retreat)
  • Your selling method
  • Your signature “gateway” experience
  • Your email list
  • Your follow up strategy
  • Your personal brand
  • Your messages
  • Your player success stories
  • Your marketing / visibility Method
  • Your referral strategy
  • Your social media strategy
  • Your potential player magnet

Energy Alignment
AKA Personal Transformation

Align your energy with your dream

  • Create the next version of SUPER YOU
  • Uplevel your Playful Conscious Mind
  • Uplevel your Non-Conscious Mind
  • Uplevel your Environments
  • Uplevel your Connection to the Supermind

Explore your fears like a treasure map

  • Explore the Fear of Rejection
  • Explore the Fear of Disappointment
  • Explore the Fear of Mistakes
  • Explore the Fear of Trouble
  • Explore the Fear of Judgment
  • Explore the Fear of Failure
  • Explore the Fear that I am not enough

Play Together Business Situations…
AKA Practice


  • Invite someone to join your community on Mighty Networks!
  • Self & business introduction
  • Share how you got into coaching
  • Co-create opportunities conversation
  • Share a player success story
  • Talk about how much you charge for coaching
  • Ask for a referral
  • Make a verbal offer: for coaching, group or playshop
  • Build a relationship with an influencer
  • Respond to: how much does your coaching cost?
  • Respond to: what kind of coaching do you do?
  • Respond to: I can’t afford coaching  right now
  • Respond to: I am too busy to start coaching now
  • Follow up with someone who wasn’t ready 3 months ago


  • Give your signature presentation
  • Be interviewed for a podcast
  • Go LIVE!!!!


Play BIG in the Community… the World

  • Build your community on your Mighty Network!
  • Master the reach out
  • Be known in your community as the champion of dreams
  • Share your Dream – Build your Dream Team
  • Engage with your Community to co-create content
  • Share posts, articles and success stories (on your Mighty Network)
  • Conduct your signature “Gateway Experience”
  • Make compelling offers ~ talk about money
  • Fill your roster of paying players
  • Group Coaching: Design, market, sell, deliver, collect success stories… repeat
  • Live Playshop (on zoom): Design, market, sell, deliver, collect success stories… repeat

Mark Your Calendar...

Here's the program design and schedule for our practice sessions

Your Coaching is a co-creation…
Your Business can be a co-creation too!!!

Mighty Networks!

This is a new element for the 2023 Program.

At CoachVille, we moved our membership platform to Mighty Networks.

We will have a private group for BIG Freedom, so you will get to experience it.


I TRULY recommend that you also set up your coaching business ecosystem on Mighty Networks.

This will be your new hub for gathering and sharing and creating profound belonging with your players, with folks curious about you and your coaching, and with the people who love you and your business dream.

This is the centerpiece of your ECOSYSTEM!!

Even if you start with just ten people, you can grow a powerful network… and business… in one year!

Let’s PLAY!!!

The 2023 Calendar

We meet most Mondays 12 – 1:45 PM ET
Think of this as your weekly business team practice session with your friends.

* Is for a Monday with no session

January 2023 Start

Dates Coming Soon


The CoachVille App / AKA Mighty Network

In addition to our group gatherings we will engage with each other on the CV App!
The Social Network for Coaches. This is the HUB of our ecosystem.

This is going to be AWESOME.

Here you will share:

  • What you are creating for your Ecosystem
  • Your experiences of personal transformation
  • Your Actions in the world
  • Your Results in the world

The CoachVille App is a proprietary online platform created for CoachVille by Mighty Networks.  

  • We celebrate wins together.
  • We share great ideas together.
  • We share challenges together.

On the CV Network we co-create profound belonging.

Co-Creation vs. Information

You know by now that most business guru programs are based on the guru sending your pre-recorded video about what you need to do to build your business. AND you know by now that this method does not work for most people!

Sure! You need some information on the how-to’s of growing your business ecosystem. And I will provide you with all the information you need.

BUT… you need a lot more than information! You need an environment where you can talk about what you aim to do; where you can share your ideas and hear the ideas of your colleagues.

As a coach you know this… often your players don’t know what they know until they are speaking it. This is why our players love us so much! The same applies to us. Our coaching is a co-creation… so it follows that our coaching businesses must also be co-created. The truth is… we are brilliant co-creators; often when alone the ideas just don’t come.

So in the BIG Freedom Membership you will have ample opportunities to share and participate in small groups.

YES!! It is powerful because WE play better together.

Let's make sure we are a match

We are going to be spending a lot of time together 😉

Is BIG Freedom for YOU?

Your Coaching Business is an opportunity to wake up every day into a fun creative and playful adventure with our team and your tribe and your world. It should NOT be a stressful fight for survival.


Your Business Situation

1) STARTUP: If you are going to grow your coaching business very soon and you want to get your ecosystem and energy prepared for future growth.

2) RESTART: Your coaching business has been dormant (or at least quiet) and is ready for a restart; Re-Imagine, Re-energize, Re-Brand and prepare for new growth!

3) REFRESH: You are an experienced coach; Your business is steady and ready for a refresh of your ecosystem and an uplevel of  your energy.


4) SCATTERED: If your business approach has been trying a lot of different things and your actions are not playing together harmoniously with your purpose and skills!!!

The BIG thing… there are many possible elements to a thriving business. AND on top of that, the world is changing FAST… so it is wise to keep your ecosystem fresh!
You are a constantly evolving human so it is wise to put your active attention on your energy alignment on  regular basis.

Your personal qualities

BIG Freedom is a high vibration co-creative group!

1) Collective Contributor

You want EVERYONE in the program to thrive.

Always ready to share what you have figured out.

You will make yourself available to practice with a colleague. (within reason)


2) Playful and Participating… At least you aim to be

You will show up for the group calls (AKA Practice) ready to jump in and go for it no matter what we are doing that day.

You will show up on the game card ready to share your experiences and cheer on your teammates


3) Determined

You are ready to rise up to the challenges of growing a business

You Dream of Freedom

The Professional Coaching Dream is unique for all of us. Yet, there are common themes that we can play for together.

Creative Freedom = the ability to design a business ecosystem with a coaching method that is perfectly aligned with your experiences, curiosity, values, perspectives and unique abilities. And to have fun doing it.

Lifestyle Freedom = the ability to design your business that fits perfectly with your life and even facilitates creating the life experiences that you truly desire. And to take really good care of your body, mind and soul while doing it.

Financial Freedom = the ability to create revenue streams that are enjoyable to deliver and greatly valued by the members of your community; to feel expansive and secure at the same time. And to enjoy the ability to purchase the resources you need and the experiences you desire from others for yourself and anyone in your care.

Respected (even admired) = Profound belonging is so important to all of us. You have put so much into your personal growth, into becoming a great coach, into developing your business models, methods and skills… the reward for all of this is the feeling of being respected, admired and desired within the community you serve. You want to be the GO-TO Coach for your ideal players. AWWWWW yeah!

Contribution! = You want to transform your life experiences and your acquired wisdom into value for others. You want your life to matter!

My Dream… Our Dream…

My BIG DREAM is to unchain the human spirit of play in people all around the world and inspire them to play BIG for their dreams by hiring a Life Coach. I want everyone to play for a dream that uplifts humanity toward co-creative interdependence and away from authoritarian domination. I want everyone to have a great Life Coach like YOU who is the champion of their dream; because they won’t play BIG for humanity by playing alone!

Certainty Sells. Doubt Repels.

For real.

EVERYTHING we do in BIG Freedom is designed to expand your certainty and ease your doubt. YES!!

The 4 things you desire!

Influence – Expression – Visibility – Change

These are the four things EVERYONE playing big in the world wants more of; wants to do better or bigger in their own unique way to make a positive impact; to matter.

Entrepreneurs, leaders of teams and organizations, people with a cause, people with an idea… anyone who aims to move beyond the status quo of life wants these four things: Influence, Visibility, Expression and Change. That means YOU!

By adding activities in these four areas into your play plan each week you will move toward personal transformation and business growth.

Side benefit: as you gain confidence in these 4 pursuits as a business player you will become a more confident coach who can attract bigger and bigger players who want the same four things!

The 4 Pivotal Moments of Social Play

Here are the four essential playful activities of the Connected Age of Purpose that we engage in.

We call them pivotal moments of social play.

  • Relate, Create, Explore and Experiment
  • A pivotal moment is a coach-able moment that you can improve through practice.
  • Social play means that it involves co-creating the experience with one or more other people rather than completing a task in isolation; as was the norm in the Industrial Age of Work.

And here is another BIG point: YOU have unique superpowers within you that you can unleash to become AWESOME in each of these 4 types of play.

To thrive in the world as a professional coach… you need an “edge” about you.

You need to OOZE a certainty about your own life AND your ability to coach players.

Developing great confidence in these 4 Pivotal Moments will get you there.

Certainty Sells. Doubt Repels.

We will do it together!


But there is a “catch”. And here is the catch…

These four moments are absolutely immersed in SEVEN really intense FEARS!

Fears that you don’t explore… will give you doubt.

Fears that you DO explore… will give you power.

The 7 Social Fears We Will Explore Together

While all of us with a BIG Dream to contribute our unique value and voice to others want these four experiences… we are all also navigating through these intense fears; mostly on a non-conscious level and mostly with a variety of not-so-effective methods! (Hah! That is an understatement).

  • Fear of Rejection
  • Fear of Trouble
  • Fear of Disappointment
  • Fear of Mistakes
  • Fear of Judgment
  • Fear of Failure
  • Fear of “I am not enough”


Here is a BIG idea: these social FEARS – and the beliefs that form around them – are not inherent to us, we absorb them from the culture through our life experiences.  By exploring these fears with profound curiosity we can uplevel our beliefs and discover the unique superpowers – for Influence, Visibility, Expression and Change – that are deep within us waiting to be activated.

This is what we mean when we say:

Our fears are a treasure map to our superpowers!

If you aim to play business at a high level you need to embrace and transcend these fears. It is almost impossible to transcend social fear by playing alone. But together we can do it!

Relate for Influence = Fear of Rejection

To play business you need to cultivate a high level of ease with approaching people and talking with them about their dreams And their performance possibility gap. If their dream connects to your signature topic then you need to invite them to a next step. This is where the fear of rejection comes in. BIG TIME.

Create for Expression = Fear of Disappointment

As a coach you will be creating and sharing content in a variety of forms on a regular basis. Also every time you have an opportunity to speak in front of people you are creating and sharing an experience. And if you get into facilitating group experiences that REALLY puts you into create and share mode.

The fear that we might disappoint someone or BE disappointed by someone’s reaction to what we create can be a BIG block to creating and sharing.

Explore for Visibility (to See and Be Seen) = Fear of Trouble

In order to find players, partners and people to participate in what we are creating we need to “get out there” either physically or virtually. This is what exploring is all about. When we explore we don’t know what we are going to find or experience and sometimes TROUBLE happens! We end up in uncomfortable situations or attract the attention of someone we don’t want to engage with. The human market place is an amazing but potentially “dangerous” place; at least at an emotional level.

The potential for trouble in the unknown is why most people stay where they are and spend their time with the same people. However, it is almost impossible to grow your coaching business this way.

Experiment for Change (to Try New Ways) = Fear of Mistakes

Do you resonate with this one? I sure do. This is a big remnant of the Industrial Age mindset that everything you need to do: a) there is a right way to do it b) you should be able to do it the right way every time and never make mistakes.

Of course this is nonsense! But the residue of this mindset from school and jobs keeps us locked into a perfection trap.

This makes it sooo hard to experiment and find our unique way to do everything our business needs us to do.


Fear of Judgment

This is a core Industrial Age fear: that if we do something in a public way we will be judged harshly.  We can all recognize the intense and ever present judgment from the Industrial Age culture: if you step up to do something BIG there will always be someone aiming to cut you down. We will neutralize this fear with an environment of judgment-free awareness.

Fear of Failure

This is a second core Industrial Age fear: that if we attempt to do something that we cannot control, we might fail; AND failure is the worst possible thing that can happen. It’s not hard to understand where this fear came from: the Industrial School System. Together we are going to explore the paradoxical idea that the potential for failure is actually what makes you feel alive!

Fear that I am Not Enough

The BIG Kahuna FEAR of almost everyone with a dream to play BIG in the world: That I am not enough. We have all lived through painful experiences where we tried to help someone we cared about but were unable to make the difference. These experiences add up and make us feel that we are not enough.

The good news is that you have more power and more wisdom than when your power failed you in the past; AND you in the company of awesome Life Coaches this time.

AWWWW YEAH! Look out world… here you come!

Certainty Sells. Doubt Repels

You can cultivate the capacity to PLAY and transcend these Industrial Age fears.

You can restore your natural human playfulness.

When you do, your business will thrive and you will have more fun playing.


1) Practice with colleagues and a coach.

2) Inner Freedom coaching with your coaching colleagues to explore pivotal moments when you experience fear.

3) Team support and belonging; when you feel that you are not alone and you have a group of people who care about you and support you, it is A LOT easier to make big moves in the face of fear.


Fear vs. Doubt =

Fear is in the body… Doubt is in the mind

You will ALWAYS have FEAR… AND when you play with the fear you project power. When you don’t, you project doubt!

Your Business is a Garden.

Your Business is Performance Art!

(Let’s mix some metaphors and see what happens 😉

Your Business Ecosystem

In an energizing and safe co-creative space you can create or uplevel each of the elements of a flourishing business!

There are so many fun things to create and/or uplevel for your coaching business. And in the right environment it can feel like creating and sharing your masterpiece one fun step at a time. You will create all of these things as you participate in BIG Freedom experience.

The idea of an ecosystem is that there are many different parts that support each other, need each other and play together in order to thrive.

Your business ecosystem is about YOU and your tribe: your values, your desires, your style, your needs and your Superpowers (that is the most important part). It’s not about doing anything someone else’s way. It’s about creating YOUR Way; although you can use the ways of others for inspiration!

Let’s dive into the details just a bit…

Performance-Possibility GAP

This is the core of your coaching business. This is the “THING” that you help other people PLAY better; because that is what coaching is. This includes: your ideal player profiles, the ways these players describe their dream and the ways you help them fulfill these dreams by becoming better players.

Signature Methods

Using the Business as Play like performance art idea, you writing your methods is like writing your music.

This is the WAY you do everything in your business. Every activity that your business needs you or someone to do will need a method.

Coaching Method

The first method you need to define is your 1-1 Coaching Method. This is the WAY you will help your players play better and pursue their dreams. Another way of saying this is it is the way you consistently guide your players toward the results they desire.

It can be anything from a loose structure to detailed weekly conversation guides. It includes any media, content, profiles or assessments that you share with your players as part of the experience.

Message & Brand

This is the core of your participation in the marketplace. This is what you are here to say and includes your “BIG Why”. This is how you share about the BIG Dream you help your players pursue and what is special about how you coach.

Signature Keynote

An additional note here because we will put a lot of emphasis on this in the program.

Your signature keynote is an outline for a talk that you can give in a variety of formats and times slots; a 10-minute Facebook Live, a 20-minute talk, 1-hour keynote or a 2-hour webinar.

It is based on your message and blends in your coaching method and player success stories.

Marketing Method

There are thousands of ways that you can get into the market place to find your players; and they fall into 3 broad categories: speak, write, network. To get started, you only need ONE! You need ONE WAY to find your ideal players and engage with them so that you can invite them into your sales / exploratory experience (AKA Sales method)

Sales Method

Once your coaching method is pretty solid, this will give you the confidence to develop your sales method. This is the way you engage with your prospective players to inspire them to hire you.

It includes your detailed conversation guide for your exploratory experience. It will include anything else you provide to your potential players or ask them to do as part of the sales experience.

Player (Client) Magnet

Part of business is going out to find your players, the other part is drawing them to you. This is what you put out into the world to attract your players to you for coaching.

As you coach more players and engage with more potential players you will come to understand what they are looking for in life; and eventually what they are looking for in a coach.

Partner Magnet

The long term success of your business depends on your ability to create partnerships. It’s a really good launching strategy too; if you cultivate a relationship with an influencer who recommends you it can greatly accelerate your growth.

It is important to have a plan for how you will cultivate partnerships.

Player (Client) Conversations

Player conversations include all the ways you create interactions with your players that are not specifically coaching conversations. This is an essential strategy for creating deep bonding and belonging with your players.

Another level is when you create ways for your players to gather together with you on calls or in-person events. As your players bond together this increases the perceived value they are receiving from you.

World Conversations

World conversations are ways for you to be seen and known and engaging people in the world as a person. This is different than marketing which is specifically targeted communications to find clients.

World conversations can include for example speaking at a “no-pitch” conference where it is just about creating visibility for your message or appearing as a guest on a podcast.


One step at a time… with help from your friends!

If you are new to your coaching business as you look at this model… STAY CALM!

You don’t need to create this all at once, you can use existing models as a starting point AND it doesn’t need to be perfect. In fact, there is no perfection and there is no “done”. The key is to get each element to a good enough “version 1” that meets your needs.  And then you will keep evolving each part as you and your business grow together.

Each month we will co-create one element of the ecosystem so that it feels perfect for YOU! I will share with you examples from my coaching business if you need a place to start. As others in the group share their examples you will have more ideas to draw upon and spark your creative juices.

Business is Performance Art

This is mixing metaphors here. But I love the notion that business is a performance art. You may relate to a singer/song writer or a dancer/choreographer or a comedian or story teller.

Business is not work.

In work … you look for answers. You look for some teacher to show you how to do it right. So you don’t make any mistakes. Everyone else is a competitor.

In Performance Art…

You look for collaborators to co-create with and a coach who can guide you to PLAY Better;

You aim to  develop YOUR WAY in the company of others.

You need folks around you who will observe you deeply and then share with you what they see.

There are a few core elements of performance art that overlap with business very nicely:

  • Develop your skills – in coaching and business
  • Create your art – your methods and content
  • Perform your art – co-creating experiences with others
  • Cultivate your audience – find and attract the people who are inspired by what you are doing and want to be a part of it.


Playing for your business dream like a performance artist will amp up your aliveness and fun!

To Grow Your Business... You Need to Grow Your SELF!

In BIG Freedom... It's Fun!!!

The Energy Alignment Game

The energy alignment game is a evolutionary way to describe how YOU must grow in order to grow your business.

You grow by moving all aspects of your energy into alignment with your dream. In other words… you BECOME the person who can own and orchestrate the thriving business that you imagine.

Here is a SUPER short description of each of the elements so that you can get excited!

It all starts with a BIG Dream!

Your BIG Dream is the call to adventure. In your business it calls you out into the market place to contribute the value that you are here to express.

Then… “the game” is to align every aspect of your energy and your world with the dream until it flows easily and you feel natural in the new experience. This can take a while! It is quite challenging but in the right company it can be a lot of fun too.

If you make it to your dream, then… you enjoy your life in alignment until a new BIG dream calls you back out into the unknown territory and we start a new adventure! But with a little more wisdom about what will be required to create alignment with the BIG Dream.

The Hand in the Sky with the Lightning bolt symbolizes the call to adventure of your BIG Dream. The symbols around the hand represent all of the aspects of playing with energy required to fulfill your dream. (and the coach training curriculum at CoachVille)

Remember too that as a Coach you are here to guide others in pursuit of their dreams! The dreams that you coach people to play for are essentially what define your coaching business. You are here to make positive change happen in the world with others.

Super YOU:

There is a next-level version of you that you must express fully and become in order to fulfill this big dream.

Playful Conscious Mind:

There is a playful version of your focused thoughts and deliberate actions that you need to use in an intentional way to uplevel your skills to align with the new dream.

Non-Conscious Mind:

Whoa. This is a big one. You will need to uplevel your body awareness, desires and beliefs to align with your dream. You will need to believe in a whole new set of possibilities. And you will need to uplevel your relationship with fear.


You non-conscious mind – which is super focused on belonging – is in constant connection with your environment. You will need to uplevel many aspects of the world around you so that the powers of belonging and becoming align with your dream.

Connection to the Super Mind:

There is a timeless web of human consciousness that we are all connected to. You can – and need to – tap into this connection in order to play for a BIG DREAM.

Life Coaches Co-Create!!
The Industrial Age Control
and the Status Quo

The Industrial Mindset was all about control and maintaining the status quo!

But in business we have no control!! And Life Coaching is about positive change!

So as a result we feel small and experience A LOT OF DOUBT!!!

We feel like we must be doing it wrong.

You know these familiar thoughts…

  • Do it yourself! Don’t bother anyone.
  • Do it right the first time or don’t do it at all.
  • Optimize for efficiency and do the same routine every day.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what the Industrial Age did to all of us; specifically all of the fears described in the 7 Social Fears Audio.

Life Coaching is a progressive movement to FREE THE PEOPLE from Industrial Culture and Industrial Trauma.

Life Coaching subverts the Industrial Hierarchy which organizes everything from schools to business like a military operation with a top down structure.

  • Command
  • Control
  • Compliance


Life coaching subverts hierarchy!!

In a Life Coaching relationship AMAZING things happen even though no one is “In Charge”!

  • Become = we co-create a safe space to play and express our YOUnique power
  • Believe = in our BIG Dream to contribute our YOUnique value to the world
  • Belong = we feel valued as our YOUnique selves in our business / community / world!
    • Together we Life Coaches can uplift the Human Family one player at a time and change the world through the ripple effect.

      The world is our playground and business is Social Play!

      By playing together as coaches we will greatly expand the Life Coaching Movement AND the number of people who have a Life Coach.

      We can quickly uplift the Human Family out of the Industrial Age Mindset into the Connected Age of Purpose where everyone is valued and we play together in co-creative interdependence.

    This is going to be ... AWESOME!!!

    A few numbers. Then the Registration Section...

    Lets play with some numbers

    1) In BIG Freedom I share models for a thriving business AND you then create YOUR ideal model.
    The key is to design your model and then go ALL In to live it.

    2) In BIG Freedom we are going to take some actions that you may have tried in the past.
    The big point is that Energy changes everything! When you uplevel your energy you will get much better results from your actions.

    3) Here is an example model for an awesome coaching business that combines 1-1 coaching, Group coaching and a Monthly Playshop for all of your players.

    In the audio I share a few different versions of the model that create a $100,000 / year business: including the dream Coach Lifestyle and the CYAO (Coach Your A*S Off) Model.

    For example… Here is a model that I love.

    I call it the “Dream Coach Lifestyle”

    8 1-1 Players – 3 1-hour Sessions per month for $695 / month

    24 Group Players – 4 groups of 6 for 2-1.5 hour sessions per month for $120 / month

    1 Virtual Playshop each month included in your 1-1 and Group coaching packages
    (from 2 – 4 hours each)

    In this model you coach:
    Week 1 = 14 hours (8 1-1 + 4 Groups)
    Week 2 = 11 hours (8 1-1 + 3-hour Playshop)
    Week 3 = 14 hours (8 1-1 + 4 Groups)
    Week 4 = FREE!!! (Create, Rejuvenate, Travel)

    Earn $100,000 / year (AWWW Yeah!!)

    YES WE CAN!!

    We would love to have you with us on the BIG Freedom Adventure!

    It will be a great investment in your SELF… in your business… AND in the world.


    Participate for one calendar year.

    Pay in full option

    Payment plan option
    1 payment of $795
    followed by 10 payments of $399


    Center for Coaching Mastery Complete Program Students and Alumni…

    You get 1 Year of BIG Freedom Membership included in your package. WOO HOOO! 

    What a deal!!!

    Log in to the CoachVille Member site,
    Then click this link!

    Let’s Play For Our Dreams…Together!


    (remember the jingle… yeah, it’s in your head now) 😉

    Let’s Talk!! (For Real)

    If you are seriously looking at investing in the BIG Freedom Membership AND you have some questions or need some clarification…

    I would LOVE to talk with you.

    I will want to know all about your coaching dream and your intentions for 2023…

    we can sort out the rest!!

    Send me an email: deanna @

    In the subject put: Questions about BIG Freedom.

    I will send you a link to my calendar and we will get together by phone or zoom.