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1. What if you are the superhero the world needs right now?

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Imagine... Hagrid Pays You A Visit

Rubeus Hagrid shows up at your door and says, “Yer a wizard. You have special powers and I am taking you to an amazing school. Unless you’d rather stay where you are, of course.”

Do you stay where you are, or pursue your special powers?

Or... Obi-Wan Kenobi Shows Up At Your Door

Obi-Wan Kenobi shows up at your door and says, “You must learn the ways of force. I need your help. But you must trust your heart when you choose.”

Do you trust your heart and embrace the force?

Hello there. I'm Coach Dave.

Coach Dave Buck

Head Coach at Superpower School

Following the storylines above, I am a cross between Headmaster Dumbledore and Master Yoda. HA! I was one of the first professional Life Coaches in the world – starting 22 years ago – and I have co-created a lot of magic with my players over the years.

I started studying the concepts of the Mystery Schools that we use in Superpower School in 2003 right after my best friend and mentor died – The Great Thomas Leonard – and charged me with the CoachVille Mission to be the innovative force in the field of professional Life Coaching.

There are many puzzles in the pursuit of Great Coaching, but one that really got my attention was that most people don’t know their own power. It’s hard to coach someone to express their greatness when they don’t know what it is! You can figure it out over a long time, but the content from the Mystery Schools was an amazing accelerator!

Over the years, I have used these tools to GREAT effect with my players who were ready and “open”; always aiming for the day when I could bring them out in a more public way. There have been many bumps along the winding road… but at long last… the TIME is NOW.

Welcome to Superpower School.

Let's talk about YOU.

2. YOU are here to do big things.

Deep in your heart, you hear the call. You want to…

  • Foster transformation in the lives of others
  • Lead a community or a movement
  • Start or run a business
  • Share your message
  • Rock your career

This is your YOUnique emerging and evolving dream of contribution. Sometimes you feel powerful in your Dream. Other times you experience frustration, isolation and the BIG one… self-doubt (more on this in a moment).

3. YOU were born with YOUnique energies to pursue and fulfill your Dream.

Some of your YOUnique energies you are aware of and you use them often.

Others may only pop out in rare moments. (Like Hagrid says to Harry in the video clip: did you ever notice anything strange happen? Like when you were angry or scared?)

And some of you may have completely forgotten. (There are reasons for this… more on that in a moment as well.)

4. YOU can transform your YOUnique energies into superpowers.

Superpower = an energy for change that is capable of BIG IMPACT in the world.

The best way to do this is to embark on a quest away from your comfort zone to…

Find a place of mystical knowledge and profound self-discovery.

Find a place where it is safe to explore and express your power.
Find a place where your quirks will be supported and challenged.

YOU HAVE THE ENERGIES to live your dream. Through awareness and playful practice, you can learn how to use them!

Be AWE-some!

5. The PROBLEM is that you grew up in the Industrial Age. (It's a really juicy problem.)

The Industrial Age school system was set up to:

  • Teach you how to be quiet and complete tasks in isolation.
  • Teach you that your creativity will get you into trouble.
  • Teach you that your individuality is not appreciated.
  • Convince you that working without purpose to collect a paycheck is the normal way to live.

You grew up in this environment. It was everywhere and it got into you.

(Important note: I am referring to the Industrial Age system, NOT the teachers.)

Superpower School = Ancient Wisdom + Modern Coaching

6. Superpower School = Ancient Wisdom + Modern Coaching

In Superpower School you will learn to…

  • Use ancient wisdom from three mystery schools to reveal your YOUnique energies. Why ancient wisdom? Ancient wisdom accesses your innate pre-Industrial Age awareness.
  • Use modern coaching from CoachVille to transform your YOUnique energies into superpowers. Why modern coaching? Modern coaching develops your post-Industrial Age awareness.
  • Transcend self-doubt, unleash the SUPER YOU, express your creative SELF fully, and Play BIG in the Connected Age. And you will have FUN doing it! Quite likely you will also boost your money situation.
Superpower Girl

7. Your #1 survival strategy is belonging.

You are a human being and you are wired to maintain belonging in your group.

This wiring is essential to your survival, especially when you are too small to fend for yourself.

Reaching the age when you can fend for yourself takes humans many years.

Your non-conscious mind will do whatever it takes to keep you in the good graces of the group.

This is not a conscious choice on your part. It just happens!

The Co-Creation of Super YOU!

8. The people who care about you want to keep you safe.

The people who care about you want to keep you safe. The way they keep you safe is by teaching you fear.

When you started expressing your individuality and creativity as a young human (the “terrible twos”) the big humans in your life often asked you to stop.

Like in the Harry Potter clip above, Harry’s Aunt felt that her sisters’ YOUnique powers (Harry’s Mom) got her into big trouble. So she was “protecting” Harry by discouraging him from finding his power.

This happens all the time when we are small.

The reason you experience self-doubt is because when you expressed your YOUnique power the people in your environment didn’t like it. This created a lot of confusion for you. The way to avoid confusion is to stay small. As Harry says, “I’m just Harry”.

9. The thing you fear the most... is your YOUnique creative power.

Fear is why your power is in shadows. It comes out only once in a while or in ways that are not too pretty. Referring again to the line by Hagrid: Did you ever notice anything strange happen? Like when you were angry or scared?

Fear is not the enemy! Fear is your friend trying to keep you safe. But sometimes it does its job a little TOO well.

Fear will keep you playing safe where you don’t need your power until one day… the BIG dream in your heart pulls you out of your comfort zone and into the wild world of possibility.

And then… someone like me comes along and invites you to rediscover your YOUnique powers and use them for good in the world.

In 22 years as a Professional Life Coach, I have discovered that your fears are a treasure map to your superpowers.

Maximize Your Superpowers

10. You can transcend self-doubt! Unleash Super YOU and become the superhero the world needs right now!

(Unless you’d rather stay where you are, of course. Trust your heart when you choose.)

You are invited!

This is your official invitation to join us at the Superpower School Community! Here you will learn more about YOU-Unleashed, classes, and events.

AND I will share my Superpower Story with you!

Join us!

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