Your Courage is Much Greater than You Realize.

Imagine someone standing beside you during your last significant life challenge.

Imagine someone deeply empathetic who did not tell you who to be or how to be, but instead, was a calming center you could return to time and time again. Someone who stood in The Storm with you, but was rooted in truth and courage.

Imagine this person providing a space of peacefulness and presence.

Imagine them creating a space for you to embrace all that was spinning around you, encouraging you to freely express the unspoken, everything that you held in to protect others, and make it easier.

Imagine if this person was a masterful coach trained in building resiliency, the science of well being and stress reduction and mindfulness.

Imagine if they had the courage to be with whatever you brought to each experience and they did it with a sense of profound belonging.

Now, imagine that person is you.

You can become The Eye of The Storm.


Class Begins Thursday, February 18th.

And is held at 2 pm Eastern time slot. Class is 2.5 hours.

Enrollment is limited to an intimate group of 16, only.

Class will be limited to 12 new students, 4 alumni, and two instructors in training only.

Class days are: 3/4, 3/11, 3/18, 3/25, 4/1, 4/8, 4/15, 4/22, 4/29, 5/6

You must have at least 30 hours of previous synchronous coach training complete OR be an active enrolled CoachVille student.

This course is only offered once per year.


The deep and chaotic spaces of life happen often. And yet we spent a lot of time not talking about them, not addressing them and pretending they are not happening.

If you are coaching, you will spend a lot of time here. Life is messy, and even if hired for business/leadership/executive coaching, your clients will end up in the middle of an intense storm.

Coaching in the middle of chaos is unlike coaching everyday life. Methods and tools you rely on can put your clients into overwhelm, I fear can shut them down quickly.

Learning how to be with someone in these harder experiences changes your whole being as a coach.


We are never taught how to speak about  these experiences, let alone navigate them.

So when they become part of our lives we enter the complete unknown and we feel more alone then ever before in our lives.

The ripple effect will impact every challenge you encounter and every coaching relationship.

Your ability to connect deeply with all clients, to create profound belonging across your life will be greatly influenced by what you learn in The Storm.

Becoming The Eye of The Storm is life changing. Creating space, bearing witness, and seeing and hearing someone completely will change you, for the better.

The skills you learn will allow you to be a voice of neutrality, a quiet center in the middle of tornadic emotion, fear and resistance.

You will learn to be a master in discomfort and be a willing partner in the experiences of life most people turn away from.

Continue reading to find out how my own traumatic last decade brought me here, to this uncharted land of discomfort. I am teaching this, because I lived it and made ALL mistakes. 


Beautiful playbook with prompts and reflections.

An edited transcript of every class.

Recorded audio of every class.

Live lifetime access to class.

One Hour  – one on one coaching session.

Resources and Book Recommendations.

Guided Meditations for Coaches.

Playlists of positive music and movies.

It seems unreasonable that a total stranger would understand me better than my family and my close friends, but it is true. When I was referred to Deanna, I was in hospice for only three days. I am 24 and in hospice. Those close o me were emotional, trying to convince me to keep fighting, trying to tell me everything would be okay.
I had my first call with Deanna, and she asked me why I wanted to talk to her.


I said, ” I’M DYING!!”

I heard her take a deep breath, and she responded, “Yes, that’s true, but you are also still living, I am here to help you remember that every day.”

We both got really quiet as that settled in. From the second I was told there was nothing left to do, everyone changed how they dealt with me as if I was already gone. They were already grieving my loss, INCLUDING MYSELF! That moment of truth set a tone for our whole relationship.

Every time we spoke from that moment forward we embraced both truths, I am dying, AND I am still living. No one else is with me in both, and no one is more mindful of both.

RS - Hospice Client

II was not expecting to laugh so much.

Everyone is afraid to be happy or silly with me. But I needed happy. I needed joy and aliveness.

I am not sure how she faces my life and eminent death with such balance of emotion, but it was exactly what I needed.
When she shared her own story of her and Blake laughing and joking while they waited for an ICU room in his final days of life, I knew I would be safe with her.

She saw and embraced all of me. All of life. And all of death.

I needed her balanced perspective. You may not know it yet, but you do too


RG - Hospice Client

Enroll in an Intimate Offering of Eye of The Storm

Class will be open to a limited enrollment number in order to create and hold safe space.


You must have a foundation of at least 30 hours of coach training completed OR be an actively enrolled student of The Center for Coaching Mastery.


The Admissions conversation is a short one on one call with Deanna to be sure this course is right for you.

For an admissions appointment, click here.

 and half hoursThe Details:


  • Eye of The Storm is a ten week Signature Series Coach Training Class that begins March 4th and is available to coaches who have completed at least 30 hours of coach training and helping professionals with equivalent training.

  • It is held via a dynamic teleconferencing system, so all you need is a phone OR internet to dial in.

  • It is held at 2pm  Eastern. Class is two and a half hours.

  • It earns 25 ICF core competency credits toward certification or re-credentialing.


73% of humans in the U.S. avoid conversations about the

deeper challenge, significant change and harder moments of life.

100% of us experience them.


Percentage of People Who Are Effective in Deep Conversations

Study after study reports the lack of skills needed to navigate difficult conversations.
The impact of avoiding discussing the challenging experiences in life is significant:
Chronic Insomnia
Deep Feeling of Separateness
Failing Relationships
Familial Estrangement
Lost Employment
Chronic Stress-Related Illness
Mental Health Challenges
Significant Lost Revenue



Deanna is provocative, creative, intensely present, and completely free of judgment. I feel safe with Deanna and trust her implicitly. She has never shied away from trauma or tragedy; instead, Deanna has taught me to be present to the darkness. She has illuminated these dark spaces and shown me how to be more truthful, courageous, and loving.

Things have gotten messy at times, and I’ve felt the chaos of emotions long-stored and ignored. Through it all, Deanna has stood firmly by my side. She has never tried to diminish my experience, something I think most humans do when faced with deeply emotional and intense spaces. Instead, Deanna has always honoured my humanity and the sacredness of who I am.

She has shown me that I am capable of being present in this space, and this has changed my life forever. I believe we humans, in our inability to be present to pain, unconsciously create disconnection when we try to fix, change, or ignore suffering. The experience of having Deanna stand with me in all of my storms has given me a very different message. The depths may be scary, and difficult and messy, but you are capable of standing in this, I am here with you. Her presence has told me you are not alone, and you can do this.

MS - Business Coaching Client with traumatic and abusive childhood.

I can’t imagine what this would be like without Deanna. She is the one person in my life with whom I do not need to censor my thoughts or feelings. I can share anything with her; she accepts it and reflects with me about what I am feeling. She doesn’t try to fix it or make me feel better; she stays with me in the hard emotions, my fears, and anger. She doesn’t name or label them.

I am doing things again. Being proactive, living life.

There is nothing right or wrong about how I feel with Deanna; it’s just about being with what is. Everyone else in my life is labeling and judging everything I do and say. What amazes me is she has empathy for them, too, even though I know she is here for me. She asks a question, “What do they fear right now?” and in an instant, I can see the whole experience differently.

KM - Hospice Client

Learn the powerful foundational skills needed to

become a masterful coach in the chaos of life.

  • Learn how to stay unhooked from story

  • Build trust through and maintain vulnerability.

  • Learn the power of profound neutrality and truth.

  • Learn the unique challenges of The Storm.

  • Understand and coach the non-linear experience .

  • Learn The Storm Frameworks.

  • Maintain belonging even when you are rattled.

  • Learn The Storm Clarifiers.

  • Learn to develop Resiliency.

  • Learn the techinques to keep yourself positive and whole in the storm.

  • Master the journey of empathy.

  • Build courage and certainty.

  • Learn to let go.

I hired Deanna for entrepreneurial coaching and visibility, but within the first 15 minutes talking to her, I shared why I feared visibility so much. I survived a childhood of physical and sexual abuse. My life taught me, hide to be safe, and she was challenging that belief. I started talking, and I couldn’t stop..

Twenty-five minutes later, I finished, and there was silence. I was bracing for her response.

I expected her to tell me what to do. Perhaps she would tell me I had to go to a therapist, which I had done for many years. Or maybe she would judge me or avoid the topic altogether, as a few others had.

Instead, she said, “You are incredibly resilient and courageous. Your history and experience are important. What would you like to do with it?”

I sat dumbfounded. There was none of the shame, guilt, or fear in that question at all; it was an acknowledgment of what was, and I couldn’t speak.

Our relationship then focused on forward movement and me living my dream. She was always ready to understand how the learning from my past was influencing my business. And she did so with grace and love.


My life is so different now; I am not running from my past. I am not hiding. I am walking into my future with my head held high.

JB - Entreprenuerial/Business Development Client

Meet Deanna.

The entirety of the past ten years of my life have brought me to this moment and this class.

I was an expert at avoiding the challenging parts of life until the universe handed them to me on a silver platter when my partner was diagnosed with leukemia ten years ago in May, 2010. I handled everything and fell apart simultaneously. I over-performed, I didn’t ask for help, I didn’t look for support, and I shared very little with very few. I ended up with a PTSD diagnosis and some intense health challenges brought on by stress.

After my partner’s death, many storms continues to hit my life, storm after storm. 

I fell apart.

In the falling apart, I found a new way of being. I became an open book, more vulnerable than ever in my life. I journaled grief on Facebook for the whole world to read. I started talking about the things most wanted to avoid, and I did it regularly.

I began coaching adults with histories of abuse. I became a hospice coach to the dying. I took up residence in the deep spaces with a resolve to change them.

Which is why we are here, now. I want to teach as many as I can how to handle all that life may hand us, with as much grace and ease as possible.

I am here as your sherpa of the dark recesses of life, to guide you, but also to bring light. These harder moments can also be profoundly beautiful, and I am hoping that opening up the discussion about how to see them, how to coach them, and how to master them will lead you to a sense of peace and certainty in even the dark night of the soul.

Take my hand, my friend, as we step into a room with all the things we’ve been too fearful of exploring.

I am with you,

ICF Professional Certified Coach

CXO of CoachVille

Higher Ground Leadership Certified Pathfinder & Coach

13 Years & tens of thousands of coachng hours.

5 Years of Hospice Coaching

10 Years &  3000 hours training coaches

Secretan Center Adjunct Faculty Member

Enroll in an Intimate Offering of Eye of The Storm

Class will be open to a limited enrollment number to facilitate deep sharing and safe space.


You must have a foundation of at least 30 hours of coach training completed OR be an actively enrolled student of The Center for Coaching Mastery.


The Admissions conversation is a short one on one call with Deanna to be sure this course is right for you.

For an admissions appointment, click here.