What makes you come alive?


Stale, robotic, Key Performance Indicators



Wildly alive desires, imagination, playfulness, adventure and fun!!!

Playing for

All coaching begins when a player has a Dream and chooses a coach to guide them on the adventure. 

As a Transformational Coach you are the Champion of Dreams!

Talking with people about their dreams will become one of the most important and joyful activities you engage in as a Transformational Coach.

Another way to think about it is that having a Dream is the gateway to coaching.

Another point is that as a Transformational Coach, you are always playing for your own dream while you are coaching your players in pursuit of theirs.

Why Dream… rather than objectives or goals?

  • Your Dream includes the spirit of play.
  • Your Dream includes your imagination.
  • Your Dream includes your vision.
  • Your Dream includes your heart’s desires.
  • Your Dream includes how you want to contribute to life.
  • Your Dream includes who you want to become.
  • Your Dream includes the experiences you want to co-create.
  • Your Dream includes a sense of wonder and mystery.
  • Your Dream is the call to adventure.

Squashed… but
not forgotten

Everybody has a Dream!

I believe that having a dream is a fundamental Human quality. However, our dreams were often roughed up or even squashed in the Industrial Control Culture. “It’s for your own good” is a common phrase used by someone with hierarchical control denying someone access to their Dream in some way.

Because Self-determination is punished in school – we are trained to sit down and be quiet and wait to be told what to do – when you ask someone about their Dream it might cause a bit of a shock for them.  Mostly no one asks them about their Dream. The good news is that this will make you memorable!

Another aspect of how we were trained to think in the Industrial Control Culture is to focus on only what we can control by working alone. This approach tends to keep us really small. As a Transformational Coach your players can dream bigger because you are with them.

Once a person feels safe with you as a Transformational Coach, talking about their Dream will make them feel more alive in amazing ways. I have experienced this so many times. Once you get them talking, most players will have a vision of themselves having experiences beyond what they are doing today. They will express a desire to become the next version of themselves!

Some folks may be very clear about their Dream. Typically, these are the people that seek out a life coach in the first place. However, for most people, the dream starts out a bit “fuzzy”. This is OK! We don’t let this stop us. We start with whatever clarity they have and trust that the dream will come into clarity as they play for it.

As a Transformational Coach you will do two things:

1) Focus on the folks who have enough of their Dream, Self-Determination, and Playfulness intact to get started with you as a Transformational Coach.

2) Become a renowned encourager and champion of Dreams so that when someone you know has a glimpse of their dream, they seek you out!

Goal Orientation?

Some players are goal-oriented, some are not. Some players are more mastery oriented. If your player is goal oriented, then you will craft short term goals with them as part of playing for their dream.

The Play Life
Station “Console”

The “Play Life Station” Metaphor

A metaphor that I love for playing for a Dream is this: Imagine that this amazing world of ours is like a big real life “playstation”. When you choose a dream it is like putting a game into the “Play Life Station”.

Once the Dream is activated new growth-inviting challenges and opportunities quickly arrive. FUN! New skills are needed. New approaches and strategies are needed. Lot’s of practice is needed. This is when we really start coaching!

A Dream is something you play for.

A Dream is something you LIVE right now.

A Coachable Dream

Here are a few thoughts to help you hone in on your own dream right now. And you can share these thoughts with your Players as well.

Focus on something that you CAN do right now. It is great if you also have a “someday” dream, and you start where you are.

If you have a “someday” dream that is not possible now, choose a “steppingstone” dream that will develop you in a way that moves you toward your “someday”.

Choose something that will pull you out into the social world of other people. It can be virtually or face-to-face. Something that you can do by working in isolation is not a BIG enough dream for playing with a coach.

Choose something that will ask you to GROW; something that will “ask” you to become the next version of YOU.

Also… ALWAYS remember that BIG means big for the player; be careful about comparing yourself to other people. If the dream feels big for the player… then it’s a BIG DREAM!

So many beautiful
dreams to coach

Dreams You Can Coach

As a professional coach, over time you will often focus in on the types of life Dreams that you specialize in coaching; as a Life Coach there are so many possibilities!

Our mantra is: Our world is a playground. Let’s Play Together.

Here is a “starter” list of the endeavors that people dream of playing better. This will spark your imagination for the many possibilities you have as both a player of life and as a transformational coach.

Aspects of Life we can play better with a Transformational Coach

  • small business ownership,
  • career development & transition into something joyful & meaningful
  • business growth through team play,
  • leading a worthy cause
  • growing a vibrant community or tribe
  • spiritual quest through community participation,
  • financial freedom through value creation,
  • corporate management and/or leadership of a great team
  • artistic expression and performance
  • health and wellness through engagement
  • personal growth through self-expression and participation (this includes co-creating relationships and partnerships)

How your players will grow as they play for your dreams…

  • Your players will express their superpowers, energy and creativity
  • Your players will enjoy the company of people on their growing Dream Team
  • Your players will grow their skills and capabilities 
  • Your players will experience personal transformation; to become, believe, belong, be free and befriend.
  • Your players will grow in status within their community
  • Your players will change their world or THE world in a positive way 

You will LOVE coaching the pursuit of Dreams that are engaging, supportive, challenging, purposeful and fulfilling.

Being a Transformational Coach…

You will become known in your community as the Champion of Dreams. You will be the one people want to share their dreams with!

You will become perceptive in helping people discover their own dream; even if they think they don’t have one; you know they do!

You will become quite adept at recognizing the growth opportunities in a dream.


Center for Coaching Mastery Program

In the Center for Coaching Mastery Program you will talk about dreams all the time both as a player and as a coach!

You will become a master at encouraging people to live their dreams now… not someday.


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