The Lightning Bolt is a symbol of transformation

The FLASH of electricity comes out of the sky to shake things up and cause a transformation.

In the mystic symbol of the lightning bolt, it is striking a tower and the people in the tower are tossed out. SET FREE! Out of their isolation and back out into the social world of other people and new possibilities… and new challenges.

The BIG question is…

Were they held captive by some form of outside control? Or did they put themselves under control to get away from the risks of the world? We don’t know. But either way, the control is gone and now they are free to play – and risk – and GROW – again.

Here is an audio from our Transformation Coaching Program about this powerful coaching concept!

Included in the audio is a story of a day that $200K of annual revenue flew out the window! It was a Lightning Bolt Moment for me for sure!


Audio Transcript


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David Buck


All right, hello to you coach David buck here with you from CoachVille. This audio is called the lightning bolt moment. And it is a part of the transformation coaching audio series. So, it’s gonna be awesome. Here we go.

The Lightning Bolt Is a symbol of Transformation


The lightning bolt is a symbol of transformation, the flash of electricity comes out of the sky, bam, to shake things up and cause a transformation. Now, in the mystic symbol of the lightning bolt, it is striking a tower, and the people in the tower are tossed out, set free out of their isolation and back out into the social world of other people and new possibilities and new challenges. The big question is, were the people held captive in the tower by some form of outside control? Or did they put themselves in the tower to be under control and get away from the risks of the world? Well, we don’t know. But either way, the control is gone. And now they are out in the world, they’re free to play, and free to take risks and grow and get into life again. So this is the metaphorical symbol of the lightning bolt.

The Two Scenarios for a Transformation


Now, in our lives, there are basically two scenarios for a lightning bolt moment. The first one is some kind of event. Often it is the end of a situation, like a job, a relationship, your time and a place or your state of health. And at the exact same time, as the end is happening, there is some beginning of something, which I would call your next dream. Now we have all had these kind of events in life, and they’re really often really very intense. And you may be in a lightning bolt moment in your own life right now.


Or you are ready for scenario two. Scenario two is when you are going to co create your own lightning bolt moment. Yes, we can do that. In real life terms, this is some kind of a big choice, a choice to let go of some status quo situation in your life, a choice to step up to an opportunity or a challenge. But no matter what it’s about a choice to live your dream now. And often. Connecting with a transformation coach can be the catalyst for creating your own lightning bolt moment.


Now whichever scenario you find yourself in, it is good. Okay, you can look at it and say, All right, here I am, the lightning bolt has flashed. And now it’s time to go. And something that’s very important to know is sometimes we choose our next dream. And sometimes our next dream chooses us. That’s the reality of life that is the mystery of dreams.

Transformation from Under Control to Set Free


Now, there’s a transformation happening here. And that’s why we call it transformation coaching. And the transformation here is a really juicy one. It’s from under control, staying safe in some way to set free into the social world. So it’s from under control, staying safe, to set free into the social world. Now I say social world because you can explore the world the old fashioned way by literally exploring new places communities, meeting new people, or you can do it now through your computer. This is the new way of exploring the social world.


So either way, the social world means the World of other people. And the idea is that there’s some part of you, that now needs to be set free back into the social world for expression, growth, risks, opportunities, so that you can live your dream now. And together, we will discover what that part or parts of you are what needs to be set free and ready or not. The other people in the world are calling for you, there’s something happening. And again, I just always want to emphasize embrace the mystery of dreams.

After the flash, MOST of your problems will no longer be relevant


And here’s another big point that with transformation coaching, many of the problems that you are focused on before the Flash before the lightning bolt may no longer be relevant. And many are likely not worth your attention, and you kind of leave them behind like in the symbol of the lightning bolt, the crumbled tower, you just have to leave that thing behind, and move on. So it’s very likely that the cause of the problems you’ve been trying to solve, are in some way, keeping you or yourself under control, the cause is control.

Transformation Coaching From Problems to Peak Experiences


Okay, now on adventure. In the social world, you don’t focus on your problems, you focus on the peak experiences of the dream, once you get out into the world on the adventure, you focus on new experiences, peak experiences, where you’re really coming alive.


And so this is the idea of transformation coaching, and we have a symbol for this. And it’s that you see the two people talking, and then there’s this lightning bolt coming between the two faces. And this represents the transformative power of coaching conversations. And the coaching relationship. When you get into these coaching conversations. The Flash can come at any moment, it can be flash, there’s a new dream, or flash, a new possibility, or a new awareness or a new desire is revealed or bam, some new ability, or some new becoming comes to light, or a new understanding. All of these things are possible when you get into transformation coaching sessions. And you know, your transformation coach is like a messenger, a catalyst, also a companion and a guide on the adventure. And once that flash comes in, and the opportunity or the moment reveals itself, then the only choice is, are you going to go on the adventure? Are you going to embrace the moment? Or are you going to just kind of try to scramble to get everything back under control? That’s the big question.

Coach Dave Lightning Bolt Moment Story


Okay. And, and I hope that as you’re listening to this, you think, all right, I am ready. Okay. So I have a little story for you. And you may have a good idea already of the lightning bolt moment that’s happening in your life. And you may be like the millions of folks around the world right now that are calling it like the great resignation. But really, it’s a flash of awakening, it’s a realization of wow, I don’t want to live my life like this. Something about this is not good for me or for the world.


So here’s an example of one of my provocative lightning bolt moments that maybe you can relate to. So I started life coaching in January of 1997. I was a while ago. And I started out as a side hustle. And my main career at that time was as a computer software consultant. That was my main income stream. And through the years I had various contracts with small equipment, leasing finance companies, which is a kind of very quirky specialty that I had developed. And I was doing this for quite a few years. And I’ve been I had been in computers you know, since since my 20s. So for a pretty long time.


But over time, I started to catch on to what was really going on with these finance companies and I don’t know how to say this politely. So I’ll just say that they are pretty much like a mafia crime family. All right, that’s, that’s what was going on, there was bogus complicated fees that were being tacked on to the monthly statements, you know, thinking that the customers wouldn’t be able to figure it out. And then if they did figure it out yet, give them some software to unravel the fees and apply the money properly. This was going on all the time. Somehow, they found a way around the usury laws, at least in the US, we have these and they were able to charge 30 40% interest on these leases. And I knew this was not good.


Okay, I caught on to this after a couple of years. This is not good. But they were paying me a lot of money to work like 310 hour, days a week on the software. I was coaching two days a week, you know, as a side hustle, but I was making just a very small amount of money coaching. And most of my revenue was coming from the from the consulting, but I justified it because, hey, it was paying the bills, and it was building my dream house and, you know, financing in a way my coaching side hustle, which was okay, for a time.


And I wish I could say that I left on My own initiative, but I didn’t. That’s the truth. Anyway, a few years go down the road, I’m coaching side hustling, I’m loving it still bringing in the big money consulting. And around 2000, the company I was contracted to at that time was actually bought by American Express. Okay, big deal. So American Express, they call me into the office in New York. Dave, we love you, you’re doing such great work for this company we just bought we’d love for you to come on board as a full time employee. And I said, Ah, geez, you know, I can’t really do that, because I’ve got my coaching business going at the same time. And I really like to just keep it as it is with the three days a week and so I can keep my coaching business going on the side. And they said okay, no problem, you you can do that. We’ll just leave it as it is.


But then a week later, they cancelled my contract. Bam, lightning bolt moment. Oh, crap. $200,000 a year just flew out the window. Okay, so I will say that at that moment, I had some kind of inner knowing that this was happening for a reason. So I didn’t panic, okay, I didn’t panic. I had been coaching for three years as a side hustle. And I had a pretty hefty waiting list. So I emailed everyone on my waiting list. And I said, Hey, I’ve got a few openings starting next week. Okay, that wasn’t completely true. I actually had a lot of openings, but I didn’t say it that way. I said, I have a few openings.


And in the next three weeks, I went from 15. paying clients to 40 paying clients, and wallah, I’m full time coaching. Now. The 40 coaching clients did not replace my consulting income completely. But I was on solid ground and I knew I could grow from there. So I was in good shape. I was really excited. And it’s like, all right, I’m set free from this situation. And like I say, sometimes you move toward your dream. Sometimes your dream moves toward you. Always embrace the mystery of dreams.


Now, quick side note, you don’t need 41 one-on-one paying clients to pay for your lifestyle. This was a long time ago, we have group coaching now we have other income streams. So you don’t have to try to coach 40 people one on one, like I did, but you get the idea.

The Lightning Bolt Moment Set Me Free


The lightning bolt of losing the contract got me out into the world of full time coaching. I was nice and cozy and safe in my little consulting gig, that I had to go out in the world into the unknown and find a new path. And really, I never looked back.


Okay, so with that being said, I have a few provocative questions for you.

A Few Lightning Bolt Moment Questions for YOU


Has a lightning bolt moment happened in your life recently and maybe you didn’t see it that way? Did you embrace the message? Or did you just try to get over it get everything back under control? That’s an interesting question.


Another one: what if everything that has happened in the past few years… and a lot has happened…. But what if all of these events have been your opening for a more playful and purposeful life?


Or: is there a lightning bolt moment you can choose for yourself to get free of some situation where you’re under control. So rather than waiting for it to bam, on you, you can choose your own lightning bolt moment?


Maybe you can kind of see something is brewing. There’s a lightning bolt moment coming in your future, but you haven’t tuned into it. So take a look around.


There’s a lot of possibilities here. But I will tell you this with transformation coaching, with social play and your human nature superpowers, you are capable of so much more than you know right now.


And this is a big thing with dreams. You do not have to know how you’re going to do it. You just have to accept the transformational shift. And then get on the adventure. Everything happens from there.


All right. That’s all for this transformation coaching audio. You can join us at Where transformation coaching lives. And until the next time, remember that this amazing world of ours is a playground and we are here to play together.

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