Shine the light of self-determination and co-creation!


Doing what you are “supposed to do’.



Choosing lifestyle freedom.

the Love!

Lifestyle Freedom is all about CHOICE!

You can imagine that soccer coaches LOVE soccer.

And that voice coaches LOVE singing.

As a Transformational Coach your overarching purpose is to LOVE Life.

And that includes the flavor of Transformational Coaching you are focusing on…

You LOVE business, you LOVE leadership or you LOVE personal growth etc.


As a coach the way you live is a big part of your message.

This does NOT mean that you have everything figured out; or that you are “fabulous” all the time and never have any messes or challenges! But it does mean that you need to live your own dream in life with authenticity and energy.

Let’s explore what it does mean to live the Transformational Coach lifestyle; to demonstrate your human nature superpowers of self-determination and co-creation.

What, Who
And How


You choose the dreams you want to coach. What are the typical situations your players are exploring? What are the skills they typically want to practice?

What is their bigger purpose in the world?

You also choose what YOU are playing for in life. You choose what your big dream is including your coaching and beyond your coaching as well. You get to choose what impact will you have in the world around you?



You choose who you will coach and who you will NOT coach. Do you have a good vibration with this person? Do you have a good feeling that you will enjoy coaching them and they will enjoy having you as their coach?

You also choose who you will collaborate with. Who will your advocates be and who will you advocate for?

Your players, collaborators and advocates will be a big part of your life so you will choose them with care!



You will choose HOW you will coach. At CoachVille you will learn a super-strong foundation of skills, techniques, methods and human potential concepts.

Then over time you will combine this with your wisdom and experiences to develop your signature transformational coaching method! This will be your evolving approach to how you guide your players in pursuit of their dreams.

This will be one of the most co-creative experiences of your life… your “Grand Opus’, your “Mona Lisa”!

I say co-create because your signature coaching method and techniques are always a co-creation between you, your players and possibly additional collaborators as well.


In addition to how you will coach, you also get to choose how you will grow your business ecosystem. You choose how to best utilize your Superpowers for influence, visibility, inspiration and change!

Playing business well will require personal growth and developing skills, AND it will be based on what feels right to you and who you are in the world!

and Where


You get to choose when you will coach. There is no set schedule. You can organize your days, weeks, months and year in the way that is best for you and everything else you want or need to do.

You can prioritize family activities, self-care, community participation or all of the above.

There will be times when you need to be flexible to accommodate the needs of your players. And in my experience they will also do the same for you. If someone really wants to coach with you, they will figure out how to make it happen within your structure.

Coaching requires a lot of energy! You can’t – and don’t need to – live by the Industrial Culture of 40 hour work weeks or 9-5 hours or 2-weeks vacation. BLAGH!

You get to choose your schedule so that you have plenty of time for rejuvenation built into your days, weeks and year! As a big side benefit, when you take time for rejuvenation and/or exploration you expand your energy; this tends to make you more attractive to players aim to do big things and take good care of themselves at the same time!



You get to choose where you will live.

Where do you feel most alive?

Where is your adventure of life taking you?

Where in the world will you have the best opportunity to do the activities that bring you joy?

While you can choose to coach players near where you live because life coaching is EVERYEHERE, it is also possible to coach folks anywhere in the world.

If you aim to add retreats or in-person events to your business ecosystem, you get to choose where in the world to host them. As a coach you can weave together your life adventure and your business adventure… FUN!

The Ripple
Effect Waves

Ride the wave of the ripple effect!

As a Life Coach is it super important that you understand and embrace the ripple effect!

Through 1-1 coaching, group coaching and larger group programs and events you will touch a lot of people. But your impact doesn’t end there.

For example, when you coach someone to live their dream that impacts not just your player, but everyone in their world as well!

When you coach a leader you impact the leader, but also everyone they are leading!

It’s powerful when you think about it.

As a Transformational Coach you are growing an ecosystem around you – a community – of people who love the dream that you love. There will be many folks who gather around you and your messages; Many will never hire you, but your energy will impact them in a positive way.

The energy of loving everything about what, who, how, where and when of your life will create a ripple effect wave that you can ride a long, long way!

Free people, free people.

Being a Transformational Coach…

You will live a life and a lifestyle that you choose; the energy of living a self-determined and co-creative life will be a magnet for your ideal players.

By living your dream – and facing all of the growth-oriented challenges that come your way – you establish a credibility that is attractive to potential players, collaborators and advocates.


Center for Coaching Mastery Program

In every class in the Center for Coaching Mastery you will have a partner coach. So there will be a big emphasis on you playing for your dream from day one.

In program you will experience a big emphasis on you expanding your confidence in your Human nature superpowers; especially self-determination and co-creation.

The complete program includes one year in our Business Ecosystem program called BIG FREEDOM! This program is all about YOU developing the business skills and approach to grow the business of your dreams!

Link to Center for Coaching Mastery Philosophy

Link to Center for Coaching Mastery Program