There is no Road map to your Dreams! BUT there is a treasure map.

As you go on the adventure to live your dream now, you will discover your Human nature superpowers as well as some of your quirky YOUnique abilities that you will need to unleash as you live the dream.


The Transformation:

From: Road Map Mindset

TO: Treasure Map Mindset

Treasure Map Mindset Transcript


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David Buck



All right, hello to you coach Dave Buck from CoachVille here with you. This audio is called the treasure map mindset. And it is part of the transformation coaching audio series.


No Roadmap to our Dreams. There is a Treasure Map


Here’s the big idea. There is no roadmap to your dreams. But there is a treasure map. So as you go on the adventure to live your dream now, you will discover some treasure, which is your human nature superpowers as well as some other quirky, unique abilities and perspectives that you have within you. And when you adventure for your dream, you discover this treasure if you have a treasure map mindset.


From Roadmap Mindset TO Treasure Map Mindset


So the transformation that we are talking about here in this audio is from the roadmap mindset to the treasure map mindset. So first of all, what is a treasure map? Well, a treasure map is a way to discover something a path, but it’s not very specific. It’s you are looking for clues, you’re loving the mystery of it. There’s oftentimes where you’re wondering what something might mean, there’s forks in the road where you need to make a choice. Often you’re tapping into the value of your wisdom from past experiences. Or you’re seeing a vision of who you can become. You’re paying attention to your desires and joys and delights. There’s confusing contradictions, where two opposite things both seem right. And sometimes you have to trust your intuition or inner knowing. And sometimes you receive an insight from out of the blue, which we would call the Super mind.



Anyway, this is all different aspects of a treasure map sort of adventure. And embracing these type of situations is what we call the treasure map mindset. And the big point that I want to make in this audio is that I want to encourage you to be open to find your pathway to balance between the roadmap mindset, which has value and the treasure map mindset, which has value both are valuable at different times or different situations.


The Authoritarian Expert Offer


And the trouble is that in our industrial control culture, with authoritarian experts, all giving the instructions, it’s you often hear these kinds of messages: oh, before you do this, make sure you have the roadmap to success. Or you should never try to do this without the proper blueprint. And I have the blueprint. And for $1,997 You will get my blueprint, or roadmap or whatever. If you’ve been in the personal growth field for more than two minutes, you have been invited to these type of offers.



And there’s also a vibe in the industrial control culture that there is a roadmap to everything that there is a set of instructions to just follow and do it the right way. So there is this vibe, which is why so many people try to sell roadmaps and blueprints is because all of our minds have been indoctrinated to trust the roadmaps that come from the authority.



Okay, now, there is great value in learning how to do things from people who have done something similar to what you’re doing. Absolutely. This is a huge part of our human nature to learn from each other. But at the same time, most of these roadmaps are overhyped. And the trouble is, if you believe that there is a set of instructions to get you where you want to go, in this case, your your dream or some peak experiences of your dream. And then if you follow the instructions and you don’t exactly get there, then you believe that you must have done something wrong or even worse, that there’s something wrong with you. And often, this is a belief that the authoritarian guru types put out there is that, well, if it doesn’t work for you, then you did it wrong. It’s not me. It’s you.



Okay. And that is really the whole trouble with these roadmaps, because very few pursuits in life, actually have a roadmap. They’re very pursue very few things that you pursue have step by step instructions. So it is wise to adopt a treasure map mindset, which is awesome, because you have the capability of the treasure map mindset inside of you, you just need to tap into it, and practice it.


A Roadmap and Treasure Map Example


Okay, so here’s just a little example, just to put this in perspective. So let’s say you wanted to make a video and put it on YouTube. Okay, there is a roadmap for how to do all the clicks, how to record the video, how to put it on your YouTube channel, all of those clicks, that is a roadmap situation. Okay. But there is no roadmap for how to create a video that is engaging, that people get value from that they want to watch through to the end that they want to follow you or like it or do whatever your thing is that you’re doing. There’s no roadmap for that, that requires a treasure map mindset.



And we all need to develop the wisdom to know the difference between these two scenarios. One, is it a roadmap scenario? And when is it a treasure map scenario.


With a Treasure Map you Trust Yourself


So again, remember that a treasure map means well, there are clues. And there’s puzzles, but often there’s contradictions, and you have to make your own choices. So you need to trust yourself. And you also need to trust your companions. Hopefully most of us in our pursuit of our dreams are not going alone, we have companions. So we need to trust ourselves trust our companions balance between those two, we need to embrace the confusion and the fact that we’re going to make some wrong turns and end up places we didn’t expect. This is all part of treasure map mindset. And the key is to just embrace all of this.



And another awesome thing about a treasure map type adventurer is surprise discoveries. Often you discover something you are not looking for, which is awesome. You often discover yourself and your capabilities along the way. So these are all beautiful things.


The Treasure is Peak Experiences where you come alive


Now, just a quick point, what is the treasure? Alright, so the treasure in our Real Life Adventures is a couple of things. One is the peak experiences that we have or that we’re playing for. Every dream has peak experiences. And we’ll get into this more in another audio. But the short version is that a peak experience is a situation when your emerging self and your emerging abilities meet a challenge, and you do something awesome; where you want to pump your fists in the air and say yes, these exhilarating moments. This is really what our dreams are all about this is the treasure is these experiences where we really come alive. And we rarely get that feeling from following the instructions on a roadmap very rarely.



The other part of the treasure, as I said before, is that you grow on the adventure, you discover aspects of yourself, you bond with your companions, and this may be the greatest treasure of all.



All right, so that is all for this transformation coaching audio. You can join us at Where transformation coaching lives. And until the next time remember that this amazing world of ours is a playground and we are here to play together.

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