“You don’t get to do anything that is worthwhile if you don’t have a dream.”

What makes some people so unique that they become a beacon for the rest of us?

How do they achieve breakthroughs and unique accomplishments that many others merely hope for?

How do they inspire us to do things we would not otherwise be able to do on our own? In other words, what makes a great leader, and how do they inspire us and change the world?

We do the things that inspire us; and we do not do the things that do not inspire us. Simple as that!

People hire coaches to, “Inspire them to grow from where they are to where they aspire to be.

Coaches too, aspire to grow in the same way—to make breakthroughs, to develop personally and to expand their business.

The Higher Ground Leadership® Coach Certification introduces revolutionary ideas that will literally change your perspective—and your life. It is designed for experienced coaches who want to raise their game to an entirely new level. It deals with the whole person—coach and coachee— at the deepest levels, including professional, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical.

The Course consists of 7 two-hour teleclasses and participants are required to complete a practicum supervised by Dr. Lance Secretan and Deanna Stull, CXO of CoachVille™. This course provides 14 CCEU’s in Coach Specific Training. Registrants also receive a free copy of the Spirit@Work® Cards (value $100).

Following graduation, each participant will be able to join an alumni community of Certified Coaches, have access to all of the proprietary materials and website forums of The Secretan Center Inc., and receive discounts on products from the Secretan Store.

As a member of our growing community of coaches this program will enable you to deepen your understanding of both the philosophy and methodology of Higher Ground Leadership®, adding it to your existing formal coach training and certification. Our coaches are a community collaborating and supporting each other, and their clients, using this life-changing work to inspire individuals and organizations to transform their lives and live their ONE Dream®.

The Details.

Class Begins Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023. 11 am – 1 pm Eastern. Each Class is 2 hours.

Enrollment is limited.

Class days are: 3/1, 3/8, 3/15, 3/22, 3/29, 4/5 and 4/12

You must have at least 30 hours of previous synchronous coach training complete OR be an active enrolled CoachVille student.

This course is only offered once per year.

Shares from past attendees

When the opportunity to take Higher Ground Leadership® came up, I resisted. I believed, “I’m not a leader”… I quickly learned that this belief was not true and embodied the wisdom that we are all leaders.

Higher Ground Leadership® applies to everyone, because although the name refers to leading – businesses, people, organizations, teams, communities – it is so much more than that. Higher Ground Leadership® is a way of being. Lance brings back humanness, the oneness that is our true essence. Through thoughtful and provocative conversations and the introduction of concepts that are tremendously effective, loving, and authentic for everyone, Higher Ground Leadership® has guided me towards creating the loving, flourishing world I so deeply desire.

I have rediscovered my “Essential Self,” which is also to say, my Soul. I now interact with the world from this space, cultivating inspiring and loving relationships (which also happens to be my ONE Dream®).

My favorite quote from Lance perfectly embodies my experience of Higher Ground Leadership® “We do not teach what we know, we teach who we are” – Dr. Lance Secretan.

– Sarah McErlean

Sarah McErlean, PCC

I have been an admirer of Lance Secretan’s work since he wrote the book “Inspire! What Great Leaders Do” many years ago. I jumped at the opportunity to learn how to apply the Higher Ground Leadership® principles in my life and my coaching practice.

It all starts with me. As I ignite my spark, I have been able to help people fan their spark and together we will light the world. The Higher Ground Leadership® principles have enhanced my practice immeasurably. My Spirit@Work® cards are beside my computer for every client call.

Nancy Steinhausen

More Details:

  • Higher Ground Leadership Coach Certification® is a seven-week Signature Series Coach Training Class that begins Wednesday, October 26th, and is available to coaches who have completed at least 30 hours of coach training, leadership experience, or helping professionals with equivalent training.
  • It is held via a dynamic teleconferencing system, so all you need is a phone OR internet to dial in.
  • It begins at 11 am Eastern and ends at 1 pm Eastern. Class is two hours with powerful breakouts for group connection.
  • It earns 14 ICF core competency credits toward certification or re-credentialing.


Learn the powerful foundational skills needed to

become a masterful coach in the chaos of life.

  • Create your Why/Be/Do®

  • Explore ONEDream®.

  • Learn the power of inspiration versus motivation.

  • Building Inspiring Relationships.

  • Understand the impact of language choices .

  • The life changing CASTLE® Principles

  • Spirit@Work®

  • Values-Centered Leadership®

  • Using The Vector as a measure and agreement.

  • Embrace and live a life centered in Mastery.

About Lance Secretan and Deanna Stull

Dr. Lance Secretan.

Dr. Lance Secretan is the world’s top authority on inspirational leadership, a trailblazing teacher, advisor and expert on corporate culture, whose bestselling books, inspirational talks, and life-changing retreats have touched the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. 

He is the author of 21 books about leadership, inspiration, corporate culture and entrepreneurship as well as an award-winning memoir, A Love Story. His latest book is The Bellwether Effect. Lance is a riveting speaker and is acknowledged globally as one of our most insightful and original leadership teachers. He is the former CEO of a Fortune 100 company, university professor, award-winning columnist, poet, author and outdoor athlete. He coaches and advises leaders globally (he is ranked among both The Top 30 Most Influential Executive Coaches and The Top 30 Most Influential Leadership Experts globally), and guides leadership teams who wish to transform their culture into the most inspirational in their industries.

Individuals, entire organizations, cities and states have experienced remarkable transformations through his unique mentoring, coaching, wisdom and approach. He has helped 6 companies to be named to Fortune’s Best Companies to Work for in America list, and 8 others are also his clients, and 30 Secretan Center clients are on Fortune’s Most Admired Companies list. Speakers in America ranks him among the Top Five Leadership speakers and his firm, The Secretan Center, Inc., is ranked #1 in the world as an international Leadership Consulting firm by Leadership Excellence.

Dr. Secretan is the recipient of many other awards, including the International Caring Award, whose previous winners include, Pope Francis, the Dalai Lama, President Jimmy Carter and Dr. Desmond Tutu. He is a forum Chair at MacKay CEO Forums, current Chair of the Pay it Forward Foundation, Board member of the Credit Valley Conservation Foundation, and former Chair of the Advisory Board of the Special Olympics World Winter Games. He is an expert skier, kayaker and mountain bikerand he divides his time between Ontario, Canada and the Colorado Rockies.

To engage Dr. Lance Secretan for a keynote speech, a coaching assignment or to learn more about our work write to us at https://www.secretan.com/contact-us/

Deanna Stull, PCC.

I’ve been a disrupter for most of my life — a rebel in the anti-status quo revolution. I’ve had remarkable adventures and the great fortune of epic business journeys, all of which added purpose to my rebellion.

As an experienced professional coach who focuses on diving deep, facilitating fear, and challenging core beliefs—my whole purpose is to create a more connected world of profound belonging. Fear and separateness harm humans, organizations, and companies; we can never be our best selves or greatest leaders without exploring and transforming this space.

My expertise comes from 25+ years of business development, marketing, branding, creating, visionary thinking, and professional coaching.

As a Senior Faculty Instructor and Chief Experience Officer at Coachville, LLC, and Certified Higher Ground Leadership® Coach/Pathfinder and Secretan Center Adjunct faculty member, I have mentored 4,000+ students taught more than 2750 coach training hours to aspiring professional coaches.

In my own practice, I have worked with more than 1,250 clients ranging from the Mayo Clinic to private entrepreneurs, and I have logged more than 22,500 coaching hours. My past experiences include:

• Launching the flagship location of School of Rock in Philadelphia, creating the foundation, marketing, and press which supported its growth into an iconic music school with 260 franchises and inspired a major motion picture, a television show, and an Andrew Lloyd Webber Broadway musical

• Transforming the culture at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee through Higher Ground Leadership® coaching in partnership with The Secretan Center that improved staff communication, connectivity, and increased the number of children served by 15,000 within a year.

• Inspiring an entrepreneur to break out of old beliefs to achieve the equivalent of one year of sales results in only six weeks by identifying roadblocks, creating an action plan, and making space for creativity and the spirit of play

Enroll in Higher Ground Leadership Coach® Certification

Class will be open to a limited enrollment number to facilitate deep sharing and safe space.


You must have a foundation of at least 30 hours of coach training completed OR be an actively enrolled student of The Center for Coaching Mastery.


If you would like more information, call 886-548-6516 and ask for Deanna Stull, PCC – The CXO of CoachVille, Cerftified HIgher Ground Leadership Coach and Pathfinder.

To Email Deanna for enrollment or information.