“Play will change your life.

Coaching others to play better…Coach Dave Buck Master Certified Coach

Will change the world.”

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TEAM CoachVille is a global community for Coaches,
and Players who aim to play BIG in the Connected Age of Play.

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A few more details if you are curious…

Coaching, YOU and Love!

If you have a BIG DREAM to become a great coach
If you have already had some coach training
If you have been a coach for 20+ years (like me),
you will LOVE TEAM CoachVille.

If you are into Life Coaching in any of its forms…
business, leadership, health, personal growth etc.
or if you are a performing arts coach or an athletic coach
you will LOVE TEAM CoachVille.

If you are a TEAM player… a co-creator
and if you have the “Rebel with a cause” spirit
because you hate the status quo or dumb rules
or ANYTHING that holds a human back from playing BIG and loving life
you will LOVE TEAM CoachVille.

and we will LOVE to have YOU on our TEAM.

Together we are in the Pursuit of Humanity Playing Better.
Because that is what Coaching is all about.

Humanity, Coaching and CoachVille

Humanity is playing again
The Industrial Age of Work and Consumption was DE-Humanizing
The Connected Age of Play and Purpose is RE-Humanizing

Human evolution is accelerating; human consciousness is expanding… FAST
there is a LOT of turbulence in the world and a lot of possibilities!

When people PLAY they are creative, resourceful, resilient and JOYFUL
They CARE about each other – even in competition –
AND they care about the Earth (our playing field)
PLAY brings out the best in people.

Coaching hits the BIG time
The field of Life Coaching came into existence 20 years ago.
Coaching is both a catalyst of this global transformation of Purpose and Play
AND a massive beneficiary at the same time.

Forbes is calling Professional Coaching a $1+ Billion / year field.
That is 10,000 Professional Coaches earning $100,000 / year (in that ball park)
We have finally hit the BIG TIME!

CoachVille plays a significant role
This remarkable growth is happening in part due to the thought leadership provided by the CoachVille Community.
We were the first online community for coaches when we started in the year 2000
with the purpose to improve the quality of coaching world wide.
Thomas Leonard – the founder of Professional Life Coaching AND the founder of CoachVille –
called the CoachVille Community an “Open Source R&D Team”.
We gather, co-create and share advanced coaching, life and business concepts.

We now have 40,000+ members world wide. WOW!

We also have one of the first Coach Training programs in the world:
(and still the most innovative)
The Center for Coaching Mastery.
We now have 4,000 students and alumni.
Imagine all the people our students have coached!
That is a LOT of transformation.

TEAM CoachVille is the next generation

It is an online, connected and collaborative community for coaches.

Through the power of our multi-media game platform
Together we explore AND CO-CREATE
leading edge concepts of coaching, business and Human Possibility.
We have 18 years worth of resources to share with you
AND you can be a part of creating our next game-changing resource!

As a TEAM CoachVille Member YOU have the opportunity to
share insights from your life, business and coaching experiences
that contribute to the evolution of the field of Coaching, our TEAM
and our pursuit of Humanity Playing Better.