Welcome to the Champion of Dreams Summit 2021

Coaches are the Champion of Dreams.

In this summit you will meet 9 amazing Life Coaches and a Relationship Therapist. You will hear their stories about how THEY champion the dreams of people like YOU!

When you play for your dream this is the ultimate expression of freedom; this is the ultimate experience of freedom.

Your Dream calls you out to the playground of the world.

Your Dream makes everyday a new adventure for personal expression and growth.

At coachville we believe that everyone has a Dream!

Our dream is for EVERYONE to have a great coach.

BIG Freedom

Speaking of freedom… all of the participants in this summit are part of the BIG Freedom business program at CoachVille where we co-create ecosystems and practice business situations together every week… including interviewing and being interviewed!

So… a lot of practice went into these interviews! I know you will enjoy them.

As a Coach we guide each Player to...

Energize their Human Right to playfully pursue their self-determined Dream in life and the peak experiences where they feel most alive.

David Sherrod, MBA, PCC, CVPCC, HGL® Pathfinder

Title: Modern Day Alchemist

Dream: Becoming an Inspiring Leader

Web Addresshttps://Alchemist.Coach

Magnet: “Are you using all 6 Leadership Styles to your advantage?”

Interviewer: Coach Dave


Wise Words from Coach David Sherrod

“Leadership skills are actually life skills. They are communication. They are crafting agreements with people instead of holding expectations. They’re listening.”

What does Alchemy mean to you as a coach?

“It’s modern-day alchemy. The Alchemist of old is the predecessor to chemistry and they were really trying to transform some base metal into a precious metal like gold. They were trying to find the elixir of life. But if you read the esoteric versions of it, it was they were trying to transform themselves into something more.

“And so that’s what coaching to me is –  the seemingly magical process of combination, co-creation, and transformation because that’s what we do.”

” We combine, myself and my players, we co-create things together. And ultimately, it’s about their transformation into the type of leader they want to be the type of human they want to be.”

Eirini Metaxas, PCC, CVPCC, HGL® Pathfinder

Title:     Metamorphosis Coach

Dream: Inspiring people to tap into their inner power and become their best self.

Web Address: me2morph.com

Magnet: An invitation to my end-of-year Sisterhood Inner Circle, Dec. 29, 7pm via Zoom.

All participants will receive a gift to use personally and professionally for the rest of your lives!

 Interviewer: Coach Nick Devlin

Wise Words from Coach Eirini Metaxas

“So my dream, actually for myself and others is to morph into who you were meant to be, which is a lifelong journey for all of us. And my passion is to inspire people to tap into their inner power so that can fuel the desire of their hearts. And then they become a better version of themselves. So the key really is knowing that change is possible. And we become better versions of ourselves through a process of change. This is my whole coaching philosophy that we can all change to become better beings to elevate and live on a higher level of ourselves.”

“I honestly believe we all have this inner power. And it’s really hard to put into words. But it’s what I believe is a mystical force that propels us forward. It’s this energy that can give birth to our dreams and make them become real and become our reality. And we do this by bringing our bodies and minds together as one, so that our thoughts feelings and actions are aligned in pursuit of our dreams.”

As a Coach we guide each Player to...

Embrace their Human Playfulness: curiosity, co-creativity, empathy, enthusiasm, resourcefulness, resilience, spontaneity and self-determination.

Steve Smyth

Title: Personal Growth Coach 

Dream: Transformation & Freedom: Helping People unleash more of their unique human qualities

Social Profile linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/steve-smyth/

Magnet: Unleash Your Superpower Guide

Interviewer: Coach Dave

Wise Words from Coach Steve Smyth

“I really have this big vision for personal growth. I coach people around massive human transformation and creating more freedom in their lives. And it really boils down to one thing” And that’s helping people unleash more of their unique human qualities. Because what happens is at a young age, we learn to suppress all of our powers. And when you play with me, we discover your long lost superpowers. And really step into then. It could be anything from self-expression, creativity, collaboration, assertiveness confidence, anything that you really want to step into, and step into the world in a big way. That’s what I do.”

“My first coach was training at CoachVille. I thought: “That’s it. I’m joining. I love it. I signed up.” And you know, something really interesting was happening as I was going through the programs, practicing coaching. I was coaching with another super awesome coach. And in that journey, I was telling him how frustrated I was with my job.

A few days later I ended up losing my job!

He gave me a really good meaning to attach to it: that I didn’t lose my job, I was set free. Yes, I was set free from my job to really just do what I want. And really just fully step into my power and be me. And I wasn’t able to do that in the corporate box. I’m not saying corporate is bad, because I coach a lot of people in corporate, but it was more like it didn’t fit for me.”

Stephanie Wood, PCC

Title: Body Knowledge Business System ® Coach

Author: Body Knowledge System ® An Awesome Intelligence

Dream: Entrepreneurs to bring YOUR talents to the world on the Stage of YOUR choice.

Web AddressBodyAwe.Com

Magnet: Body Confidence Check self assessment

Interviewer: Coach Estelle Gibson

Wise Words from Coach Stephanie Wood

“The dream that I champion for my clients are entrepreneurs who want to feel confident with certain skills and techniques they can rely on to make a difference in the world…

As your coach I want to create a business with your talents. I do this with my Body Knowledge System. With my 30 years’ experience with developing entrepreneurial businesses. The women I coach want to be their own financier, make their own money, make their lifestyle exactly the way they want on their own terms as they develop their business.”

How Stephanie got into coaching…

“I was a professional dancer on the New York Stage, but auditioning became a drain;. So, I asked myself, ‘how can I combine my talent of movement with making money?’ I didn’t want to worry about somebody rejecting me. So that’s how I started my first business, which combined my talents of music and movement Remember Jane Fonda when she put out her first aerobics video.  I watched that, and I said to myself, in my living room,’ I can do that!’ I can actually do that even better than her. I started my aerobics business. I went to churches and temples and VA facilities, I paid rent, I employed over 30 teachers, I created the routines that I choreographed. And I did that for a couple years. And that, combined with my talent of movement, and my essence of knowing how to make money, created a platform, which is my Coaching and the techniques of business know-how with my Body Knowledge System.”

As a Coach we guide each Player to...

Engage their Human Superpowers: the Urge to Become, the Ability to Believe, the Need to Belong, the Drive to Be FREE and the Love to Befriend.

Awww Yeah!!

Roslyn Still, PhD

Title: Therapist

Dream: Help people create satisfying relationships

Web Address: https://stillcounseling.com/

Interviewer: Coach Dave

Wise Words from Therapist Roslyn Still

What is the dream that you are the champion of?

“This is a really cool question. And when I think of myself as the champion of someone’s dreams, I’m thinking particularly about the clients who want to have satisfying relationships. A lot of people dream of relationship, but sometimes getting there is really difficult. And so I feel like I come along to kind of help them do that. And that can take many different paths. But that’s really what I champion having satisfying relationships in our lives.”

“I think a big thing is going deeper. What is it that’s happening in me? And then yes, how are people responding to me? What is it that I’m putting out there that I’m not aware of?”

“One of the things that feels a little bit awkward about being a therapist and focusing on relationships, particularly couples, is there’s this assumption that we’re going to get to a point where the relationship is happy, and people are satisfied, and we live happily ever after. Together. Yes. Often that happens. And because I really love relationships, I like the idea of that happening. But sometimes satisfying relationships means I have to come to terms with the fact that this relationship isn’t working for me.”

Lynn Buscaglia, ACC, CVPCC

Title: Life Coach

Dream: I help people reach their “what if.”

Web Addresswww.coachlynn.us

Magnet: What puts wind in your sails?  a complimentary coaching session

Interviewer: Coach Pam Sims

Wise Words from Coach Lynn Buscaglia

“I help people reach their “What if” everyone has a “What If” or “Why not”? So, I help people slow down and go for it. People maybe who imagine a career change or in a small business, and want to grow it, someone who’s seeking purpose or balance, I help bring them their “What If” to life.”

“I had a client who runs a small business, and she just felt overwhelmed by her business and really almost frozen by too much.  And so what we did was we clarified her purpose. We identified what her values were. And she reminded me that her business has doubled. And she’s doing a lot more of what she loves, and a lot less of the drudgery that she was overwhelmed by.”

“I had a client who was running in place. With a little bit of curiosity, we discovered that she was just held hostage by her inner critic, the inner critic really means fear. So we realized together that her fear wasn’t going anywhere. But if she made friends with it, it would lighten her load considerably. So she did just that. She created a cartoon character out of her friend, and she’s out of fear. And she named it and she has a visualization of it. And she now seeks it for advice. She’s just living a much lighter existence and moving forward, on her dreams on all four cylinders.”

As a Coach we guide each Player to...

Empower their Unique Superpowers – voice, perspectives, abilities and desires – and express them in the world.

Deniz Kenber, PCC

Title: Womans Empowerment Coach

Dream: Women true to their feminine essence and owning their feminine power making the world a better place.

Web Addresshttps://www.shinecircle.co/

Magnet: The Shine Guide!

A self empowerment guide to explore your unique way of owning your feminine power that leads to your Shine.

Interviewer: Coach Dave 

Wise Words from Coach Deniz Kenber

“I’m a woman empowerment coach. And my players are women who are over achiever. Successful, influential making a difference in the world, ladies. And their dream is freedom. When I asked them, you know, the common word, the key word is freedom, freedom to be more women like freedom to be themselves authentically freedom to create a new life. So it’s not like only one dream, and they’re all interrelated to each other. But the umbrella is freedom to be yourself and be awesome.”

“I see that their dream is to be effective, powerful in life, making a difference in a more womanly way, you know, with their feminine essence.  They’ve had lots of dysfunctional relationships. And they want to have the freedom of enjoying life, being more playful, being more joyful; finding a place where they can be themselves. So these are the things they say usually.

So in our coaching programs, we freely explore what it really means to own your womanhood. And that makes us also more powerful. With our male energy, because every person has both energies. And to really own your power, we have to find our own unique way of balancing those two energies. The solution is different. The outcome is different for each and every person.

It’s individualized. It’s unique. It’s not it’s not one size fits all for sure, which is why coaching is so important, because it’s personal.

Rebecca Boswell, MA, MBA, PCC

Title: Personal Growth & Development Coach

Dream: I believe we all have gifts to deliver.  My dream is to facilitate others in delivering these gifts by cultivating greater awareness, confidence, and choice for inspired action.  

Website:  www.RebeccaBoswell.com

Interviewer: David Sherrod

Wise Words from Coach Rebecca Boswell…

“So my focus as a coach really is on growth and development.

When clients come to me for coaching, it can look like: I want a new job, or it’s time for a career shift, or I ready for lifestyle pivot; or I could use some more fulfilling life experiences. But ultimately, when people are coming, they’re in some sort of transition.

And what I have learned in the last 10 plus years of coaching is that the X Factor in any kind of change is growth and development. So wherever we are today, if we’re not experiencing what it is that we’d like to be experiencing, there’s an opportunity there. And there’s this direct correlation between how much someone is willing to grow and develop their self-concept, their self-confidence, really play in the inner work, correlates with how much change they can start to experience in the world around them, how their relationships are working out, how they’re enjoying their job, whether what they’re putting your time and energy into is actually creating the outcomes that they say they would like to be happy.”

As a Coach we guide each Player to...

Enjoy their Human Aspiration to respect and protect the unique value of every other Human, the Sacred Earth and all of its creatures.

Restore their Human Capacity to choose a path for themselves and care for the collective at the same time.

Coach Robb Hutter

Title: Life Coach

Dream: Step into the spotlight coaching

Social Profile:  Coach Robb on Linked In

Interviewer: Coach Dave

Wise Words from Coach Robb Hutter

“Your life can be just as big as you DARE to make it.

I am a Broadway show aficionado. I draw inspiration for my coaching practice from the stage mother of all stage mothers: Mama Rose from Gypsy! She turns her daughters into stars; they needed someone to hold their hand and give them a push.

Realization of a dream is like putting on a show!

Are you ready to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight?

What didn’t I do in my life?

What is it not too late for me to do?

And the truth is, is that for there really to be sustainable change, it’s got to come from within, I mean, sure, you need us to hold their hands for a period of a period of time, but they have to want to make it happen.

What is the one-person show you want to create?

Let’s get started!”

Coach Nick Devlin, MBA, ACC, CVPCC

Title: Life Adventure Guide 

Dream: become fully alive and free to live your BIG Life Adventure!

Web Address: NickDevlinCoaching.com 

Your magnet: The 6 steps to being a fearless life  explorer

Interviewer: Stephanie Wood

Wise Words from Coach Nick Devlin

“The dream that I champion is helping people become fully alive and free to live their life like a big adventure.

The people that I that I love to coach tend to be a successful professionals or entrepreneurs who get to a point where they’re frustrated, they’re not really fulfilled. And they realize there’s got to be something else. They’ve worked so hard to get where they are, and they checked off all the boxes, but there’s something missing. And that’s where I love to come in and help them really tap into their superpowers, tap into their energy and get excited about creating the life that they really want to live.”

Can you share a player success story?

One of my players, when she came to me, she was really frustrated. I mean, like, angry at the world at her situation. And by all measures she was very successful; she was in a top leadership role with a big company. But she wasn’t really tapped into her sense of self or sense of power.

And through coaching she started saying things like: you know, I finally feel like myself again, I feel like I can embrace the spirit of play. And then things started to really happen. Her team started performing better, she started to get a lot of feedback from her leadership that the things that she was doing were positioning the company for growth because she was inspiring the people around her.”

Free people, FREE PEOPLE!

This amazing world of ours is a playground.

Let’s PLAY together.

AWWWWW YEAH!!!!!!!!!