As a human you have the Superpower to Dream

It may have been squashed by your experiences in the Industrial Control Culture.

But you have the power inside you.

This superpower is essential for Transformation Coaching because ALL coaching begins with a Dream; a spark of desire to experience something new or do something better.


One of our Slogans at CoachVille:

Share your Dream

Live your Dream

Love your Life

Let’s explore these ideas in the audio:

Also in this audio the remarkable story of how I become a Life Coach!


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David Buck



Hello to you coach Dave Buck here from CoachVille. This audio is called: To Dream, which is a human nature superpower. And this audio is part of the transformation coaching audio series. Very excited to be with you. So here we go.


The Ability to Dream is a Human Nature Superpower


To dream is the hub of our human nature superpowers. There are six superpowers in our model, and they are to dream and the five BE’s. It’s like a Motown group, okay, the five B’s are, be free, be friend, become believe and belong, we will get to those another time we are talking about the superpower to dream.



This is all about the ability to choose your desires. The superpower to dream also calls upon your self love and self worth, which you also have in abundance. Even if you don’t know it, yet, it’s part of your human nature. So it’s in there.


Transformation From Obeying Authority to Choosing Your Desires and Dreams


All right, we always are talking about transformation. And then this situation we’re talking about a transformation from being controlled and obeying the rules or obeying authority to choosing your desires. So from obey the rules/ obey authority to choose your desires. This is a big one, because there is a lot of obedience in our authoritarian industrial culture. So as a human being, you have the superpower to dream. Now, it very likely has been thwarted or squashed by your experiences in this authoritarian industrial control culture.



But you have this power inside of you, you have felt it I’m sure at times in your life. And this is important because to dream is essential for transformation coaching because all coaching begins with a dream, a spark of desire to experience something new or do something better. This is what coaching is all about.


Share Your Dream, Live Your Dream, Love Your Life


And one of our slogans at CoachVille, is: “share your dream, live your dream, love your life”. I love the sound of that has very nice rhythm to it. So let’s explore some of these ideas. Alright,.


Share Your Dream


Share your dream. When you share your dream with another person. This is how you activate it. Our dreams are something we share with other people, our dreams are not isolated, our dreams are connected. And even if you don’t know exactly what your dream is, or even how to describe it, even if it’s just a small spark of desire that starts your dream when you share it. And it’s powerful, because our dreams are magnets for companions, resources, new situations, new adventures. And our dreams really guide us in many ways when we start and learn how to listen to them. Alright.


Live Your Dream


So that leads us to the next phrase, live your dream. This is so important. A dream is not the same as a goal. A goal is something you accomplish. A dream is something you live, we accomplish goals we live dreams. Now goals and dreams of course can go together you can have many goals if you want to have goals inside of your dream. But the dream is the big cohesive force in our lives. And I always say this even if you can only focus on your dream for 20 minutes a day.

It will transform your life, our dreams, living our dreams. It’s about:

  • self expression,
  • contribution
  • participation,
  • adventure
  • personal Growth,


These are the things that our dreams are made of.


Our dreams can be about:

  • business or
  • leadership or
  • career
  • community
  • social justice,
  • spiritual quest.


I mean, there’s so many things in life really any area of life, if you have a desire to contribute, or participate in some way, that is the spark of a dream. And we all will have many, many dreams in our lifetime, especially once you start living your dream, one dream will naturally lead to the next.


Love Your Life


And that leads us to the last phrase of that little triad. Love your life. When you live your dream, it will lead you to peak experiences when you come alive. These are moments when your abilities meet the situation. And something awesome happens often. It’s something that you desire, and something you’ve been practicing for when you are practicing, and preparing. And then the moment happens, and then you’re ready, and you do something awesome. It’s so good. That is what living is for. And that’s what coaching transformation coaching in particular, this is all about.

Where Do Our Dreams Come From?


Now, a big question that comes up all the time. Where do our dreams come from? This is a very good question. It’s very mysterious thing, our dreams. And it’s a mystery of life. Really? There’s no answer? Well, it’s a great question with no answer. But the idea is that our dreams happen when there’s some kind of combustion between you and the world around you. It’s a very mysterious kind of alchemy, but you experience something in the world, you see something, you observe, you experience something and then that touches something inside of you. And then bam, it’s like The Flash, it’s the lightning bolt moment that we talk about. And it can be like that, or sometimes it can just be something that accumulates over a period of time and you just start to feel it’s calling you. It’s: ah, I gotta do this.


A Coach Dave Dream Story


Alright, so just to give you a little example, I want to share with you one of my amazing dreams, dream sparking moments that happened in my life. This is a big one. And this happened to me in 1996. And at the time, I was a computer software consultant. I was also Coaching Soccer, at Seton Hall University, the men’s soccer team, which I loved, which was my dream at the time. I was, for many years, a personal growth advocate just always doing programs and seminars and all that sort of thing. I was always listening to these personal growth programs. Now, you may know what this is, or you may not, but they were on cassette tapes. If you don’t know what a cassette tape is, Google it, you will get a laugh.



But anyway, I had a car full of these programs, and I had my cassette player going nonstop. But I was driving around these computer gigs. I was also participating like mad with landmark education, which you may have heard of, actually started in 1986. And by 1995, I was doing one of their big programs called the introduction to the forum Leader Program is what it was called, at that time. And if you’ve been around landmark, like I said, You know what this is all about. This is a super intense six month program, where you just get the most amazing coaching on how to be authentic in front of a room of people. It’s, I mean, it’s one of the most impactful education experiences of my life.



But in this particular program, what your what you’re training to do is to lead something they call an introduction to the forum. And I was pretty good at this because I had been around the program for 10 years and I had all this personal growth experience and it was it was fun. So I was in this program, okay, and we actually had completed the program with the cohort that I was with, and we just all fell in love with each other. It’s such a you know, you have had this happen I know where you have an intensive Experience over a period of time you just fall in love with everyone. And you’re just bonded for life. And so after this experience, we wanted to stay together we wanted to the program was over, but we wanted to do something together.



So we did what any group would do, we decided to form an investment club. Okay, that was a joke, we did actually form an investment club. But that’s not what most people do in that situation. But literally, we started an investment club, we would meet every month, we’d get together, talk about investments, it was actually really fun, but made no sense to the situation. But it seemed to make sense to us at the time anyway. But this is not the point.



The point of the story is, one day a couple of months in, I’m going to my friends Rocky and Rita’s place, they’re hosting. They are in the program, amazing humans, I love them to this day. And I was going into their living room for the meeting, and Rocky comes up to me and he says: “Dave, I just heard about this new thing called life coaching. You should do it, I think you would be awesome at it.” And he tells me about the website.



And I thought, hmm, life coaching. That actually sounds pretty interesting. I love coaching soccer, I love life. I love personal growth. I loved coaching within the landmark program. And it was just this moment of bam, you know, the lightning bolt, life coaching. Wow. So after the meeting, I go home, I was a computer nerd, so I was on the internet in the 90s. And so you maybe you know this, so go home, and I plug in my modem, ah that’s the sound of a modem connecting to the internet. Okay. For those of you who don’t know, those times, it was crazy times.



Anyway, I connected the internet, I check out this website, and I’m reading about this life coaching thing. And I was just overwhelmed with knowing… “yes, I am going to do this”. This is me, this has me written all over it.



But I want you to think about this, I would have never known about life coaching for probably years, because it was so under the radar, it was not mainstream, I would have never known about this, unless this amazing friend of mine told me to do it. And not only that, it wasn’t just like the concept. He literally said to me, You should do this, you will be awesome at it. He advocated for me. And that moment, changed the whole trajectory of my life. I mean, wow, I can’t I can’t even imagine my life without that moment.


Something Connects Inside of YOU


So this is the kind of thing that I want you to think about with your dreams. Now, your dream might not be that big right now. But the whole idea is if there any kind of spark, any kind of knowing that is just grabbing you in some way, then I just want to encourage you to trust that it will guide you if you’ve seen something or you’ve heard about something and it just connects to something inside of you. And you just get this feeling like I got to do this. Or I have to do something about this. There’s a lot of scenarios that like that in the world today. So I just want to encourage you to follow your desires in the world so that your dream can unfold so that your dream can find you. All right.


The Elements of The Ability To Dream


And you know, it can happen in a lot of different ways. But let’s look at this moment, with a few elements from this human nature superpower to dream.


Self Love


The first is self love, okay to dream, your ability to dream requires self love, you have to honor your unique being your unique experience of life no matter what. Like that’s you just say yes, I honor my unique experience of life. That’s self love.


Self Worth


And then their self worth, which is you kind of have to lean into Alright, I am worthy of living my dream. And sometimes you just know you’re worthy of a dream. And because you think, wow, I’ve had all these life experiences, I’ve had all these different challenges, I’ve things I’ve done all these things I’ve invested in. Yeah, I have earned this dream, and usually has some kind of a feeling like that, like, Yeah, I’m worthy of this dream.


Choose Your Desires


And then it’s about, like I said, choose your desires. That’s the main idea of your dream is the superpower to dream is you have to choose. And I had this feeling. And you have had this feeling too. I just knew I wanted to do this. I also knew that my life was way too complicated. I was coaching soccer, part time at Seton Hall University, I was computer consulting full time I was coaching the new cohort in the landmark IFL, which is a very consuming experience. I was doing way too many things. But I still said yes. So it’s not always easy. It’s not always just cut and dry. It’s not always just oh, this is just the perfect time in my life for this dream. Sometimes it is, but a lot of times, it’s not. And so you just have to be willing to say yes.


You Don’t Have To Know… HOW


And always remember, with a dream, you don’t have to know how you’re going to do it. The treasure map will guide you. We’ll talk about that another time. Anyway, I always like to share this metaphor, I think it’s so powerful. It’s the metaphor of the “Play Life Station”. And I think this is it’s so good. When you think about this, you know, the Playstations the x box, they’re these games, but the game doesn’t come alive, The Game Station doesn’t come alive till you put a game in there. And this is the same idea with our lives. Putting a dream or activating your dream, saying yes to a dream. That’s like putting a game in the Play Life Station, that’s when you come alive. That’s when the world around you comes alive. And this is the fun, it’s like then the adventure begins and all kinds of things are going to start happening. And like I said, you don’t have to know how you’re going to do it. Things will start coming at you, life will start coming towards you. And you’ll you’ll figure out how to live your dream.


Are You Ready to ALLOW Yourself To Dream?


So with that being said, I have a provocative question for you. Are you ready to allow yourself to dream? Now in the industrial authoritarian culture, that we are all part of our human nature is utterly neglected and controlled. These two extremes, it’s profound, traumatizing. But in a coaching culture, we do the opposite. We embrace and express our human nature, rather than neglect and control, embrace and express.



So if you feel you’re ready to embrace and express your human nature superpower to dream, then you’re ready, you’re ready, you probably already know what the dream is, or at least the spark of desire, you’ve experienced something you’ve seen something recently that’s pulling at you. And that’s the spark.



So just I want to encourage you just be open to that spark. And we’ll see where it is going to take you. And again, like I always say, again, one more time, you don’t have to know how you’re going to do it. The treasure map will guide you and we’ll talk about that in another audio. All right.



That’s all for this transformation coaching audio. You can join us @ Where transformation coaching lives. And until the next time remember that this amazing world of ours is a playground and we are here to play together.

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